Hot 100: Lizzo Back at #1 / Ties Record For Longest Reigning Female Rap Song

Published: Monday 21st Oct 2019 by Rashad

Iggy Azalea‘s attempts to have Lizzo (born Melissa Jefferson) unseated from history books has proven futile as the burgeoning diva’s breakout hit, ‘Truth Hurts,’ has reclaimed the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100.

As we reported here, Azalea – courtesy of the 7 weeks her 2014 hit ‘Fancy’ held the top spot – currently holds the record for longest reign by a female rapper.  In an attempt to remain the sole occupant of the title, the ‘Started’ rapstress started encouraging fans to stream Jefferson’s competitors to remove her from #1.

Albeit briefly successful as Travis Scott dethroned Lizzo last week with his new hit ‘Highest in the Room’ (as we reported here), refreshed charts show it’s actually Lizzo who is now the highest – giving her hit ‘Hurts’ its 7th week at the top.  The move ties her with Azalea for the history making feat.

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Billboard reports:

Lizzo scores a historic seventh week atop the Billboard Hot 100 with “Truth Hurts.” The song ties Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” featuring Charli XCX, for the longest rule ever for a rap song by a female artist.

“Truth” tops the Radio Songs chart for a fifth week with 115.3 million audience impressions, down 4%, in the week ending Oct. 20, according to Nielsen Music; rebounds 3-2 on Digital Song Sales (20,000 sold, down 29%, in the week ending Oct. 17); and holds at No. 12 on Streaming Songs (23.4 million U.S. streams, down 9%, in the week ending Oct. 17).

“Truth” additionally tallies an eighth week at No. 1 on both the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Hot Rap Songs genre charts.


The tie means Iggy now holds the record for longest consecutive reign by a female rapper while Lizzo holds the title for longest SOLO reign by a female rapper.

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  1. Everyone’s A Critic October 21, 2019

    Truth hurts is no more of a rap song than Independent Women – Destiny’s Child, 7 Rings – Ariana Grande, or any other #1 song with a rap-sung melody

    I like Lizzo. I love the album. I adore the song. But this is not a rap song. Lizzo is not a rapper in my opinion. But it’s 2019 – the year of “political correctness” everyone can be what they want to be…

    • What up October 21, 2019

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Interac October 21, 2019

      Agreed. Congrats to her, I was listening to this song 2 years ago but this record for rap song isn’t hers to break. Truth hurts isn’t rap. I’m really sceptical about how Travis took that spot last week though.

      • Clarkson October 21, 2019

        Travis is a streaming giant.
        Same with post malone. That’s why he’s album is still in the top 2.

  2. Clarkson October 21, 2019

    WTF is longest SOLO reign?

    Did Iggy sell fancy for 69 cents on iTunes the way lizzo is selling truth hurts for 69 cents on itunes?

    Did Iggy release a remix of fancy the same way lizzo did for truth hurts (remix feat da baby)

    Yall on this blog like to discredit people’s achievements if u dont like that person.

    • King z October 21, 2019

      How is it TGJ fault when they are only reporting what billboard said?!

      Even All the reputable sites are reporting the same thing

  3. Clarkson October 21, 2019

    If tall wanna downplay an artist’s achievement, two can play that game.

    Iggy still hold the record for a female rap song staying number one for 7 consecutive weeks.

    Lizzo’s record isnt consecutive. It fell to number 2 last week. 6 consecutive weeks at number one. travis scott stopped her.

    Two can play that game.

    • You tried October 21, 2019

      You’re the only one playing this game lmao nobody cares about stats your regurgitating. Where’s Iggy now?? You hate to see women of color being successful. Keep counting Camilas streams and views…Easy is sitting pretty low you swore it would sky rocket after SNL

      • Clarkson October 21, 2019

        [email protected]_Cabello has now spent over 1 cumulative year in the Hot 100’s top 10.

        When ur faves achieve this come speak to me.

        liar rose 5 spots.
        Easy and cry for me had zero plays, no videos etc.
        Her album roll out is different this time around, she explained it in an interview. She’s a boss bìtch so she can do what she likes.

  4. London lad October 21, 2019

    How is this a rap song?!!

    7 rings was more rap than this song?!


  5. Dc October 21, 2019

    Lizzo is not a damn rapper y’all trying to make her break a record her ass fell off last week so it’s a non consecutive number 1 nice try

  6. Swirly October 21, 2019

    Lizzo isn’t a rapper, but she rapped the verses therefore Billboard considers it a rap song. Yall so mad at big mama.

    • Bussyfellows October 21, 2019

      By your logic Gwen Stefani and Fergie should have also had songs in the rap category right?

      • Swirly October 21, 2019

        If they were actually rapping, yes.

  7. Nicky October 21, 2019

    Talent wins!!!

    When you can get a hit without features!

    Lizzo stans for and loves Normani as well.

    Talent only.

  8. King z October 21, 2019

    Why were fergie songs never considered rap songs then

    • You tried October 21, 2019

      Maybe i cause it’s 2019 now…there was no social media for her to help her cause..she considered her songs rap/pop

  9. High Price October 21, 2019

    What does she identify as?

  10. only facts October 21, 2019

    Lord, Iggy is going to flip if she breaks this record lol. This will be Lizzo’s one and only #1 hit. I don’t see her having longevity (as much as I love her). She’ll evaporate just like Meghan Trainor.

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate October 21, 2019

      Lizzo is more relatable than Megan Trainor – like who remembers anything about Megan’s personality ? Lizzo was grindin for years – she didn’t have the same glossy come up as Megan. Lizzo is not here to play games – she will not disappear – she will evolve and find a permanent place in the public consciousness.

  11. Paulo October 21, 2019

    Woohoo let’s go Lizzo! Let’s log this 8th week at #1. #StreamTruthHurts

  12. Just Sayin’ October 21, 2019

    ‘Truth Hurts’ is a nice bop but it aint a damn rap song. When it comes to that consider ‘7 Rings’ a rap song then.

  13. nate October 21, 2019

    So now everybody “thinkS” they know what RAP is now….. Yall let so many non-rappers breathe, but question Lizzo? The only difference is Lizzo is a girl of MANY talents, while some of yall favs can’t do ONE thing right.

  14. Fancy BISH October 23, 2019

    Fancy is better lol 🤳🏽

  15. Jeff Smith October 23, 2019

    Trivia. Fancy is more dope!

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