Todrick Hall Dancer Releases Damning Story / Claims He Exploits Up & Coming Artists

Published: Tuesday 15th Oct 2019 by David

Todrick Hall’s opulent music videos are built on the backs of unpaid staff, broken promises and tales of the tallest persuasion.

This, according to one of the entertainer’s former collaborators.

A damning story awaits below…

Criticism of Hall reached new highs this month following the release of his latest visual gift ‘Dripeesha’ which features fellow comedian Tiffany Haddish.



This week, Twitter user Selina Kyle (or thomeography) used the platform to offer his critics insight into his world.

Read their story (published as a thread) below…

A bunch of folks have asked about my experience working with Todrick… & I know it’s no surprise but just gonna tell u all now… yes… Your reservations about the fella are valid. Which is sad bc, he is talented indeed, but that talent is squandered by coonery. Baby is whitewashed to hell. And miserably unprofessional. **also does not pay!**Ive done 2 videos for him now.. The 1st one (Nails, Hair Hips Heels) was unpaid because he needed over 60+ dancers & says he didn’t have the budget to pay us (then don’t use dancers, tf!)But I did it. Thought it would be a great opportunity…….. 3 day rehearsals and then a full day of shooting from 9am to about 9pm… In heels… No pay… Cool.The coon jumped OUT on set.. A lot of  Black gays were standing behind him in a shot & he turned to us to say ”this is looking a little too chocolate… Can I get some lighter people behind me”.. Chile me & 1 of his tour dancers locked eyes & made the same face…. over it.


They add…

He boasted about how he dropped 60k on  making this video… but the dancers saw none of it. Now at 20 mil. views on YouTube, we helped him create some of his best content ever. Monetized too, so I’m sure we generated an amount somewhere in the hundreds of thousands.

He hit me up few months later to be part of that disastrous WIG video… I politely declined, knowing there would be no pay. Then he said he absolutely needed me for another video bc he only wanted 2 dancers, like Single ladies & it *WILL BE PAID*

The ”F*G” video….. Now I turned down being a cute ass extra on SEASON 4… for this shit. ONLY TO BE GHOSTED WITH NO PAY after the video was done.

1st of all when we got on set for this vid..  Me & the other dancer were the only Black folk.. Red flag. Then Todrick mentioned it being weird that it’s the 1st time he’s had only Black ppl in his video. I just kept my mouth shut. (He doesn’t seem to take criticism well.)He reads virtually all comments about him online. 1 time He told us the entire Ballroom scene lit a fire up his ass  (rightfully so) for using the whitewashed term ”SHABLAM” instead of what it actually is… A DIP.


I was the only one who tried to explain that this is a culture that u know little of. It’s been heavily appropriated by ur main fan base, WHITE GAYS/GAZE. Black folx just trying to protect history.  But he felt attacked, & everyone around him pacifies him so… He didn’t care.




Back to ”F*G”, after shooting, I left the set not knowing the amount I was to be paid or who even handles payment. No contracts were involved just Todricks word, which I trusted like a dumbass.I texted his assistant/dance capt. Who’s basically his personal Muppet. (Ive seen him literally order her to be silent & she shut that mouth).. She ignored me. Ok cool so i hit up Toddy himself. He  responds all fake Lol ”hey boo! Omg yes. Do you know who to contact?”

I’m like… Umm no that’s why im asking. He never ever gives me accountant info. Then just str8 up stops responding. I reached out to both of them again about 3 more times via phone, text, & IG. No response.

Selina’s story doesn’t end there.

So I messaged the other dancer from the video (who’s now on tour with Todrick) He told me he BEEN got paid honey. Lol but didn’t wanna really talk about it bc he didn’t wanna be in the middle… Then he apologized that this was happening to me.I reached out to some of his previous dancers. All of them said they’re not on good terms with him. He’s apparently fucked over many ppl, fans included. Big yikes. So I take it to a few agencies asking to be  represented for this job, so I can get my coins.


MSA couldn’t help but advised me to threaten his ass with a lawsuit Lol. But  there was no paperwork ;\ Go2Talent really tried to find a way to help bc theyve seen this happen before. They also said Todrick typically avoids going through agencies for dancers. Tuh. I wonder why.

BLOC was keeee honey. They straight up said Todrick is a fucking mess. Lol they said his camp is just ”bad, in general” and they stay far away because of specific things like this.

So it’s been pushing a month now.. No contact. No pay. I’ve been burned. But hey at least I got a cute shoutout right? THAT will pay the bills!

A few takeaways here… trust your gut. Don’t support coons. know your worth, be vocal, do not complete jobs without proper paperwork! He’s maybe the 4th ”big” artist to try me with this bullshit… And Definitely the 1st to succeed. Never again though, I tell you that.

Hall is yet to respond.

Read the thread here.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine The Real Princess October 16, 2019

    Black people crying as usual pointing the finger to the white gay fanbase when they should be angry at Todrick for exploiting their „culture“ ?‍♂️

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 16, 2019

      What are u the ‘princess’ of? The gutter?

      • The Real Jasmine’s Grape ? Juice ? October 16, 2019

        Put that Popeyes chicken sandwich ? down and return to the treadmill Jasmine

  2. Haterz Gon‘ Hate October 16, 2019

    But if we keep it all the way ? nobody put a gun to this dancers head and told them to take any of these gigs. If you know your worth you don’t turn up for a job without a contract, you don’t hand over the keys to your house without a rental contract, you don’t give away your whole book draft without a contact. Trusting someone and getting burned only needs to happen once before you should learn that lesson and move it TF on. If Toddrick is upto no good it will find him in the end – don’t be salty – be wise and move ON.

  3. Truth October 16, 2019

    Todrick is a c***…i can tell by the way he talks in interviews especially when they ask him about white people. The way he was jiggabooing for Taylor during the MTV awards irked everyone…

  4. i ain’t even LYING bOO October 16, 2019

    Always distrusted his closeness with Swift, and like a fool I downloaded a recent album. Just deleted it tf out of my phone. I believe this is all true. i wont make that mistake again and I will damn sure avoid an drag race episodes that feature her ass as a judge or challenge leader.

  5. Alex October 18, 2019

    To the author of this article—learn how to write! It’s “Hall HAS yet to respond”, NOT “Hall IS yet to respond” which is grammatically incorrect.

    Second, who’s paying Hall to produce free YouTube videos?

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