Mariah Carey Hits The Studio With…Usher!

Published: Wednesday 26th Jun 2019 by Sam

With Mariah Carey‘s ‘Caution World Tour’ nearing its end, the diva supreme is back in the studio and has many wondering if she’s cooking up a colossal collaboration.

Details below…

Moments ago, Mimi took to social media to share a shot of herself in the lab with Usher.

Both have been open about working on new projects – with Mr Raymond teasing a sequel to ‘Confessions’ and Mariah telling fans at a recent concert that she’s recording material.

Could their musical paths be crossing again (anyone remember their first outing on ‘How Much’ from ‘Rainbow’)?

It’s not far fetched given how integral producer Jermaine Dupri continues to be in their respective output.

Pending an answer, check out JD’s latest teasing of new Ush. Sounds like a bop to us:

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New🌊 @usher

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Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine June 26, 2019

    JD got his teeth fixed, Usher looks good despite that ridiculous tattoo, and Mariah must have busted her gastric sleeve cause her belly is back. Time for a personal trainer. Mariah is too pretty to be overeating like that.

    • Semajj June 26, 2019

      Says the person who we can’t see. You’re probably shaped like a Juicebox *sip*

      • Jasmine June 26, 2019

        Only sissies and b|tches resort to personal attacks when someone makes an objective comment about their favorite celebs (because all they can see is negativity). My comment was objective, sarcastic, with a light touch of shade. BTW I have a nice shape considering I just had another baby 6 months ago. I might not be a size 4 anymore but I am cool at size 6. I’m shaped like a Coca Cola bottle with my new temporary thickness and I started working out again so I’ll be back to size 4 in no time. Keep seething. I bet u are shaped like Rick Ross…is…sloppy and nasty with sagging man boobs and belly rolls.

    • PinotNoir June 27, 2019

      😀 In her defense, Mimi has her moon in Sagittarius (planet of expansion) and her ascendant sign in money-and-food-glutton Taurus.

  2. Brent Christopher June 26, 2019

    for gods sakes Mariah…


    stop watering down your legacy with less than stellar material. enough is enough!!

    ALLOW your catalogue to reign supreme as opposed to creating & releasing new music that does not have the same commercial or critical appeal as your golden era records.

    NO MATTER WHO MARIAH IS SIGNED TO OR MANAGED BY, she will never reach the heights of chart glory or awards show stages, EVER again.

    Mariah can simply tour and let that be that.
    P L E A S E …

    • Semajj June 26, 2019

      Just FYI Mariah doesn’t care what you think so…

    • Danny Bey June 26, 2019

      Caution was stellar tho. Just bc you lazy hoez dont buy it doesnt mean shes not creating great music. She can do what she wants at this point and its for her her fans at this point, she has nothing to prove to any critic or general public.

      • Pedonika June 26, 2019

        What fans tho? Aren’t they all living in retirement homes at this point?

    • Jasmine June 26, 2019

      Mariah is a great songwriter. She needs a JD and LA Reid to push her vocally. On her last album there is a track called Petals. She could have easily made that another We Belong Together if she had belted more. I think her working with JD is a great step. They create great music together and technically Mariah has had many great eras (not just one) by diversifying her songs. She is not limited to just making power ballads like Vision of Love and My All nor is she limited to making hip-pop songs like Fantasy and Touch My Body. She has her own methods and does what works for her fan base. Her fans are used to new releases constantly. In her prime she was putting out new albums every year almost.

    • DLOC June 26, 2019

      CAUTION was one the most acclaimed R&B records in years, what planet are you from?
      #1 on R&B billbord charts!!

    • Theman June 26, 2019

      No Mariah can continue to make great music like she typically does. This isn’t watering down anything. Great music is great music. She ain’t competing with anything. The music is great. Radio is just biased.

    • WHAT WOULD WHITNEY DO….WWWD June 27, 2019

      STOP now mariah… will never top beyonce at this point.
      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whitney won!

      • GURL BYE June 27, 2019

        Whitney won at being the first to go

    • PinotNoir June 27, 2019

      Neglecting sad songs hurt Mariah.

      I get she wants to appease her “black” side after endless accusations of pandering to the other half of her DNA, but we ALL loved her when she beautifully sang our pain, disappointment, loss, as well as disillusionment.

      And three tummy tucks too many killed that once-vertiginous chest voice. Add alcohol, lack of exercise, nodules and a star is “dead”.

      She should consult with voice repairman, Gary Catona; he rehabbed Jojo’s voice and helped get Whitney’s pipes back into recording condition just in time for her last album.

      Nodule surgery should be contemplated at this point, as Mariah is a light-lyric coloratura soprano with nodules that give her access to a deeper voice, so surgery should preserve that part of the voice.

      Or she could just retrain the obvious hole in her chest voice.

  3. Clarkson June 26, 2019

    Mariah u are touching usher, I hope u have a bottle of hand sanitizer.

    • SMH June 26, 2019

      She’s been with Nick Cannon, hopefully Usher is the one with hand sanitizer…

      • Jasmine June 26, 2019

        Ain’t nothing wrong with Nick Cannon.

  4. Gee June 26, 2019

    Brent obviously she can do whatever she chooses some of these artists today could only dream of having almost three decades of relevance and be able to boast a catalog that is brilliant as M a catalog that she owns by the way. My thing is these female artists over 40 should continue to make music if it is in the spirit and they are able to create.

  5. Pedonika June 26, 2019

    Mariah needs to stop already. No one is checking for new music from her.

    • Tha One June 26, 2019

      I’m checking for her, so just so speak for yourself and not the masses. Thanks.

      • Pedonika June 27, 2019

        So now im supposed to congratulate you for your shitty taste in music?

    • GURL BYE June 27, 2019

      She’s been touring on and off since the album dropped and people know all her new stuff. Just bcoz YOURE not checking for her doesn’t mean others arent

    • Maxx June 27, 2019

      No she meant to speak for yourself. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it shitty. How about you try to hit a note! Love Mariah!!

  6. Pedonika June 26, 2019

    I also wonder why black folks are quick to claim Mariah as one of theirs while not accepting Cardi, who’s a lot darker than mother moo. 🤷‍♂️

    • Jasmine June 26, 2019

      Blacks accept Mariah and Cardi. The lies u spew is nonsense. Money talks and blacks spend on Mariah tickets and Cardi tickets. The real reason older artists don’t have the sales they used to have is beyond their control. Older fans want that physical CD and since there are only 3 CD retailers left (Target, Walmart, and Best Buy) nobody can control the FACT the retailers don’t have enough physical copies of albums in their stores for consumers to buy.

  7. DeanD June 26, 2019

    Damn, Mariah really dresses up to record.

    • Jujumanji June 26, 2019

      Lol and I love it! Sis stay on brand if she knows a camera is within 150 ft she will glam it up. Its so kitsch I just adore the theatrics.

  8. Keith June 26, 2019

    If JD is in the mix, I’m listening for a Mariah/Usher collab. Regarding that Usher snippet, interpolating “Set It Off” might help get attention from Usher’s traditional base and black greeks (which is a good start and a welcome return to form). We shall see…

  9. DLOC June 26, 2019

    Mariah is no longer a mainstream commercial artist. Her music is more alt R&B , and in that genre she is at the top of her game. If you don’t pay attention to it then that’s entirely your loss, she remains an artist of musical quality.

  10. ChrisFresh June 26, 2019

    Im a loyal lamb and will support any album Mariah does dahling. I actually played Caution today. I went to the Caution tour in AC.. And it was packed with people of ALL ages. And it was the night after her sold out show in NYC. Mimi is slowing down no time soon. With Christmas slowly creeping up.

  11. WHAT WOULD WHITNEY DO….WWWD June 27, 2019

    f*** mariah she can not sing like whitney houston…i see why beyonce is kicking her ass,, and taking her awards and beyonce cant sing or breathe like whitney neither can mariah carey…


    • WHAT WOULD WHITNEY DO….WWWD June 27, 2019

      usher did mariah take her meds???

      beyonce cant sing like whitney houston and mariah cant keep up with her ..after whitney died the industry hopped on beyonce and said f*** mariah carey…..

      • WHAT WOULD WHITNEY DO….WWWD June 27, 2019

        darling, record a new album it will not top anything whitney has done vocally…and beyonce gonna take home allll your awards…

        40 years this b**** still dont have the wind like whitney houston.

    • GURL BYE June 27, 2019

      Whitney is dead and literally could not sing on her last tour.

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