New Beyonce Wax Figure Unveiled At Madame Tussauds

Published: Thursday 19th Sep 2019 by Sam

With an artist as iconic as Beyonce, memorable moments are bountiful.

And Madame Tussauds have immortalised one of her most resonating – #BeyChella!

Today saw the flagship London location unveil a new Queen Bey wax figure based on her blazing Coachella performance.

Rocking her HBCU inspired ensemble, the diva stands tall like the regal royal she is.

Check out more snaps below…

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It's time to bow down to THE QUEEN 👑 🐝

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They slayed!

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Madame Tussauds]

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  1. King of Kingz September 19, 2019

    ?they finally got it right ‼️??????????

    • china September 19, 2019

      Most OVER-RATED WOMAN in the Music Business. Rip off Janet jackson Wannabe.

      • Kyle September 19, 2019

        Overrated.. but yet your commenting about her on a post about HER. Love Janet Jackson; but can she sing? No. No one is trying to imitate her. Stop being delusional.

  2. PussyPop$tress September 19, 2019

    i cannot believe they finally got one right. jesus, they knew the pressure was on after that tragic aaliyah wax figure.

    • Ajm265 September 19, 2019

      I saw and took pics with the Aaliyah ins in Vegas looks just like her. The j lo and Beyonce one in la looks nothing like them.

      • gina September 19, 2019

        agree, the Aaliyah one is perfect.

  3. Boytoy1814 September 19, 2019

    MT did a good job????

  4. Humble Christian Woman September 19, 2019

    Looks amazing!

  5. Keith September 19, 2019

    They got this one right! Good job, Tussauds!

  6. gina September 19, 2019

    once again, Aaliyah’s slays harder. This one makes her look old.

    • Miss Salt Gawl September 19, 2019

      Shut up. Both of the wax figures look nice.

    • Swirly September 19, 2019

      Beyoncé is no longer a teenager. She’s approaching 40 and still looks damn good, as does the wax figure.

  7. ME September 19, 2019

    That’s Beyonce!! Usually they get people looking wrong but not right here!! Queen Bey ?? We see you!

  8. Only Facts September 19, 2019

    This is the first time I’ve actually seen an accurate wax figure. Looks great!

  9. Urg September 19, 2019

    Wow I’m suprise the Beyoncé hate squad has not statted up yet!!? but…..the figure does look good the aaliyah one not so good?

  10. BOP-AHOLIC September 19, 2019

    This the best 1 yet!!…because lord knows they messed the other 1’s of her up!!!

  11. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 19, 2019

    She is not an entertainment icon who steals and can’t sing like Whitney Houston.

    • I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 19, 2019

      Biitch, if Whitney the voice Houston was still here. Wax , Netflix,blion king, abc special. . Would be alllllll hers……..e

  12. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 19, 2019

    Yup the same plastic blonde cap wig she wear too …they got it.

  13. Okay? September 21, 2019

    YESS!!!!l ????

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