Ariana Grande Rocks Coachella With NSYNC & More / Nicki Minaj Joins But Has Earpiece Malfunction

Published: Monday 15th Apr 2019 by Sam

Ariana Grande closed out weekend 1 of Coachella in colossal style.

The vocal wonder thrilled the capacity crowd with a seemingly endless array of hits and welcomed a number of notable names on-stage to perform with her.

NSYNC (sans Justin Timberlake) rocked out to ‘Break Up With Your Girlfriend’ (which samples an earlier song of theirs) as well as ‘Tearin Up My Heart.’

Later, Ari brought out Diddy and Mase for a rendition of ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems’ (which is sampled on an fan-favorite ‘Break Your Heart Right Back’).

One of the most (unintentionally) notable scenes came courtesy of Nicki Minaj – who joined Grande for a rendition of ‘Side To Side.’

What was meant to be a mega-moment became one for all the wrong reasons when an earpiece glitch threw Onika and the entire performance off.

Peep vids below…

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Cardi B sabotaged her mic & that’s final 😮 #nickiminaj #arianagrande #coachella

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  1. Zion April 15, 2019


  2. I.D. April 15, 2019

    There’s always a malfunction with Nicki whenever Ariana is around, lol…. Remember Nicki’s MTV VMAs performance…..?

  3. Bam April 15, 2019

    You mean to tell me Justin couldn’t be bothered to get off his ass and appear with the rest of *NSYNC?…egos man…more reason to respect Yonce.

    • Lol April 15, 2019

      Justin just wrapped up his tour the night before you jackass. He was literally on the other side of the country. He wouldn’t have had time to get there and be prepared and rehearsed. Your fave literally swings her head around and calls it dancing. Sit down minion.

      • Bam April 15, 2019

        I’m not gon play these games with you Justin…

  4. xdoa April 15, 2019

    Niki having a bad year

    • King of Kingz April 15, 2019

      ?how sway

  5. NickiGarbajisCancelled April 15, 2019

    Buhahaha! This blog a whole malfunction the way they cap for Zombie Minaj ?

  6. King of Kingz April 15, 2019

    Ariana, Diddy, Mase & few others was having sound technical difficulties as well. So Its not Nicki’s fault, but yet that’ll be the headline today smh & ppl wonder why she took a social media break. As a artist when your ear piece goes out or ain’t acting right you can’t here the music then on top of that her damn mic went out smh she still good considering. THIS is why Beyoncé hired her own sound ppl, cuz she’s a perfectionist, she looked beautiful tho & they should’nt have this issue next weekend.

  7. Gee April 15, 2019

    Ariana gets an A for effort but comparing her Coachella set to that of Beyoncé is out of order. Even with the special guests of Diddy, Mase, Nicki, and *NSYNC still does not compare to what Beyoncé did with her Coachella set, B’s show was next level period. On another note Diddy and Mase looked out of place and like old uncles trying to be cool.

  8. Queen Missy ?? April 15, 2019

    Oh wow.

  9. Sweetnothings78 April 15, 2019

    So many messes so little time.
    As usual Ariana looked immense.

  10. Jackx April 15, 2019

    Nickis career has gone down hill so bad.

    • April 15, 2019

      of course it is, in that made up reality in your head.

      • Dc April 15, 2019

        Naw billboard says so delusional proof is there she’s done ??

  11. 2bad2bme April 15, 2019

    So unprofessional. Where is Cardi B when you need her? LOL

    • April 15, 2019

      Car B To do what exactly, you damn clown.

  12. Guru April 15, 2019

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  13. NSYNC FAN April 15, 2019

    Everything NSYNC does is blessed an on point! Ariana we love you for showing love and keep slaying beautiful!

    • Liam April 15, 2019

      It’s amazing vocally they still have IT and JC voice>>>>>>>>> ????

  14. Kara April 15, 2019

    Honestly Nicki needs to hang it up. 10 years with 4 platium albums is a nice run but time for sis to go. The industry has already turn their back on her only thing left for her is Love and Hip Hop.

    • 2bad2bme April 15, 2019


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