Beyonce’s #Beyhive Sting Bette Midler For Saying They Need to “Defeat Trump”

Published: Friday 20th Sep 2019 by Rashad

The “Divine Miss M” got the dragging from hell on Twitter yesterday (September 19) when she took to the platform to assert the #Beyhive, Beyonce‘s beloved fan group, should “mobilize” to take down the president.

A seemingly well-intended tweet from the legendary Bette Midler – who has long made her distaste for Donald Trump well knowno – the responses suggest it was taken every way but.  Wielding fiery clap back from the fan group’s members, some cited data from the 2016 U.S. presidential election to assert that Midler’s suggestion for mobilization should be aimed elsewhere.

Did you miss the hoop-la?  See it inside:

After Bette tweeted this:

…she opened herself to “massive attack.”  See what we mean below:



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  1. Bam September 20, 2019

    Well the hive is being very ignorant if they think that it’s comprised of all black women. I’ve seen many claim to be in the hive. Also considering how ignorant, ratchet, and out of line they can get I don’t think black women should want to claim a majority stake in “the hive”.
    That said I will agree with many of them who said Bette needs to be trying to get the 53% of white women who voted for trump to turn on him. Not go after a group that more than likely never voted for him.

    • SMH September 20, 2019

      I actually agree with all of this, even though I can’t stand the ignorant roach hive either lol.

    • Bam September 20, 2019

      *and I also agree with them regarding Taylor swift cause if we’re gonna be real that’s who needs to energize their fan base to vote against trump. Let’s see if she has the balls to try…

      • SMH September 20, 2019

        Agreed again lol.

      • Clarkson September 20, 2019

        Oh now ur acknowledging Taylor swift’s powers, lol I thought u guys like calling her basic, mayo, talentless, white privilege etc.

        Beyonce has zero power, she supported Hillary Clinton and Hillary still lost

        She released 2 albums this year and both flopped, the gift sold a mere 900 copies in the uk

        She released 2 singles, before I let go and spirit, both flopped hard

        Her special was watched by only 2 million viewers.

      • Only Facts September 20, 2019

        @clarkson go stream camilas flop songs that won’t be on the hot 100 next week (confirmed btw)

    • only facts September 20, 2019

      Agree 100%

  2. Tyty September 20, 2019

    I have to agree with beyhive. White woman always put their race first anyway. Just like white woman used black women in the feminist movement to get their agenda into play only to leave black women in the dust.

  3. Clarkson September 20, 2019

    The Beehive that cant buy their faves album, that’s why she sold 900 copies in the UK, thank u next. ?????????

    2 million people watched beyonce’s special on ABC, that’s how weak the beehive are.

    • Tyty September 20, 2019

      You are always harping on about racism against blacks and yet you completely missed the point of a white woman trying to use black woman as pawns to oust trump when 53% of white woman voted for trump??? And you expect anyone to believe you’re black? Again you’re a deranged white t***** who needs a mental health evaluation.

      • Namo September 20, 2019

        She said “followers” not “black woman” why are you trying to make it something else than what it is? She didn’t even talk about “women” but “followers” once again, it could be men or women and I’m pretty sure all of her followers are not 100% black people because I’m white and I’m part of the followers like many other white people so what? It’s not like Beyoncé was one of the most influent artist in the world.

    • Nicky September 20, 2019

      ???? Camicky with 38 million followers but no one is buying or streaming her flop singles. She really thought she was Beyonce releasing two singles at same time.

      She will never be Beyonce – no talent, no beauty, no mega fortune.


      Buh Bye BtmBoy

    • Dc September 20, 2019

      Soo true numbers don’t add up

    • Only Facts September 20, 2019

      And what’s the excuse for Camilla’s 38 million followers? Her songs are confirmed to fall off of the hot 100 after only 2 weeks

  4. Gworl Bye September 20, 2019

    As ignorant and ratchet as the bug hive is, I have to agree with them on this one.

  5. theway September 20, 2019

    if only they kept that same energy on itunes

    • Danny Bey September 20, 2019

      This was dumb and irrelevant and doesnt even apply. Clown.

  6. only facts September 20, 2019

    Sigh. Bette is always in some mess. I understand what she’s saying, but this was the wrong way to say it. Plus, I agree, member of the beehive are not the ones that voted for this man…

    Sidenote: Does anyone else remember when Ariana Grande got Ms. Bette together after she shaded her? lol

    • Ropeburn September 20, 2019

      But did Bette tell any lies about Taco Bell Grande tho? She had a Mariah Carey-lite voice but instead of focusing on that she chose to sing forgettable pop trash and overemphasize her barely legal pu$$.

  7. Lanafan1 September 20, 2019

    I’m with them on this one

    • Namo September 20, 2019

      Why? She said followers not black community… Beyoncé has one of the biggest fanbase and that’s a fact, she’s black now but it could have been anybody else, black, white, it doesn’t matter, she took Beyoncé because she’s one of the most influent artist in the world.

  8. Nicky September 20, 2019


  9. Nicky September 20, 2019

    Now that Normani is here, Camicky is done

    Camicky flop singles are projected to fall out of top 100 next week


    • only facts September 20, 2019

      I’m weak. I wonder how long until they market these as buzz singles or throw a feature or two on them?

      • Nicky September 20, 2019


        You know she needs features for everything.


  10. Rashad September 20, 2019

    For f’s sack this was just a point that young people sit on their a%ses and don’t bother to vote. Nothing to do with race and 100% about age. She should have grouped Taylor in it too. This is ridiculous to attack her over something so dumb

    • Tyty September 20, 2019

      Beyoncé had voting boots at her concerts in the 2016 election she also campaigned for Hilary. It’s a b******* point. She did her part. Why doesn’t she tell Taylor swift and her equally massive white fan base consisting of white young women to get rid of trump.

    • Whoops ??‍♀️??? September 20, 2019

      How is a white woman telling a predominately black subculture to fix a problem that WHITE people created not about race?? Nevermind the fact that she very obviously should’ve directed this mission towards Taylor and her fans who do absolutely NOTHING to forward social awareness and accountability. But to be very honest, refusing to take responsibility for anything, police their own, and directing the blame elsewhere is what white women are notorious for. ?

      • Clarkson September 20, 2019

        “Taylor and her fans who do absolutely NOTHING to forward social awareness and accountability.”

        Taylor released a whole video featuring gay people, drag queens, etc fighting for the equality act, encouraging her fans to donate to glaad
        Thanks to Taylor swift voters registration has gone up amongst young people

        What has beyonce done for anybody?
        Lemonade was not a political album, it was an album about her cheating husband

        What has beyonce done for gays who worship her every move.

        We had to literally forced beyonce to speak up about social issues, to speak about gay oppression , black lives matter, election etc.

        Beyonce went to Africa to perform, they kill gays in Africa, did she make a statement or give a political perform pushing for tolerance towards gays?NO.

        Beyonce will never make a video with drag queens everywhere or gays kissing or men wearing dresses and make up etc

      • Whoops ??‍♀️??? September 20, 2019

        Clarkson sit your racist a** down somewhere. Taylor has been here how many years with how many albums and you can only cite ONE whole music video? A music video released years after Trumps election?? Lmao, b**** shut up. And Africa is an entire continent you clown. Gay people are killed in this continent too. Black people are killed on this continent, the very one in which Taylor lives, and yet she couldnt be bothered in the last 13-14 years to say anything about it. You sound stupid.

      • Clarkson September 20, 2019

        Ur dummy who dont know who his real daddy is

        When did I say Africa was a country, Africa is a continent just like asai and Europe, u fool

        Being gay is illegal in almost all African countries. Beyonce has gay African fans, she had an opportunity to make a statement but she didnt . Instead she went on stage with her cheating husband and gave us those boring stale dance moves we’ve seen a million times.

        Taylor has done more for social causes than beyonce. Sit down ?

    • Tyty September 20, 2019

      There is no WE you are not black stop pretending otherwise your fellow white trans and gays don’t need Beyoncé a black Woman to do anything for your lbgt movement. You’re a complete moron and you’re not even American so how again does this issue affect you???

  11. Namo September 20, 2019

    She said followers, not the black community… damn these fans are crazy. And you can wonder why the racism is still there.

  12. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 20, 2019

    F*** them

  13. Ratedxxx September 20, 2019

    The behives are the stupidest stan base ever live..
    She didn’t say anything bad about their smoke and mirrors aka Beyondfake

    Than again she’s stupid too
    How many times can you go on tour and do the same move over and over again

    Like i said said stupid

    • Vino September 20, 2019

      And her fans will gladly buy tickets to see the “Same move over and over” OKURRRT !!

  14. Unnatural September 20, 2019

    Black women need to chill the f*** down. Besides I thought a majority of the hive was gays anyway so I dont get all this bout a black woman coming to save the day. They so basic to seriously act like hive ain’t got a diverse group of characters representing beyonce.

  15. Ropeburn September 20, 2019

    All these ashy-kneed Twitter activists need to calm the F down. She was talking about the 133 million Instagram followers. Now I know Beyondfake is popular with Black American women, but even if you picked out only Americans from that group they damn sure don’t even make up half of that number.

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