Janet Jackson’s ‘Metamorphosis’ Ends On 13 Million Dollar High

Published: Sunday 25th Aug 2019 by David

Janet Jackson‘s ‘Metamorphosis’ live show is over.

Find out how it performed at the box office below…

The show stood tall as the icon’s first Las Vegas residency and offered attendees a fresh look into her feel-good and introspective discography with help from a new team of dancers, backing vocalists and management team.

Today, fans have learned that the venture was a success.

It earned just under 13 million dollars during its run making it one of the lucrative shows to emerge from Vegas’ live music scene to date.



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Congratulations to the Queen on an incredible groundbreaking & critically acclaimed Vegas residency! You completely killed it and inspired so many people as always ?. I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your team and a part of history. Thank You @JanetJackson & @RandyJackson8! Let’s keep blessing the world ??❤️? #RhythmNation #TheAssociation #MetamorphosisVegas

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  1. Clarkson August 25, 2019

    Fraudulent headline.
    This tour didnt earn 13 million dollars, it earned 12,999,856. Theres a huge difference. Those few dollars count, they matter, they make a difference.
    Stop inflating ur flops.

    • Erica August 25, 2019

      Girl a 104 dollars away from 13 million, you learn in school to round it off to the nearest hundred so 13 million it is

      • Clarkson August 25, 2019

        Bìtch if ur college loans or mortgage or rent remains 104 dollars to pay, I dont think the bank or land lord will round it up and let u go without paying it fully

      • KOMODO August 25, 2019


    • Oh plz August 25, 2019

      blah blah blah…Congrats Janet. 30+ years in the game and still a beacon of inspiration.

      • ChocolateBeauty August 25, 2019

        Right, that’s what I am saying!???

    • Shaun August 25, 2019

      I hoping your kidding. If youbnot sounds like a idiot and need to hush immediately! You don’t have to like her but give credit when credit is due. 18 shows 13 million in Vegas is a huge financial success.

      • Shaun August 25, 2019

        Pardon my typos. “if you are not then you sound like a idiot”

    • Peter A. Jules August 25, 2019

      It’s called approximation???Omg did you not do math. Plus the writer said a little under 13million. Why people get so hateful and critical on SM platforms.

    • Ivana August 25, 2019

      It actually made over 13 million. These numbers don’t include merchandise sales.

    • Jasmine August 25, 2019

      It exceeded 13 million because the number does not include sold merchandise at the concerts dumb ass bottom of the barrel loser!

      I already told u to SPEED off before u get PEED on. Are u slow?

    • Anna August 25, 2019

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    • Matilda August 25, 2019

      U must be a madonna fan .

    • Shasta August 25, 2019

      How much did you earn? Bitter B.

    • Mike Godley August 26, 2019


    • latisha August 29, 2019

      she did better then most she is incredible she rocks the house . she made for now today and many more years to do what noboby else gonna do boom Ms. Janet Jackson is the bomb

  2. JustSaying August 25, 2019

    Outprofited Nicki Garbaj Europe tour ???

    • Miss_minaj August 25, 2019

      B**** Nicki keep you press. Ugly ape looking flop Janet could never

      • Rihannahasmore$$thanBeyonce August 26, 2019

        NICK MANaj is no threat to anyone?. She lasted what 3 albums???

  3. Smh… August 25, 2019

    This show was bad. Janet looked sloppy and looked like she didn’t care. This was for nothing, but a check and I love her, but fans need to tell the truth.

    • Shaun August 25, 2019

      I attended 2 shows and they were great. I would rather people comment on the show if they were actually there in person. Your view would change then. People need to remember that she’s not 23 and she’s doing this for the fans. She doesn’t have to work another day in her life. She did a Supurb job. I don’t know to many other 53 year old moms who could do what she’s doing. ??‍♂️

      • Smh… August 25, 2019

        I did go! Janet’s dancing was hella off! It looked like she wasn’t even trying and she let the dancers do the work. During State Of The World, she did not look like this.

    • Smh… August 25, 2019

      Furthermore, stop making excuses for her. If she can’t do it anymore, then she needs to sit down because what I saw was someone who didn’t care. She only learned 1 new routine, maybe 2 and it was a dance break. She did the 30 y/o choreography fine, but she should be fine after 30 years. Tell the truth! Fans are so indenial that it actually hurts her.

      • K.B. August 25, 2019

        She was not in shape, I’m sorry to say, but Janet was a little bit overweight to hit those technical and her signature dance move she looked like she was struggling .I’m just saying I love Janet but truth is truth.

      • Smh… August 25, 2019

        Thank you!

      • motivation August 25, 2019

        Sad but very true. Glad she made bank but sad the choreo / costuming was so sloppy in comparison to sotw

      • Peter A. Jules August 25, 2019

        You did not go you just want to win the argument. At the end of the day you don’t have her success. Unlike other celebrities she is comfortable in her own skin and not in need of bombarding of every day with petty beef like some celebrities. She has endured a lot and is still going strong. In addition a percentage of her energy goes towards her son so try being reasonable. Celebrities are not superheroes.

    • Dc August 25, 2019

      Agree saw her last tour before this one terrible will never go to another Janet show

      • Kenneth Cooper August 25, 2019

        She won’t miss you

    • Mike Godley August 26, 2019

      Let’s see your tickets Seeunt.

  4. Nicky August 25, 2019

    Stop giving Clarksdaughter the attention it craves at the clubs and on the chat apps

    Poe thang!!!

    Back to the topic at discussion. Congrats to Janet!!!!

    • Shaun August 25, 2019

      Lol ok I will lol ? and yes Congrats Janet! ????❤️

  5. Ivana August 25, 2019

    Janet has a great touring strategy. She has earned around $100 million since late 2015. Ever since, she didn’t perform only in 2016 because of pregnancy, and no signs that she will stop touring any time soon. If she continues performing every year, she will gross a lot of money.

  6. Boytoy1814 August 25, 2019

    Alright Janet!!!?????

  7. Boogieman August 25, 2019

    She just earned 44 million from the State of the World tour just recently. The haters stop hating because she’s making bank.

    • Ivana August 25, 2019

      More than that. 44 million in 2017 but she had additional dates in 2018 and 2019.

  8. Keith August 25, 2019

    Did Janet stick every move as she did it on the JANET tour? No. Was she as thin as she was during ALL FOR YOU? Nope. Is her first priority either of those things? No, and it shouldn’t be. HOWEVER, as a fan who has been with her throughout her career AND SAW THE SHOW (as I have all her tours) METAMORPHOSIS was a better show than 97% of the pop/rnb acts on the road now. Congrats to Miss Jackson and the team for their efforts.

    • Shawn August 25, 2019

      Hi Keith! What a great an honest assessment of Jan’s tour! As a fan of hers since she appeared on GT, she’s without question the ONLY female artist and entertainer of her caliber, which is why she’s the legendary and iconic performer that she is! I think it’s safe to say that she’s the African-American communities Queen of Pop! Madonna the other Queen of Pop, whom of which Janet rivaled in sales, truthfully speaking, although Janet outsold Madonna in the 90’s, she was only surpassed by Mariah Carey. (I know you know this to be facts as a fan) However, to date, overall Madonna has outsold Janet when it comes to music sales. When it comes to artistry, talent and overall performance, Janet surpasses Madonna by a long shot. In my humble opinion, Janet has undoubtedly become the greatest female performer of our time! Since her breakout in 1986, with her Control record, she’s been the blueprint and just about every artists that’s had any kind of success since 1986 to the present, have ALL admitted to being inspired by Ms. Jackson. As for the naysayers, one thing I’ve learnt, no matter all the tangible evidence to back up Janet’s impact and success, a negative and hateful person will never be satisfied with the light and love of positivity!

      • Keith August 25, 2019

        Hey Shawn! Thanks for the response. A lot of the comments regarding Janet recently just seem to support the notion that black/rnb/urban fans are quick to discard their most talented as soon as something doesn’t go their way. LITERALLY, celebrities old and new have given public kudos to the fact that Janet is STILL OUT HERE and some of those that comment under a Janet post seem to pay that dust. No, people don’t have to blindly like everything she does (I don’t) but there is a way to express an opinion…Janet has done nothing but give us a soundtrack for life, teach a masterclass on handling 4 DECADES of stardom, and tried to spread positivity.

  9. Jay August 25, 2019

    Congratulations Queen showing the others how it’s truly done!!!

  10. High Price August 25, 2019

    She’s Queen for a reason! Go Janet!

  11. Princess of soul August 25, 2019

    That’s it, why she just wont retire

    • Cleva August 25, 2019

      While your broke a$$ don’t even have $13 in your account! She does it for the fans. She can retire when she’s ready. Wtf are you to tell someone when they should retire?

    • Kenneth Cooper August 25, 2019

      Tell Madonna to retire

  12. Sheltop August 25, 2019

    How can you say she needs to sit down when she slaying stages like this still.. VEGAS SHOW!… HATERS NEED TO EAT A D***. https://youtu.be/9qIwe_Uxim4

  13. FELICIA August 25, 2019

    Congratulations to her for making 13 Million Dollars at her Las Vegas residency. AGAIN She danced a little and never sang a note.

    • Kenneth Cooper August 25, 2019

      She can sing better than you b****

      • FELICIA August 25, 2019

        You should watch your filthy mouth fool. Now you know you never heard Janet sing live, you’ve been listening to songs on her cds. And I’ll add you have no idea of who I am, now just shut up!!!

    • Kenny August 26, 2019

      Your fav Britney is the lip sync ?

  14. Yomamma August 26, 2019

    She undeniably shut that s*** down. Congratulations to her and her team. To pull the crowds she did at this age and deliver hit after hit, anyone saying negative things should re-evaluate their own lives. I was there at closing and the crowd was loving her.

  15. AMD August 26, 2019

    I regret not being able to go see the Metamorphosis show.? I hope see releases it to DVD.

  16. Derrick August 26, 2019

    I went to the show twice the last one was July 24 it was a phenomenal show had a great time she sounded fabulous I love it so much Janet is my favorite I would go again if she had more shows lol ???????

  17. Derrick August 26, 2019

    I went to the show twice the last one was July 24 it was a phenomenal show had a great time she sounded fabulous I love it so much Janet is my favorite I would go again if she had more shows lol ??????? and who are these bums talking crap about a few dollars lol must be a very Poor low self-esteem person who has nothing better to do so everybody just ignore it

  18. Mavelyn August 28, 2019

    Will she return to Vegas?

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