New Song: Fantasia – ‘Holy Ghost’

Published: Friday 20th Sep 2019 by Sam

Fantasia has unleashed the ‘Holy Ghost’!

The bouncy bop is the latest taste of the star’s 7th studio album ‘Sketchbook,’ due October 11th via her freshly formed indie imprint Rock Soul. 

Arriving after singles ‘Enough’ and ‘PTSD,’ the track had been made available as an instant-grat offering to those who pre-order its parent LP.

Speaking on the set, the American Idol champion said:

“I’ve shared so much with the world but I feel that there is more still in this journey .. I’m still growing. In the sketchbook we’re still coloring out and painting it out the way I want to be seen, not allowing anybody else to take control of that journey. This sketchbook, what I’m showing through my music, no matter where I go, I want people to see that the painting is still being filled in and there’s many colors and many things to Fantasia that they still don’t know — especially music.”  

Take a listen to ‘Holy Ghost’ after the jump…

Much as we enjoy hearing Fantasia soar to the highest heights vocally, we equally embrace her more restrained turn-up cuts – especially when they pack potent lyrical content like this.

A testament to her artistic versatility, ‘Holy Ghost’ functions as much as a club jam as it does a praise and worship anthem. And we’re here for it! Hallelu!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Truth Dot Com September 20, 2019

    Bounce with the Holy Ghost!!!!
    Okay… tryna get me in trouble Tasia!
    Where is the Challenge Videos for this song????
    Im ready!!!!!!


  2. Interac September 20, 2019

    I’m hearing some Brandy-isms. It’s an okay song.

    • Kennedy September 21, 2019

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  3. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 20, 2019

    Just thinking about my b**** Brandy who’s Whitney Houston’s favorite.
    She’s had a major hit broken hearted with wanye Morris. .

    Then the boy is mine and then Fantasia had said no , then why the f*** did they tell everybody.. ..

  4. only facts September 20, 2019

    Camilla’s career is about to see the Holy Ghost. Songs confirmed to fall off the hot 100 after 2 weeks. That’s a kii

  5. Jj September 20, 2019

    I love me some fantasia, but I dont have high Hope’s for this album, I am going to her concert in Atlanta I’ve heard snippet or full song of 7 tracks from the new album and they are all mediocre, dated, & no content of the rock soul she has been promising us , I think fantasia has lost her ear for music, so if she is so queen inspired where are the anthems similar to “we are the champions and somebody to love” all I’m hearing is dated rb music,

    History-heard clip, sounds dated

    PTSD- sounds dated

    Enough- not strong enough for a first single but I can see her snagging a Grammy nomination for it

    Holy Ghost-so cheesy mixing trap and gospel together, she think that’s what’s going to draw in. Younger audiences due to the trap music

    Looking for for you sounds boring from what I heard on Sunday best

    Take off -sounds like a 2007 Rihanna reject

    Bad girl might be the only song saving this album

    I just want fantasia to win and this ain’t it

    She can do better and she know it

    Good luck fanny mae I’m so DISAPPOINTED

    • only facts September 20, 2019

      Right! Like what’s going to be her excuse for this album being trash? She admitted the last album was trash but blamed it on the label…she can’t do that this go around.

      Rooting for her too.

      • JeAn Paul September 20, 2019

        Her last album wasn’t even bad. In my opinion, it was her most commercial offering to date. The lack of promotion did her no favors. My thing is, why keep yelling RockSoul when your music doesn’t reflect it? Nothing thus far has a RockSoul sound. “Lonely Legend” from her previous album gave exactly what she should be giving at this moment.

        I am a Fanny fan ‘till the end but her recent work is leaving me highly disappointed. 🙁

    • Musiclovah September 20, 2019

      Speaking objectively, i tend to agree with you. All the songs i have heard have been lack luster except the one she did on Sunday’s Best. Never the less i will support.

    • Tori September 20, 2019

      JeAn Paul I agree. “Side Effects of You” was the f***!ng perfect blend of rock soul & contemporary/commercial r&b. “Back To Me” & “Side Effect of You” to me are her best album albums and most polished and commercial but sadly the labels wouldn’t promote effectively, even with hit singles. Since she’s been giving creative control or independent releases, it’s been telling that she simply is a marvelous performer and versatile singer but definitely not great at handling her own musically. The last album was trash but I don’t think she could see that till her fans told her. “When I Met You” has a good video but the song itself was even terrible. After hearing “Enough”, I lost interest in this album. “Looking for Something” was boring and she’s usually great live, “PTSD” and “Holy Ghost”…Fanny I’m done, lol. I feel like she going to be mulish like Aretha Franklin. Every know and then she’ll have a hit album or at least a single carrying a weak album, but album wise a catalog full of fuller albums.

    • stan September 21, 2019

      she is a fantastic singer, but creatively she needs a collaborator to edit her stuff.

      • Josh September 21, 2019

        Fantasia needs Missy Elliott. Missy is the only person who knows what she needs and how to write and produce for her voice i.e. Free Yourself. That song and album is still a classic. Harmony Samuels too. Missy and Harmony are the people who Fantasia should always work with. But I liked Holy Ghost. I can hear a remix with Lecrae, Koryn Hawthorne and The Walls Group

    • dfdfdfd September 21, 2019

      when Fantasia says rocksoul she means all music this album is more hip hop

    • GiGiforLife November 9, 2019

      What???……………………….Well, I’ve listened to the entire album and I think its AWESOME. I will say that Bad Girl and Free are my favs, but the whole album makes me wanna dance. You don’t sound like a true Fantasia fan. You sound more like a Hater.

  6. Vino September 20, 2019

    Dope bop but besides Enough nothing I heard from her is solid !! Everything is just ok. Sadly this will be her worst album !!!

  7. Blaque September 20, 2019

    People talk like they have and ear for music when just like the next man you like what you like who would of thought that lil Nas X would be number one sit back and take a ride

  8. Music Lover September 20, 2019

    If this is her ear for music and what she feels good about she needs a better ear…the way this era is going it reminds me of her last album which is trash Nothing she has released from this album has really caught my attention to the point to where it has made me want to buy the album.. I think she has that MJB syndrome where when she got happy she loses what her fan base wants from her… however I will purchase it just off GP for her but this album is going to flop hard harder than Ciara albums floppin I think the Brandy and Jazmine song was going to be the most checked and bring traffic towards her album now that they’re not going to be on there I doubt people will buy this album in the masses…

    • Music Lover September 20, 2019

      Oh and I definitely will be going to go see her on tour that’s a must!

    • Josh September 21, 2019

      The Brandy and Jazmine Sullivan collab need to somehow get mysteriously leaked

  9. Phaedra Creonta September 20, 2019

    As a Fantasia fan, I’m very disappointed in the lackluster material that’s been presented this far. I don’t have high hopes for the album itself but I’ll always support her regardless.

  10. High Price September 20, 2019

    Idk… this song will probably get major play! But I also have to agree with some of the. Comments. The roll out for this album is all over the place. Nothing consistent. Enough is actually my favorite from all the joints released at this point.

  11. 4U2SEE September 20, 2019

    Fantasia give you chills, thrills and k!lls it!!!! I didn’t care for her at first but she grew on me. Phenomenal realistic approach got me feeling happy for her. She gives so much passion in her skills that people don’t have to argue. Gurl, keep doing what ya do and keep giving us that anointing. Much Love!!!!!!!

  12. Angela Griffith September 20, 2019

    I don’t get the message in the song, but Fantasia, Please, please DO NOT abuse. Sing for the Glory of God. Allow God to guide you.

  13. dfdfdfd September 21, 2019

    yall not never happy this girl is so talented support this is her hip hop album enjoy cause shes very diverse

  14. Boss Up September 21, 2019

    Sighs….?????????This is not looking too good!

  15. Karen Taylor September 21, 2019

    Wow she has done this great song about the Holy Ghost. I love this. It speaks to me wow I love her God bless you in all you do continue to let your light shine. This song bless me.

  16. PhattCatt September 21, 2019

    FLOPtasia continues to prove why Jennifer Hudson reigns supreme….

  17. Sharon Hooks September 21, 2019

    Fantasia, Nothing you or Anyone else do could shock this world. They put Dumb Donald in office didn’t they. So sing to the high heavens or to lowest pitts of hell. That’s on you . Just know we all have to bow down on our own knee and give in account for our own good ,bad and ugly to God. You can’t mix The Holy Ghost to Club and Call it God’s doing .Girl you were raised up in the church. And you know damn well you ain’t know Kirk Crazy Franklin. Stop it. Stop it Fantasia Stop it. Baby you know better. Ppl already want to talk about you just because, And do. Stop it. Sit back and listen to that and ask God .like that bracelets say. WWJD? Listen,And answer for him THINK FAST. NOT THAT! REMOVE THAT SONG ……. #YOUHAVEMORECLASSTHANTHATIKNOW

  18. Maxine Myrie September 21, 2019

    Hi, I just want to asku this question, are u completely sold out to Jesus. God is not mocked whatsoever a man sow he will reap. U cannot serve God and the world. The word of God clearly says, choose u this day whom u will serve. Jesus is coming soon, get ready to meet him. Serve him wholeheartedly. He’s not a God to play with. It’s his way or no way at all. Don’t be fooled by the Devil. Jesus is S God to be reverend. love and served and worshipped in Spirit and truth


  19. Camara Payne September 21, 2019

    You know why gospel songs now says are basically untrue and garbage. No one reads the bible yo understand the real gospel that jesus and the disciples taught. And secondly they dont know if they want to be hip hop or r&b or gospel. These artists are claiming they are leading people to God but yet there songs are apleasing to the flesh. How can someone sing a real true gospel song when they dont know the gospel.

    • GiGiforLife November 9, 2019

      Well, I’ve never heard Fantasia proclaim that she was here to lead people to God. Nor have I heard any of these other hiphop/r&b performers make that claim. Its these wicked pastors and priests that teach God and dance with the devil. That’s where your anger should be directed. You all are criticizing and talking about her music but if you were following the word you probably wouldn’t have even listened to this worldly cd to hear this song. I have all of her cds and not one of them have she claimed it to be gospel.

  20. Dorothy Malone September 21, 2019

    I love this young woman bc I know that GOD has a calling on her life. It’s no accident that all she’s endured was an incident or accident.She had to go through to come to…watch GOD work through her and I’m sure she knows it…and I say…quit criticizing her!! I love you FANTASIA and continue to pray success for you in CHRIST?

  21. Jamia Harris September 21, 2019

    Fantasia thank you so much for your Sketchbook album. I truly love the Holy Ghost. Not only has a great best. I can relate to this song. I know it’s only the power of the Holy Ghost. Who has given me the strength to make it through hard patches in my life.
    Thank you.

  22. Just my opinion September 22, 2019

    This song is garbage.. like come on? It’s corny and embarrassing and that’s coming from a fan and someone who believes in God. She needs the labels. They can direct her because she doesn’t have the ear and the videos I’ve seen for this project look like her brother shot them… please get a label because you are better than this! And FYI it’s tacky to call your art trash. If you knew it was trash, shame on you for trying to sell it to us. Stick by your work when you put it out.

  23. LA Davis September 22, 2019

    Holy Ghost by Fantasia is Godly awesome! Love it and Fantasia! Thanks boo

  24. Rainy J T September 22, 2019

    Fantasia deserves the very best of blessings in her life. She has overcome many downfalls in life, and she always bounces back. She gives the glory to God. Fantasia keep praising God, and follow your dreams. We love you.

  25. Kimberly Hinton September 22, 2019

    ??Love the lyrics! Youth will likely enjoy the technics. Enjoyed it.

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