Fantasia Announces New Single ‘PTSD (ft. T-Pain)’

Published: Monday 19th Aug 2019 by Sam

Fresh from announcing ‘The Sketchbook Tour’ of the US, Fantasia has revealed that she’s dropping a new single. And sooner than you might think!

Full story below…

This Friday (August 23rd) will bring with it the release of ‘PTSD’ – which features hitmaker T-Pain. 

Issued as the follow-up to ‘Sketchbook’s anthemic lead single ‘Enough’ (which reached #2 on the Billboard Adult R&B tally), the track sees the songbird bid farewell to a love that is far from conducive to one’s mental stability.

Speaking on the track, she said:

“This was a much edgier song for me but one that I felt was needed on the Sketchbook album. Many people have experienced disappointment in the pursuit of love, but refuse to let one bad experience dictate their entire outlook on love & romance overall”

We’re buzzed for ‘PTSD’…are you?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Grape August 19, 2019

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  2. MissMaam August 19, 2019

    Where is the Fantasia ft. Brandy & Jazmine Sullivan collaboration!?!? That needs to be the next single.

    • 2bad2bme August 19, 2019

      That’s what I’m waiting for.

    • IAMME August 19, 2019

      You won’t get this to the album release.

  3. LUCKI August 19, 2019

    I hope it’s better than her last single. I wasn’t feeling that at all.

    • Deangelo August 19, 2019

      That single currently sitting at #2 on the billboard adult R&B charts

  4. Banks no tyra August 19, 2019

    Who still listen to fantasia, in 2019 when we have oscar winner Jennifer hudson, who selling out concerts and making rb classics

    • Deangelo August 19, 2019

      Lmao ? let her stick to movies I love Jennifer but come on be serious lol

      • Boss Up August 19, 2019

        That’s the thing. Jennifer is mult-faceted. Ppl want her in the movies, on tv, on the radio, on stage…Everyone isn’t blessed to have that appeal.

    • Apostle Denise Clark-Bradford August 19, 2019

      Jennifer Hudson hasn’t had a hit since 2008…. you may want to rethink that statement, dear.

      • Apostle Denise Clark-Bradford August 19, 2019

        And where exactly was this song a hit? Antarctica?

      • Jasmine August 19, 2019

        The song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance. It peaked at number 3 on the Dance Charts.

      • Rita Ora August 19, 2019

        LMAO nobody ever heard this song dumb ass

      • Boss Up August 19, 2019

        And also “Where You At” written by R Kelly in 2011 that is still a hit today. Hence the #DeliverChallenge. Then “Think Like A Man” “I Can’t Describe.” Jenny has some hits ??‍♂️

    • Dro August 19, 2019

      Screamifer’s 3 fans always in the comment section under Fantasia articles trying to be relevant and y’all (or her) will just never be as relevant as FANTASIA. If y’all love Jen so much, go buy her albums.

      • bluegangsta253 August 19, 2019

        I love both Jennifer and Fantasia, Jennifer is not the problem it’s her label that doesn’t know what to do with her hopefully she does better at Epic

      • Boss Up August 19, 2019

        Correction: Fantasia could NEVER be as relevant as Jennifer! Face it. Jennifer has numerous platforms that circulate her at in ALL aspects of the Industry. We haven’t seen Fantasia anywhere this era except The EBT Awards and Sunday’s Best???keep trying. Good luck with the new single charting on an ACTUAL chart like Billboard 100 or at least Top 10 on Billboard Hip Hop/R&B. C’mon! I guess “ Enough” wasn’t enough ?

      • Boss Up August 19, 2019

        “It’s Your World” was a indeed hit. Hence her Grammy nomination for the song. Knowing damn well y’all have heard that ?? you just didn’t want to because illiterate Tasha could NEVERRRRR???

      • Boss Up August 19, 2019


      • Rita Ora August 19, 2019

        Y’all stupid!! Fantasia sold more records than Screamiffer who doesn’t even have a platinum album! Fantasia has more hits & classics than Screamiffer.
        Screamiffer has a decent career although that Oscar aint do s*** for her. Musically she aint seeing Fantasia and we know that’s a fact. Y’all sitting up here naming FLOP ass songs claiming they’re hits LMAO!!! Spotlight was Screamiffers biggest hit and Where You At was a minor hit coming off the heels of Dreamgirls.

      • Jasmine August 19, 2019

        “Screamifer’s” fans are usually Fantasia’s fans too and if They can come together to record a wonderful remake duet why can’t their fans?

      • Boss Up August 20, 2019

        It’s so strange that you guys call JHud “screamifer” when Fantasia is the one who has suffered from vocal issues(tumors) due to constant screaming ?While Jennifer has never had any vocal issues ??‍♂️

    • dfdfd August 20, 2019

      u mean who still listening to the no voice Mariah Carey in 2019

      • Boss Up August 20, 2019

        ???good one. For the record though, I love both Jennifer and Fantasia. Just don’t like the audacity Fantasia’s stans have to try and discredit Jennifer.

    • Lovelylady August 22, 2019

      All her fans still do enough of them to fill the Yum center in Louisville that holds 10,000 and she sells out other Venues that is who listens to Fantasia hope that ans your question

    • lovejoy.jc54 August 24, 2019

      Sorry, Tyra,
      There’s a lot of people who listening to Fantasia, just like Jennifer Hudson Fantasia sell out too.

  5. High Price August 19, 2019

    Hmmm… I wonder what the sound will be like?!?! Hopefully it’s around the range of “without me” ft missy & Kelly. We need some more good old modern r&b!

    • High Price August 19, 2019

      Mixed with an edge of #hiphop

    • Queen ?? Missy August 20, 2019

      That song was highly underrated even though it was nominated for a Grammy.

  6. Jackx August 19, 2019

    Why is the album called sketchbook what wack ass title

    • lovejoy.jc54 August 24, 2019

      i guess you never heard her explain why she has that title

  7. dfdfd August 20, 2019

    this is about to be fire

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