Netflix Tease Beyonce Documentary?

Published: Sunday 7th Apr 2019 by Sam

This week brought with it news that Beyonce has allegedly teamed Netflix for a documentary centered around her historic Coachella performance last year.

And now it looks as though the streaming giant may have just confirmed.

Exciting info awaits below…

Moments ago, the image below was shared across all of Netflix’s social media channels.

It featured the title ‘Homecoming’ and trumpeted an April 17th premiere.

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So, why the Bey tie-in?

Well, as widely known, her performance boasted a HBCU homecoming theme.

In many ways it also dubbed as her homecoming to the stage after postponing her initially scheduled slot the year due to becoming pregnant with twins Rumi and Sir.

Timing-wise, ‘Homecoming’ is being released almost a year to the day of BeyChella, which surely isn’t coincidence.

On top of that, the aesthetic of the ad is strikingly similar to the Beyonce x Adidas collaboration reveal made earlier this week.

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Roll on April 17th!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Teon April 7, 2019

    Yesssss beyonce is gearing up to snatch up wigs, kids and money.
    Although I think she should wait until the release of the lion king.

  2. Parisguy April 7, 2019

    She’s mf promo machine, genius

  3. Meme April 7, 2019

    I just love her theming and the way she promotes her projects as of recent. The whole minimalist yellow (bees) esthetic is just dope to me. I also adore how in your face pro black she has been. At first it came off as try hard to me and I wasn’t buying it but I am not won over. I just want the music to match the talent her next era.

  4. Clarkson April 7, 2019

    It will be hot for one week then after that everyone will move on and forget about it. No staying power.
    Besides what is she going to show us in this documentary that we haven’t seen before. back stage rehearsals of her dancing that tired worn out formation choreography or her not allowing Kelly or Michelle to be in the middle to long during a dance routine. Yawn.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!.. April 7, 2019

      @Clarkson – And you know this…man!
      #Nothing New Under The Sun

  5. WakeUpBlackFolk April 7, 2019

    Yawn…. Beyonce bores me

  6. AB April 7, 2019

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  7. MessyBoots April 7, 2019

    I will never forget the Coachella performance. I waited up all night to see it stream on YouTube only to fall asleep then wake up minutes before she hit the stage. From start to finish it was electric.. I kind of llike idea of mixing a behind the scenes and performance doc for Netflix.. I would love even more an individual Hi Def DVD release of just the performance alone.

  8. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 7, 2019

    THEY need to tease the industry letting her be a copycat who had to be naked to hide she can’t sing

  9. B2B April 7, 2019

    I am beyhydrated do you hear me!!!! I need something… I started listening to Bday the other day. I just hope this isn’t a greatest hits album!

  10. Pedonika April 7, 2019

    I’m tired of seeing that ugly whôre and her ugly kids

  11. Keith April 7, 2019

    Im not sure what she can show us besides the specifics of the stage as that performance has been dissected and critiqued so many times. It IS perhaps the best she’s ever done and should be memorialized. Im more curious about that than I am The Lion King…

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