New Video: Ariana Grande – ‘Boyfriend’ (featuring Social House)

Published: Friday 2nd Aug 2019 by Rashad

After helping pen Ariana Grande‘s first and only two Hot 100 chart-toppers, ‘thank u, next’ and ‘7 Rings,’ production duo Social House (comprised of Michael ‘Mikey’ Foster and Charles ‘Scootie’ Anderson) just seemed like the perfect fit for the Grammy winner’s new single, ‘Boyfriend.’

Taking to Twitter to answer fan questions about the song, Grande shared:

“I feel like this song captures a common theme in the lives of so many people i know!” she said. “People want to feel love but don’t want to define their relationship & have trouble fully committing or trusting or allowing themselves to fully love someone. even tho they want to.”

The Urban Pop-tinged tune also saw its vengeful, Hannah Lux Davis-directed video released just moments ago.  See all the action inside:

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  1. Fancy BISH August 2, 2019

    This ish is WACK chile 😂 She trying HARD to be Drakeesha, but she’s ma’am! 🤳🏽All she did was reheat Thank U, Next…she’ll probably do a remix with Justin “Crater Face” Bieber 🤣🙄

    • Wordonthestreet August 2, 2019

      Ughh She is sooooo exhausting and VAPID! First she was breaking up relationships and now she showing violence against another girl? EtC ETC ETC! She needs a vacation Asap.. Sick of this twat. SMH

      • Fancy BISH August 2, 2019

        ✅ ✅ ✅ 💯

  2. Kitana Thee Stallion August 2, 2019

    It’s cute or whatever…

  3. Clarkson August 2, 2019

    She’s fulfilling her contract
    We write 2 hit songs for u, u do a collaboration with us.
    This is the last time u will hear of these two basic light skin dudes.

    • Fancy BISH August 2, 2019

      The only thing basic is Miss Grande…a donut licking, basic Becky! 🤣 🍩

      • Lanafan1 August 2, 2019

        Uh no. Ain’t nothing basic about her

      • Fancy BISH August 2, 2019

        @Lana, basic as all hell lol

  4. AnonymousTruth August 2, 2019

    Literally sounds like a re-work of ‘Thank U, Next’ I hate when artists get start trying to clone their own songs because of its success …. so desperate .

    • High Price August 2, 2019

      Lol! I said the same thing. Sounds just like “Thank you, next”..

    • Lanafan1 August 2, 2019

      It sounds nothing like Thank U Next lol

  5. ERIC August 2, 2019

    You all can’t be serious! I’m not the biggest Ariana fan, but I’ve bought some of her songs and this is definitely the next one. I love it!! It sounds like 90s r&b. I’m surprised nobody else hears it! Not only that, but I think the video is real cool and I rarely like Ariana’s videos. I think she just earned a couple more points with me.

  6. Jasmine August 2, 2019

    I like this song and it’s video. I do not like it enough to buy it or add it to my playlist but I certainly like it enough to listen a couple times.

  7. thanosoftitan August 2, 2019

    I enjoy it mostly because I can really relate to this message right now. Made the purchase.

  8. Xoxo Gossip Girl August 2, 2019

    “just because mcdonads sells a lot of burgers, doesn’t mean its the pinnacle of taste & cuisine”…….

  9. Jeans August 2, 2019

    That was cute! Some of her songs have the same something. Can’t figure it out. Are her ablibs similar in each song? I dunno. But cute song!

  10. Whoops 🤷🏽‍♀️💅🏾🤭 August 2, 2019

    It’s boring.

  11. PinotNoir August 5, 2019

    Oooooh, she’s fcuking for #1 songs! 😲

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