Official: Jennifer Lopez & Shakira To Headline Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show

Published: Thursday 26th Sep 2019 by Rashad

Months of murmurs have finally come to a hush as it’s been officially announced Jennifer Lopez will headline the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The diva – whose rumored involvement with the NFL went into overdrive earlier this year after she fronted a series of ads for the league – has been mum about the topic but never shied away from dishing on her desire to join the ranks of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce, and more as a performer at the ‘biggest spectacle on Earth.’

Now, it appears she’ll not only get her wish but also get to bring along some company as it’s been confirmed fellow global Latin superstar Shakira is set to rock alongside her on Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium stage!

Details inside:


Via USA Today:

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are your next Super Bowl halftime show performers!

The singers took to Twitter Thursday to share teasers about their upcoming performance, each sharing a sultry picture of the other, complete with a gold Pepsi cuff on Shakira’s upper arm and a Pepsi ring on Lopez’s finger (the brand sponsors the halftime show), with a gold ring and necklace featuring the date of Super Bowl 54.

“These two remarkable artists are setting a new precedent for what this show can become, and we’re confident that this will be an incredible performance for the ages,” Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s vice president of marketing, said in a statement to the Associated Press.


Two dynamic performers, the move – albeit surprising – could not be more apt given the event’s location!  Further, the spectacle is oft used as a springboard for the announcement of a future endeavor (i.e. tour, album, etc.).  Could it be just the vehicle J.Lo needs for her long-awaited next studio effort?  Time will tell.

Until then, we can’t wait to see what the diva duo cook up on February 2, 2020.  Go Jenny & Shaki!

[photo courtesy: Pepsi]

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  1. Dc September 26, 2019

    Keep shakira away no thanks jlo yes

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 26, 2019

      I think they should add more artists to the lineup like Pitbull

  2. Lol September 26, 2019

    Jennifer is everywhere. This is probably the b

  3. Nicky September 26, 2019

    Congrats to the legends!

    Camicky can never be on their level. Her last two songs can’t even make top40 ?

    Imagine Camicky trying to dance like Shakira or have stage presence like

    The press would never include Camicky in the same sentence as these legends


    • #TheTruth September 26, 2019

      Well you keep her name in your mouth. But who’s talking about you child ?
      You’re such a loser.

      • Nicky September 26, 2019

        I didn’t give you permission to respond to my comment. Go choke on a FAT one.

  4. Rashad September 26, 2019

    Jenny will be on a show even with lipped vocals. I’m still here for it

    • Rashad September 26, 2019


  5. Lol September 26, 2019

    Jennifer is everywhere. Oscar buzz, a successful arena tour, hit movie and now the super bowl? Slay!!!

  6. Are You Kidding Me? September 26, 2019

    Yas! White women who speak Spanish that will pretend to be oppressed because reggaeton didn’t win at the Latin Grammies!

    • Lanafan1 September 27, 2019

      They’re not white!

      • Are You Kidding Me? September 28, 2019

        Next you’ll say Spaniards aren’t White.

  7. IAmKingBishhhh September 26, 2019

    JLo Getting To Smell Her Roses While She’s Still With Us ?? Not A Die Hard Fan But You Cant Take The Fact Away She Works Her A** Off And Is A True Hustler ? Should Be A Good Show.

  8. The Real Princess Jasmine September 26, 2019

    The Latino Take Over

  9. Sweetnothings78 September 26, 2019

    FINALLY a proper entertainer/performer and amazing dancer hits the stage. JLO that is not shakira.

  10. SMH September 26, 2019

    Yeah, this will be LIT.

  11. PussyPop$tress September 26, 2019

    any of you heauxs complaining about shakira’s involvement do not know what kind of GLOBAL presence she has. by comparison, jlo is local. yes i understand the super bowl is an american show, but shakira is GLOBAL! the girl is the most followed woman (or one of the most) on FB! her audience is undying. they will tune in to see her slay

    im here for both ladies. come on latinas!

    • Jaime September 29, 2019

      I can tell you from Europe that both are equally famous worldwide……The point is that JLO is more famous than Shakira in the USA

  12. JaZzy Da Bi Asian TGJ STAFF SUPPORT #TROLLminators September 26, 2019

    This is going to be exceptional

  13. Urg September 26, 2019

    She will most def put on a show while lip syncing for her life but still it be one of the better half time show in years.

  14. passion September 26, 2019

    yes queen. when they say you cant, you will do whatever it takes to get there.
    they dont know you? HAH. they might not know you , but they know the moves you make. bye b****

  15. Jeans September 26, 2019

    This is gonna SLAY SO HARD!!!!

  16. Clarkson September 26, 2019

    Remember when beyonce used shakira to get a top 3 hit (beautiful liar). Lol

    Its embarrassing yo both mega stars that both of them have to co headline the superbowl.

    Dont underestimate shakira, she is big enough to headline the superbowl alone.

    She has a great music catalogue ,
    hips dont lie, la ta tora, whenever wherever, empire, cant remember to forget u, truth or dare, shewolf, loca,

    • Tyty September 26, 2019

      You always got something to say about people who are doing more than you… both of them are hardly in their prime so why is it embarrassing so share the stage??? This site really needs to ban you. You’re privy so information the organisers of Super Bowl are not??

      • Clarkson September 26, 2019

        Ur are mad MAD.
        I always come with the tea about ur faves and u cant stand it.
        U are threatened by my intelligence that’s why u want me ban. Lol

        If I dont say it, any person will. Last time I will ever reply u.

    • Paulo September 26, 2019

      Finally some good sense coming out your mouth. ? it’s never too late for redemption

      • Clarkson September 26, 2019

        Shut up ?

    • Meme September 26, 2019

      You are finally make sensible comments. I agree with everything you said.

      • Clarkson September 26, 2019

        How patronising of u ????

        As if I give a shìt whether u agree with me or not.
        I will say whatever I like. I don’t need anybody to agree with me. My views are my views.

        You guys dont just like a truth talker. U hate to hear the truth cause ur full of lies. Your life is a lie, ur image is a lie, every thing about u is a lie.

        I dont care who agrees with me. I’m not looking for validation, besides u guys are faceless people , it’s only a fool who looks for validation or approval from people they dont know or cant see. Peace out

    • Tyty September 26, 2019

      I’m not mad I just pity your dumbass I mean look at your replies when people are saying “ you finally said something sensible for once”. Isn’t that hint to stop showing your sloppy ass on this site every single time? Hopefully In time you will be banned you losing access to this site would be the final coffin to your sad pathetic existence.

  17. Paulo September 26, 2019

    LIVING for this. Love JLo and it’s time Shakira make a comeback cause she’s been kinda low key with her latest releases.

    Haters check themselves and their favs before they come for the Colombian queen! 14 Grammys and counting

    • Jaime September 30, 2019

      She has been low key for a simple reason, problems and unpayments with the spanish state… and they told the press it was due to health problems…

  18. 4U2SEE September 26, 2019

    JLO is a true professional dancer. Shakira is global, this could be interesting.

  19. JOHNVIDAL September 26, 2019

    Hmmm sorry but OBVIOUSLY Shakira has a way better catalogue than JLO. She actually made real music for years. In the last decade her super success on a global scale has stopped… but hasn´t JLo´s and all those albums that go nowhere since 2002? LOL

  20. High Price September 26, 2019

    This is great news for JLo! Everyone on here keeps talking about her lipping but I just hope she focuses more on dancing than singing. At her VMAs perfomance, she was SO focused on singing. She danced but barely tbh…. I’m not watching to SOLELY hear her sing lol. I want to see her DANCE!

    • I Told You September 26, 2019

      that vma performance was not focused on singing lol.. she barely did 1 verse. I vividly remember her only doing the chorus’s of her hit songs (whick was 90% playback) lol.

      • I Told You September 26, 2019


      • High Price September 26, 2019

        You right on the courses part ! Ja rule came through, she cut up a lot of poses, jumping in with the dancers every now and then, standing and walking/running around the stage singing the courses lol. JLo was NOT dancing lol. Idk what you saw. She looked GOOD though! And if she wasn’t dancing then what did you see her do???. Please go back and watch it, it’s on facebook in good quality now. Also, tell me HOW she performed the last on her set list for that performance on the VMAs lol.

        All I’m saying is I HOPE she doesn’t perform like that on the Superbowl. Instead of giving us courses… smh… PLEASE give us the DANCE BREAKS to those songs instead. Idc to hear her vocals all like that. Shes a entertainer, not a vocalist.

  21. Kevon September 26, 2019

    I love both ladies … we better be getting a good song ladies

  22. POPS MOTHER September 26, 2019

    Now listen, JLO to me is more of a business american appeal .. SHAKIRA is a GLOBAL superstar she is huge around the world and she is iconic in her own ways. these 2 latina queens are unique in their own ways , Jlo is bigger in America but Shakira beats in around the world.. Nevertheless Shakira has bigger catalog of music than JLO. This will be iconic either way

  23. #TheTruth September 26, 2019

    Hmmm I don’t know why they have 2 acts. How are they going to split the performance time ?
    I feel like it’s unfair for them to not get their own 12-15 mins.

    My first pick would have been P!nk but I know she turned it down.

    I think they will put on a nice show but vocally speaking it won’t fly high. They both have a huge catalogue and yes Shakira is more global.

    Maybe they recorded a duet ?!

  24. King Khia September 26, 2019


  25. King Khia September 26, 2019

    …and Bobby Lytes will be their opening act

  26. none September 26, 2019

    NO mic will be on in the ARENA. Ashanti doing them vocals too???

  27. Charli Cheer Up September 26, 2019

    Good to see they’re spicing things up by having more than one headlining act again just like a couple of years back when Coldplay was joined by Beyonce and Bruno Mars. This time around, its J.Lo and Shakira’s first time ever so I’d expect a unique songlist and performance(imagine Can’t Remember To Forget You/Beautiful Liar feat. JLo! or Booty feat.Shakira!)

  28. Stevone l Jackson September 26, 2019

    Lol this is already the lowest rated super bowl ever…

  29. Lanafan1 September 26, 2019

    I love Shakira. But JLo can hold her own. Shakira can wait till 2021

  30. Dina September 27, 2019

    Jlo at her peak at 50 ! When will ur favs hahahahy go jenny

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