Beyonce’s ‘Lion King’ Song: More Details Revealed

Published: Sunday 7th Jul 2019 by Sam

With the world waiting with bated breath for ‘The Lion King,’ more details have emerged about the mysterious original song recorded by Beyonce.

Full story below…

The film’s accompanying soundtrack arrives on July 11th – a week before its theatrical release – and brings with it confirmed contributions from Queen Bey and Elton John. Both of whom have cooked up all-new numbers.

Interestingly, the titles of all but one song were divulged – with said omission being Bey’s. As at writing, it still reads “TBA (to be announced).

It’s led many to believe there are big plans for the song. Something Lebo M, who is a key creator and performer in all things ‘Lion King,’ confirmed.

Now, in a new interview, the South African superstar elaborated on the track and what it was like working with Mrs Carter (who plays Nala). He said:

“There were many different parts to the song and so I found a lot of elements, including some of her work, already in place. It was just about putting everything together. The whole package is quite exceptional.

It was about linking her composition to the phonetic expression of The Lion King. That was where I came in, produced the vocal arrangement and to do some writing. It went from a good song to a good song for The Lion King.”

Our excitement is already off the Richter for both the film and its music. Roll on July 11th!

‘The Lion King,’ the live-action movie, hits theaters worldwide on July 19th.

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  1. Fiona Goode July 7, 2019

    I AM READY!! i was hoping she would sing shadowland somehow….maybe it will be a treat just for the movie

  2. Jeans July 7, 2019

    They are really hyping this song up so much it is starting to feel it would be a dissapointment. Interested to hear it no less

  3. NotoriousTruthTeller July 7, 2019

    Lol thirsty for that Oscar

  4. Sweetnothings78 July 7, 2019

    How many times do these posts need to come out. Stop already until the song drops. Absolutely OVER BUILDING THIS SONG up much.

  5. L’ORANGE July 7, 2019

    People love to over hype Beyoncé. The song will be mediocre. I can’t get over that horrible “Before I let you go” remake

    • Lex July 7, 2019

      Best remake ever !!! Even he said it himself so STFU

  6. Tish July 7, 2019

    I don’t know about her acting or even voice over but as far as music goes beyonce always delivers. I know music wise she will slay.

  7. Clarkson July 7, 2019

    Nobody is checking for new Beyonce music, before I let go didnt crack the top 40.
    This song will not be successful like gaga’s shallow or let it go from frozen.

    Beyonce can not write a catchy tune to save her life. Vocal arrangements isnt songwriting. She was not nominated with the song writers for listen cause she made very little contribution to the song.

    • Tyty July 7, 2019

      You’re comparing her to lady gaga as if the overhyped song and performance was anything special, please. You clearly want to listen to it you never miss a beat when it comes to her posts and you will be ready to stream the song as soon as it drops. So clearly you are checking for it!!!

      • Clarkson July 7, 2019

        Gurl, gaga has 3 oscar nominations (including best actress in a leading role) with one win under her belt, that is something Beyonce would never ever have cause she’s not an artist or innovator.

        This song will be hot for one week and everybody would forget about it the following week. It will not reach the top ten.

        Nobody is thirsty for new beyonce music unlike Rihanna or adele or gaga music. Everybody is literally waiting on Rihanna to release something.

    • Tyty July 7, 2019

      You’re making a bunch of assumptions based on a song ”nobody cares” for. You keep throwing out random artists is save your pathetic argument you are literally the prime example of someone checking for Beyonce. Now you’re claiming it will be hot for a week and fall off? Nobody is checking for a song that will be hot for a week? Make it make sense. Rihanna whom you so graciously bought up is actually the one at risk of falling off after a week being as she has a lot of hype to live up to but with Obvious disinterest in music hence the stalling will see if she releases anything worthy of anticipation. Meanwhile will be seeing you on the next Beyonce post. Repeating the same s*** like a schizophrenic, delusional and stuck on repeat.

      • Clarkson July 7, 2019

        Gurl shut ur mouth. Dummy.
        Beyonce songs are hot for 1 week and they fall off. Lemonade singles, everything is love, that song she did with eminem (I can bet u cant even remember this song),that duet she did with naughty boy called running (I can bet u cant remember this song also, LOL) feeling myself with nicki minaj, before I let go hasn’t still reached the top 40 even after a lame dance challenge. Honey, charts don’t lie. When last did beyonce have a solo top ten? Always piggy backing on people who are hot at the moment. Cardi is hot right now, so be expecting a beyonce feat. Cardi b collaboration.

        Gaga, Rihanna are not in their prime. They have pasted their prime and they are still topping the charts and winning.

        Work by Rihanna spent 8 weeks at number 1. If Rihanna drops a song today, it’s going straight to number 1 and it’s going to stay there for atleast 5 weeks, this can never happen to a beyonce song.

        Gaga’s a star is born album is one of the best spelling albums of the year. Shallow reached number 1, won Grammys and oscar, a golden globe etc. It is the most awarded song in history.

      • Tyty July 7, 2019

        Are you trying to convince me or yourself? ???? you’re pretty heated you’re comparing artists who released a full body of work or are yet to release a full body of work to one song of a soundtrack? What you are gone do when Beyonce releases a full album have a heart attack. Your long-winded essays of trying to convince yourself of b******* mean nothing to me. You are checking for beyonce and anything she does. You’re a fan welcome to the beyhive ?‍♀️?

      • Clarkson July 7, 2019

        Gurl facts dont lie. Beyonce is a flop. Her last number 1 was single ladies. Lol

  8. Tyty July 7, 2019

    Just release the song. Not everything, every time has to be dramatic. I know bey loves building hype and excitement but yikes!! Can be annoying

  9. Brent Christopher July 7, 2019


    Beyonce is not the powerhouse songwriter or record innovator that some blinded, misguided individuals think she is.

    All of her core fans are actually doing her a disservice by constantly talking about the “TBA” track. With all of the increased overhype, the song will pale in comparison even more than originally slated.

    The melodrama surrounding this record release is wasteful — as there will be no Emmy, Golden Globe or Oscar recognition for the track.


    STOP posting article after article each time someone new in her camp says, “BEYO…”, “LION KI….”, “NAL… “, “ORIGINAL SO….”.

    I keep telling you all to utilize your other social media pages for such basic, uninteresting updates.

    This is total OVERKILL!

    The only eagerly anticipated material from female artists in this season are RIHANNA’s ninth, full fledged Lp & CARDI B’s sophomore set.

    Other than those two powerhouse projects, there isn’t a growing anticipation for other works.

    I promise you with all that I know in my guts & spirit, Beyonce’s lion king soundtrack contribution will be a major disappointment to her fans & industry, alike.

    Beyonce is an incredible performer.
    She is NOT an artist or original creative.

    There are MAJOR differences & only those of us with academic intelligence are able to differentiate when extending accolades or co-signing her recognition.


    • MsYonce July 7, 2019

      Omg get a grip!! It’s clear that you don’t like Beyoncé and that’s fine you don’t have to. The fact that you write these long ass essays under every Beyonce post is just………… sweetie is everything okay as home?? Like who’s doing all that for someone they don’t like or even know. Lol who has the time ????

    • Keith July 7, 2019

      People will say you are a “hater” @brentchristopher, but I only smell facts….thanks for being a realistic voice when it comes to Mrs. Carter. Her team should stop the hype machine and just let the release come.

    • thanosoftitan July 7, 2019

      Brent Christopher, I agree with you.

      An interesting read.

  10. olusheyi banjo July 7, 2019

    Reveal the damn song title already. This surprise song s*** is lame. It’s only one sing not the whole album. Also make that sing the first single

  11. MsYonce July 7, 2019

    This n**** said “I promise you with all that I know in my guts & spirit” I am cryinggg????. Beyoncé really take up space in her haters mind and hearts. Like she gets these haters in their feelings I can’t. Y’all haven’t even heard the song yet I can’t ???.. I just know the moment that sound hits her haters will be the first one there. Yet they say no one cares about new Beyonce’s music lol as along as y’all hold this hatred for Beyonce’s in y’all hearts people will always care. Y’all make her more relevant

  12. Navy Gravy July 7, 2019

    It almost sounds he said they took a song that bey already recorded, rearranged some vocals and production and made it a Lion King song. Must be aiming for Best Original song with an old song that wasn’t going to used initially. Not a big deal, a team of creators can make almost anything sound good. Can’t wait to hear it I just wish they shut up about it until it comes out.

  13. Lex July 7, 2019

    The Beyoncé haters are here haha

  14. What would Whitney do. WWWD July 8, 2019

    Brown skin Beyonce!!!!!
    .. they wanted Whitney Houston.. them doctors told her biych if you don’t stop bleaching your skin you’re going to end up with all types of cancer.

    Heyyyyy Perdue chicken

    • What would Whitney do. WWWD July 8, 2019

      Brown skin Beyonce!!!!!

      .. can’t sing like Whitney Houston.. Whitney Houston knew she cannot hit the notes like her..but when Whitney Houston was alive y’all were sitting there making fun of her when her voice was trying to get better making seem like this other b**** was so much greater. And did not honor Whitney Houston … A little girl would have loved for you to show her some sort of appreciation. But thief Beyonce, weak ass Mariah Carey they Soo jealous of her……both them bitchezzz don’t have the white like Whitney

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