Celine Dion Rocks ‘Kimmel’ With ‘Ashes’ / Confirms New Album Title

Published: Sunday 7th Apr 2019 by Sam

Celine Dion is wasting no time hitting the promo circuit in support of her freshly announced ‘Courage Tour.

The diva’s latest stop was Jimmy Kimmel Live, which broadcast from Las Vegas this week; an apt location given the star’s 16-year run on the Strip with two back-to-back mega-selling residencies.

This go round, though, she’s taking the show on the road and couldn’t be more excited.

Speaking with Kimmel, she explained that the trek will be her first US jaunt in over decade and will last a year – seemingly confirming that it will be going international.

She also revealed that the tour and her forthcoming album share the same name, which is lifted from a track on the hotly anticipated LP.

Head below to see the songbird tell all and also perform ‘Ashes’ from the ‘Deadpool 2’ soundtrack…


Bellisima! That was absolutely incredible.

Check out her fun-filled interview…

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  1. Liam April 7, 2019

    She sounded good and she has such a fun personality

  2. JOHNVIDAL April 7, 2019

    She´s killing it on every front. Including her attitude. Everybody loves Celine. It has always been like that, but now she is in a moment where people are starting to realize her case is really special. After so many decades to still prevail like this and feeling so young and open minded. Like Gaga said recently, she´s one of the few kind people the industry has ever seen. She´s something else. And her voice is on point at the moment. One would think it would be absolutely destroyed by now like Whiteny´s and Mariah´s (some days). It would be normal the amount of singing and hard songs these ladies have sung for so many years. Some people don´t understand the pressure their voices endured becoming global megastars on heavy promo year after year when the industry was huge and having 100% of the songs in your repertoire hard on the voice. They are another level.

    • Oh plz April 7, 2019

      I love Celine, but this performance was dry and flat with the exception of those beautiful operatic notes during the beginning. Any why put down Whitney and Mariah to legitimize Celine’s voice?

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate April 7, 2019

        This ^^ it’s was dull and uninspired. The reason her voice is in good shape is she uses it correctly so is not to damage it – and mimed for years to her hits to protect her vocal chords from damage. I do think she smokes or drinks either (Mariah).

    • JOHNVIDAL April 7, 2019

      I didn´t put down anybody. I admire the 3 of them. The last 3 real vocal icons music industry provided us. It´s a fact Celine´s has lasted longer in good shape. Just that. It would be NORMAL to have your voice totally destroyed in either of their cases. Just that. Celine´s case is great.
      And to the one talking about miming: shupp the ffuck up LOL Celine has sung more in her several decades of career than any lady you can think about. Even with the many lipping nights in long tours and Vegas into account. She still sang more. Period.

      • Jasmine April 7, 2019

        You put down Mariah and Whitney and you know it! The fact is Mariah ‘lasted longer in good shape’ than all 3. Mariah looks the best and her voice is great and she can do both R&B, Gospel, and Pop whereas Celine’s voice is just dated pop sounds. There is much more to an artist than ‘voice’ and vocal appreciation is SUBJECTIVE. Mariah’s voice lends itself to more versatility and I could listen to Mariah a lot longer than Celine. After 1 or 2 songs I’m done listening to Celine but I could play Emancipation of Mimi album from beginning to end. Mariah really is just that great. Whitney really was just that great. I could listen to Whitney music from beginning to end, especially when she sings in her soprano voice and Whitney’s voice was very versatile too because she did R&B, Pop, JAZZ, and Gospel. Celine is just a belter but her voice is NOT SOOTHING or SULTRY or VERSATILE at all.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 8, 2019

        Your are the typical retarrded guetto rat that knows nothing about Celine´s voice. Hers is definitely one of the most versatile ever. Mariah´s lasting longer than the other 2 is a joke since it clearly lasted the least (prime). IT´S A FUUCKING WELL KNOWN FACT. Say YOU prefer Mariah´s voice, which is amazing. It´s not me the one who prefer any of them cause I love them equaly and I ALWAYS defend them, unlike you with Mariah. Each of them excel in some particular aspects above thye other two if we want to go into detail. But that aside the 3 are so great. We have known anything like that again. Whitney for example… I consider her the best LIVE vocal performer of all time. And the bauty is her voice, tone… mesmerizing.

    • XYZ April 7, 2019

      Celine our of all has always been the most down to earth one. She always seemed aware of her health and did not drink as much or took drugs (at least not to an excessive level as Mariah or Whitney). And she ages with grace which makes her very likeable

      Her catalogue can’t compete with mariah‘s (IMO) but I would always pay to see Celine live, but I wouldn’t for watching Mariah just standing there

      • JOHNVIDAL April 8, 2019

        Exactly, Celine can clearly give a show, she still moves like a young person. See Jasmine? Each one of them have their own strenghts. You´re the one putting down some of them. Beyonce wishes lol kisses love 🙂

    • Jasmine April 7, 2019

      UNCLE TOM JOHNVIDAL at it again! ALWAYS putting down black people to kiss up to whites even though he is black and darker than dark! Self-hate much? Whitney and Mariah have NOTHING to do with Celine so don’t even go there. Whitney’s voice was NOT destroyed and the only reason why she sounded different at times in her later years was her addiction to smoking cigarettes and drugs NOT from ‘heavy promo year after year’. Singers have to stop smoking cigarettes or they are not able to hold their notes for long periods of time. Biracial Mariah can sing and proves every night on her tour she can still sing! Mariah has a drinking problem and that alcohol does temporary damage to her voice at times but she can still drink.

      Everybody is not nor do I recommend singers be like Celine…haggard looking, no fun, anorexic, and sober.

      Whitney still had the VOICE (she just needed to stop smoking to get her breathing back):


      • JOHNVIDAL April 8, 2019

        You´re a joke with no comprehension skills. Just that. And a racist person. I´m sorry you exist. Everybody loves Celine and you´re mad at it. A joke.

  3. AB April 7, 2019

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