The Game, T.I., Tory Lanez, & More Call Out Fox News Anchor For Mocking Nipsey Hussle’s Death

Published: Monday 15th Apr 2019 by Rashad

Controversial FOX News anchor Laura Ingraham has been under fire all weekend as a clip of her mocking fallen rapper Nipsey Hussle went viral.

During a segment on the political commentator’s show, ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ the 55-year-old laughs while not only undermining the impact of the rapper’s death but also ridiculing his contributions to YG‘s 2016 tune, ‘FDT (F*ck Donald Trump).’ Once news of her insensitive response reached the desks of some of Hussle’s most famous supporters including the likes of The Game, T.I., Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Tory Lanez, and more, the Hip Hop giants began rallying for her termination from the network.

See the furor inside:


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So lemme tell you what’s going to happen here…. @foxnews fires this disrespectful cunt by tomorrow, Monday morning or you will lose millions of viewers one person at a time until it drastically effects your ratings, views etc… if our demographic doesn’t effect that we will STOP support of ALL SPONSORS immediately !!! We are NO LONGER laying quiet while you continuously disrespect our brother, culture African Americans as a whole. I will use my platform & call on my peers to do the same. Nips passing nor his legacy is to be taken lightly as there will be consequences for any disrespect now or in the future as long as I have a voice !!! I’m asking all of my followers, fans, friends & family to spread this video with demands of #LauraIngrahams termination immediately !!!!! This is not a game & my brothers untimely demise has noticeably shifted the world & brought people from all ethnicity’s together in mourning. There is a power in that, that will be used & action will be taken from now going forward. We will not be accepting any apology from her… we want her fired, PERIOD !!!!! #TheMarathonContinues ??? DO NOT LET THIS SLIDE MY PEOPLE. I know you can feel the energy NIP left all of us.. I know you feel it !!!!! ??

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REPOST! REPOST! REPOST REPOST! Disrespecting the deceased is not news! It’s just disrespect! If this is not what @foxnews is all about we shall see! #firelauraingraham #TheGeneral #TheMarathonContinues #RIP #NipseyHussle LINK IS IN MY BIO!!

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A petition to fire Laura Ingraham has reached over 28,000 signatures as of the time of this report.  Click here to see it.

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  1. Yup April 15, 2019

    Stop being so sensitive. She didn’t laugh at his death. She laughed at the ridiculous ‘lyrics’ that prob took 2 seconds to write and make the “melody”

    • INAMAD April 15, 2019

      That wasn’t his song tho … nor his lyrics

      That’s a YG song

      They have it ALL WRONG!!

  2. eric April 15, 2019

    It’s insensitive to laugh while reporting on the funeral of Nipsey, but she wasn’t mocking his death. She was laughing at the absudity of a song that dismisses Trump as though blacks have reaped no benefits from his presidency. That’s her opinion. Sorry if it hurts, but the song is a failed attempt to capitalize on the same approach as NWA’s FTP, and the video is just as stupid. How many people in that video voted in the presidentail election? Statistics show year after year that the results would be very different if the same number of blacks who line the streets and complain about who’s in office would simply go out and VOTE!! Some of us do, but not nearly enough! That’s just the truth.

    • Nicky April 15, 2019

      Sorry. The man just died. It was DISTASTEFUL to bring that up. Maybe when she dies, then people reporting about her can recount the number of d**** she sucked to get to where she is.

    • Bey and Rih lives April 16, 2019

      She lied on him saying that it was his song… and used that as a reason to make jokes even though it was false, but you skip pass that because you wanna make her into an ignorant victim ?

  3. Ty April 16, 2019

    Wow, a racist news channel with a racist news anchor doing racist s***!!! Shocker ? Black people need to stop giving these animals attention. They ain’t losing sleep over y’ all. The biggest thing wypipo thrive on is our attention good or bad that’s why they go out of their way to get it.

  4. Fancy BISH April 16, 2019

    I love what Michael Rapaport had to say about her! ? ? ?

  5. Dear Black People April 16, 2019

    Sensitive thugs LOL

  6. Clarkson April 16, 2019

    I’m still waiting for someone to tell me what this rapper nipsey hussel did for the black community apart from owning a store.

    Black people always idolising trash.

    • April 16, 2019

      I guess you idolize stupidity because if you were really interested in knowing what all he did for PEOPLE in his community, then just like you came to this blog to spit hatred, you could have researched and found the answer to your question.

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