Taylor Swift Blazes BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge [Performances]

Published: Tuesday 3rd Sep 2019 by Sam

Taylor Swift may be selling new album ‘Lover’ by the millions (and millions), but she’s not resting on her laurels.

The Pop force is in London and took centre-stage this morning on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.

Backed by a full band, Swift belted out single ‘You Need To Calm Down,’ ‘The Archer,’ and a cover of Phil Collins’ ‘Can’t Stop Loving You.’

Check out the performances below…

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  1. Sweetnothings78 September 3, 2019

    Waiting for the haters because she’s white to come in.

    I’m not a lover or a hater of hers. I respect some of her music. Love her or hate her she keeps on slaying and slaying and SLAYING her OWN way. No comparisons. Good on her. She’s not a cheap trashy nasty classless h** rapping either and that makes her more relatable. I’m just glad there’s still ‘some’ class left in music and some ladies still about.

    I hope she and other girls who don’t need to get their clothes off and booty shake do well based on writing abilities and their music.

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate September 3, 2019

      Firstly Taylor Swift is not a barometer of class. Secondly she’s only relatable to people who can get into her – if you can’t get into her that’s cool.

      Yes she sells – but beneath the gloss Taylor is exceptionally basic and not gifted as a singer, dancer exhibits basic stage presence (these measures being pre requisites to be classed as an ‘entertainer’ live).

      No doubt she can write – props to her – but let’s not pretend she’s a talented entertainer or pop star – because she simply is not – and that isn’t because she’s white – it’s because she’s so damn BASIC.

      • SuxMyCockiness ? September 3, 2019

        Thank you! There are so many artists that are 10 times more talented than Taylor who will never see the same success. The only thing she is good at is playing the victim.

      • Rashad September 3, 2019

        I’d take Taylor’s basic vocals and great hooky songwriting over what y’all consider a gifted vocalist like J-HUD who has released nothing but mediocre songs her entire career aside from good cover songs

    • Sweetnothings78 September 3, 2019

      Nope ‘Haterz gonna hate’ she does have class. shes not twerking and hailing her p**** as the best so in terms of music she has class and plus the fashion industry seem to like her and use her for campaigns and those clothes seem to sell.

      She has star power so whatever that looks like to you good on you.

      Usually the racists come on her threads saying she’s a basic white b*tch or some other derogatory name because their uneducated *rolls eyes at the racism as it’s same old same old*

      Anyway props to her for being whatever we think she is as she’s killing it consistently and that my friends is the key thing here ‘consistency’, she has it and also her writing abilities will enable her to have longevity. Not her p**** but her.

    • Joaquin September 3, 2019

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  2. WHERE IS SHE September 3, 2019

    She was NOT in London. She thanked BBC at the very beginning to come to New York to record this. 🙂

    Anyways, these performance ARE ABSOLUTE SLAY!!!!

  3. HavanaONana September 3, 2019

    Queen ? ? ?

    Taylor Is lit!!!
    Taylor reign supremes
    She sold 3 million albums first week worldwide

    • Sweetnothings78 September 3, 2019

      And she will hopefully (without doubt) have longevity to keep killing it. The same as other amazing writers and singers (not comparing but stating) the Adele’s and the Beyoncé’s, the girls and boys who actually have skill.

      Let’s celebrate ALL of the real people and wish them well.

  4. Ratedxxx September 3, 2019

    Good for her…I only like one song of hers…when she was country….

    I’m not mad at her for selling all these albums…

    • I love big black c** September 3, 2019

      Let me guess Our song??? Teardrops on my guitar????

  5. Only Facts September 3, 2019


  6. I love big black c** September 3, 2019

    When u know your new stuff isn’t impressed anyone then u will do a classic song…..

    • Fancy BISH September 3, 2019


  7. Sandra September 3, 2019

    Wonderful song she has really out done her self amazing.

  8. REALTALK September 3, 2019

    Mad props to Taylor. It’s easy to say this isn’t about black or white but name me an artist of color that’s allowed to get away with being this basic? Sales don’t equate to greatness!!!

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