Kodak Black Apologizes For Insensitive Lauren London Comments After Backlash

Published: Sunday 7th Apr 2019 by Rashad

Kodak Black was well on his way to a black eye thanks to insensitive comments he made to actress Lauren London in the wake of mourning the loss of her longtime partner Nipsey Hussle.

The rapper (born Dieuson Octave) said he would give Lauren a year to grieve, but he was happy that she’s now “single” and a “widow” so he could “shoot his shot.”  Needless to say, the remarks sparked outrage from Hussle’s fans and supporters – including fellow celebrities The Game, T.I., R&B singer Tank, and more.

Beyond the aforementioned coming to the defense of London, radio programmers have also joined the chorus to slam Octave by promising to drop his music.  Look inside to hear Kodak’s response to the backlash:

After earning fiery remarks from the likes of The Game, T.I., and more (as seen below)….

…Black issued the apologetic statement below:

The backlash is on the list of recent worries for the 21-year-old, who was also recently charged with raping a woman after a 2016 concert.

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  1. Jussayin April 7, 2019

    Ok this is going too far. This boy had bad timing but wasn’t disrespectful. A lot of this is misdirected anger at this point. Dont be trying to end somebody career at 21 years old bc of one incident. That’s why a lot blacks dont get power now bc we misuse it. That comment didnt need that much attention and he already said he sorry if he offended her which who it’s about. She’s not dead and can defend herself if she felt some type of way. She probably not even thinking twice about what he said. Black men quick to throw their own away bc that can’t run nothing nowhere else outside of their own race. Black on black hate..puhlease..smh

    • Are you Kidding Me? April 7, 2019

      If that were your family member, you’d be directing people to boycott him as well. Going too far is saying you’re happy someone is dead so you can take their girl. Nothing you said was logical and you sound incapable of basic human decency.

      • Jussayin April 7, 2019

        Actually I wouldn’t. My point is we go too far with this disrespect situation. That’s why nipsey is dead now bc of the disrespect he gave to the guy that shot him. Since when doing something or saying something that was taken out of context cost you your life? When disrespect is displayed they should be given a chance to correct it or not and then we move on. We can’t be wishing death or ruin somebody career bc they say something you don’t like. We will be burying people every day just like they about to do nipsey. Contradictory..still smh

  2. biancacook April 7, 2019

    he was disrespectful and tasteless to share it on social media. his music not getting played would have been the least of his worries.

  3. Truth April 7, 2019

    I wish society would stop making these ignorant ghetto trash cans famous…

    • stan April 7, 2019

      harsh, but i agree

  4. arjun April 8, 2019

    Whats most shocking for me its the fact that he think he can have lauren
    Drugs is bad really bad

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