New Video: Travis Scott – ‘Highest In The Room’

Published: Friday 4th Oct 2019 by Sam

Travis Scott‘s private life has seen him lodged in the headlines this week, however he affixes the focus on his music with the release of new single ”Highest In The Room.’

With this visual, the rapper continues his growing relationship with director Dave Meyers and together they deliver a dynamic take on a song Scott says he’s been itching to give roll the red carpet out for.

Because, as some may know, it was initially featured in a cosmetics ad for ex Kylie Jenner.

Now, it looks poised to join Scott’s fast stacking collection of hits.

Check out the vid after the jump…

Epic visual. Not as sold on the song, but we imagine this plays to exactly what Scott’s fanbase gravitate to him for.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Brent Christopher October 4, 2019


    often times, we get caught up as consumers, pop culture junkies & voyeurs into the Hollywood paradigm & “hoopla” behind a certain movie (Bird Box) or a dance trend or an industry death (Nipsey), etc. –

    but when we step back to analyze the project, person or situation for what it is, often… there is no real talent or originality or creativity in what is being pushed in front of us. honestly, Travis is no more unique or artistic than the random “Lil” this & “Da” that rappers who are presently oversaturating the airwaves.

    I find him to be physically appealing (though many would not agree), but there is no stand out quality about his music, his message or his visuals.

    that little Netflix documentary follows the same aesthetic & content pattern of EVERY “rags to riches” celebrity profile.

    he had a huge fan base prior to Kylie, but make no mistake about it… their “break up” this week was conveniently announced to drive attention to this new music release — hence the promotional material & press release being issued to reporters & bloggers that highlights the fact that this song was included in her recent commercial ads.

    it’s all tied together to aid the success of this pedestrian single.

    this is yet another basic release from another overhyped “entertainer”.

    • Meme October 4, 2019

      I get where you are coming from but I have to disagree about his talent. The way this man makes his music is pure talent. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a fan until this last project. It completely caught me off guard and is one of the very few rap album that you can listen to from start to finish. Also watching his documentary and seeing how he created it makes me like him more.

    • G-bby October 4, 2019

      “Astroworld” was an artistic, cohesive masterpiece. With the exception of Kendrick Lamar, I can’t think of another rapper who didn’t just release an album – but a body of work. I, too was not really a fan of Travis until “Astroworld” however I did like some of his older songs like “Anecdote” and “Rodeo”. He did some good work on Rihanna’s “Anti” as well.

    • —– October 5, 2019

      @-Brent Christopher: Same can be said about ur rap goddess Cadri B. I said what I said ?

  2. Meme October 4, 2019

    I’m here for it. It sounds a little too similar to his last album but that album was one of the dopest hip hop album ever created period, so I’m not mad. Also does anyone else feel like the breakup was a plot for this single release? Considering the lyrics….seems too staged.

  3. Clarkson October 4, 2019

    Him breaking up with kylie was a publicity stunt to promote his song

    This is the same thing cardi did when offset was about to release his album.

    Its lame as hell.

  4. only facts October 4, 2019

    I don’t get the hype with him. He’s not even s3xy to me….those dookie braids? Boy bye. I just can’t get into his music.

  5. Tyty October 4, 2019

    His good like him very talented but heading in the direction of using the same formula for every song. Don’t want to get stuck in an artistic rut!!! And that publicity stunt with Kylie lowkey pathetic… he doesn’t need it.

  6. Always October 4, 2019

    Love anything Travis Scott and this song is dope.

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