‘Romance’: Camila Cabello Album Generates Over $10 Million….In One Week

Published: Sunday 15th Dec 2019 by David

On a chart front, Camila Cabello‘s sophomore album is yet to soar as high as its predecessor or Harry Styles’ blockbuster ‘Fine Line.’

However, fans who fear the set may be written off a failure will be elated to learn that is anything but.

A granular look into Cabello’s ‘Romantic‘ era below…

‘Romance’ was released on December 6th and earned its highest chart position in Australia where it debuted at #8.

Today, thanks to numbers it has amassed via sales and streams, the 13-track release has earned over $1 million for the starlet and her friends at Epic Records.


Half of this figure was generated on Spotify.

Here’s a breakdown of each track’s earnings on the platform.



Living Proof’:


‘Should’ve Said It’:


‘My Oh My’:






‘Bad Kind of Butterflies’:




‘Feel It Twice’:


‘Dream of You’:


‘Cry for Me’:


‘This Love’:


‘Used to This’:


First Man’:



When sales of its individual releases, spins from other streaming services, and airplay earnings are taken into consideration the set’s earnings soar to the $10 million mark.

Hit this link to learn more about its chart run.


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  1. Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019

    10 million dollars in one week
    And yall said she was a flop

    Camila is a cash cow for epic record.
    They will never let her go.

    That’s why her stage performances always look expensive. new costumes, expensive set design, lights etc. She has the coins

    They hate to see it

    • No Glory December 15, 2019

      No hate here but let’s speak logically. Cool, her album was profitable . However it’s only tracking to push 50k in sales at no.3. TF is that? 119k when you include all these billions of streams after this hype? She’s a singles artist just like flo-rida. They should make a song together. Wayne sold 480k this year. And even though Breezy is constantly getting his ass mopped by the media on the daily, Camilla only gonna outsell him by 9k opening week. Lil nas X had the longest run at #1 with his OLD TOWN ROAD song in billboard HISTORY. He’s a better singles artist that she’ll ever be.

      Hate to see THAT

      • Austin December 16, 2019

        It sold almost 99,000.

  2. Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019

    Comment deleted. Bullying will not be tolerated.

    • Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019

      Saying normani performed at the streamys or McDonalds is not bullying.

      I never called her any derogatory name.

      Mentioning normani’s flops is not bullying.

      Free my comment

    • Are You Kidding Me? December 15, 2019

      I don’t believe any comment was deleted. I think Clarkson posted “Comment deleted. Bullying will not be tolerated.” to make it look like something was deleted.

      It’s also obvious that the Havana account is him. If anything, why not delete that account? It posts exactly what Clarkson says.

  3. NT December 15, 2019

    Y’all on her payroll?

    • Tyty December 15, 2019

      Yep and Clarkson is an employee of theirs it’s so obvious now.

      • Only Facts December 15, 2019

        Right? I’m so done with this trash blog

      • Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019

        Gurl you’ve said this a million times. Leave this blog dont return.
        Carry all ur multiple fake accounts with u and leave this site

        Gurl bye.
        Such a loser

  4. Emma frost December 15, 2019

    the only numbers that matter at the end of the day. not silly chart placements.

  5. Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019

    They hate to see it.

    Camila released 5 flops but those five flops are more successful than normani biggest hit

    Liar- gold
    180 million streams (has more streams than motivation)

    Shameless- gold
    Has more YouTube views than normani motivation

    Easy- gold
    Cry for me- gold

    .@Camila_Cabello’s “Living Proof” has now sold over 100,000 units in the US.

    my oh my- 16 million streams. A song released 7 days ago did that.

    Romance album- gold
    1.4 billion streams combined
    Also Grammy nominated (best pop collaboration- senorita)

    They hate to see it

    The record label is recouping their investment.

    I cant saybthe same for some people.
    2020 is going to be so tragic for a particular artist.

    • No Glory December 15, 2019

      Who are you comparing this to? Normani? I think a more formidable artist would be H.E.R. Who will slay the ever loving f_uck outta Camilla in more ways than one.

  6. Tyty December 15, 2019

    Clarkson is a TGI employee you can delete me and David’s comment all you like but you outed yourselves.

    • Love December 15, 2019

      You are really delusional if you think anyone who works on the site has the time. Your theory makes no sense because they’ve been highlighting how low her chart positions are. Explain why they’d do that?

      • Tyty December 15, 2019

        No you are to stupid to see what’s obvious this freak is in this blog every single day on every single post with no fail. I’m supposed to believe he/she is constantly refreshing their page for each new post?? Not to mention they deleted two comments this which outed clarky as working for TGI including mine so I had to repost the same comment why delete it if it’s not true? Thier literally the only blog that obsessively post about camilla on a daily basis and Clarkson just happens to also comment about her at the same date on every post??

    • Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019


      I’m surprised u didnt start screaming racism.
      When u see ur enemies winning, u start screaming racism.

      U are angry TGJ posted a positive article about Camila.

      They hate to see it

      Facts are facts honey

      • Love December 15, 2019

        My point exactly. You really think this obnoxious swine works for Grape juice?

      • Tyty December 15, 2019

        Racism are you on drugs what’s does race have to do with my post?? You’re the only angry lol racist that hates black woman with a passion cause your rancid d*** wants to actually be a black woman.

  7. Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019

    They are angry THJ posted a positive article about Camila

    They are pained

    They hate to see it.

    Just because an album didnt hit number 1 that doesnt mean it’s a flop

    This is what record labels look at, how much money the album and the songs are making, return of investment etc

    You guys think it’s all about chart placement

    Normani motivation outpeaked Camila liar but liar has sold more than motivation and has more streams than motivation.


    • Love December 15, 2019

      You really need help.

    • HavanaONana December 15, 2019

      Clarkson honey boo boo you are saying the truth
      Truth hurts and will set them free

  8. Erica December 15, 2019

    Where do they get these receipts from? I don’t see a single source

    • Manny December 15, 2019

      They Must have used the spotify numbers and used a streaming royalties calculator. You can find one on google. I’m verifying the numbers now and they’re legit. Good for her.

    • Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019

      They find it hard to believe

      Camila a streaming giant

      Artists with the most monthly listeners on Spotify currently:

      #1. @EdSheeran — 63.1M
      #2. @PostMalone — 57.4M
      #3. @Camila_Cabello — 55.8M
      #4. @ArianaGrande — 55.3M

      Camila is a global superstar

      All her flops will still be successful financially after a period of time, example crying in the club.
      This song flopped on the chart but it is certified platinum today.

      • No Glory December 15, 2019

        Your receipts are wrong. It’s:

        1- Ed with 62.7
        2 – Post with 56.2
        3 – Camilla with 54.3
        4 – J Balvin with 54.2
        5- Khalid with 53.5

        Ariana is at 6 right about Bieber . Camilla’s most streamed song is a feature.

  9. suhsuh December 15, 2019

    But she shot all those videos and paid all those dancers and bands and producers and writers and radio stations to play her stuff. Her take home is gonna suck 10 million she is still very in the hole and she doesn’t have more rabbits to pull out of that hat except for the song with Da Baby Which is where on the charts currently ????? I mean people compare her and Normani but don’t really factor in colorism Normani got a lot of support because a lot of artist know that dark skinned woman don’t get it easy. Now true she needs ALOT of work on her voice but it’s a million girls walking down the street who could sing Camilla all the way back to X factor or whatever rock she crawled out of. BUT let’s just see SECOND WEEK NUMBERS #camiladion

    • Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019

      @only facts

      Why u mad honey

      Normani performing at the streamys awards, dancing for youtubers ?????, wearing an outfit she wore some few weeks ago.

      Romance is a success.

      Even if the album fall out completely from the hot 200 album chart, the album is still gonna be pulling in millions every week for Camila and her record label and that’s all that matters.

      Normani on the other hand is costing her label money that’s why they have stop giving her a budget for wardrobe. Lol
      Normani didnt even write motivation. Arianna wrote that song. So all the coin is going to Arianna.

  10. HavanaONana December 15, 2019

    Camila the money maker of Epic Records

    Congrats Queen Camila
    You slay girl!


  11. Only Facts December 15, 2019

    Oh so epic records has y’all on payroll? ???

    • HavanaONana December 15, 2019

      Don’t be jealous of Camila’s boogie
      She is the lady arm of Epic Records

      • HavanaONana December 15, 2019

        *lady atm

    • Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019

      U rat u are back

      Remember when u said epic was losing money thanks to Camila?
      Remember when u said epic was gonna drop her?
      Remember when u said epic was going bankrupt thanks to Camila?

      10 million dollars in a week, a flop album did that.

      They hate to see it

      Camila is rich that’s why u can never see her performing at McDonald’s or at the streamy awards, performing for youtubers ???????, repeating stage outfits like ur faves. ????

  12. Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019

    Female acts with the most Spotify monthly listeners:

    #1. Camila Cabello (54.7M)
    #2. Ariana Grande (52.0M)
    #3. Billie Eilish (50.3M)
    #4. Selena Gomez (44.3M)
    #5. Dua Lipa (40.8M)
    #6. Nicki Minaj (37.16M)

    They hate to see it

    Epic can spend millions on Camila cause she make them millions in return.

    Where is that rat that said epic is gonna drop her? Why would they drop someone who makes them 10 million every week.

    A flop album made 10 million in one week

    • Beam Me Up Scotty December 15, 2019

      Thanks for mentioning Nicki Minaj, only 1 10 years in the game. Where will the others be in 10 years? Only God knows.

    • No Glory December 15, 2019

      Again your receipts are wrong. Billie is at #1(IDK because she f_ucking sucks), Ariana at #2, TaylorWannaBeYonceSmith #3, Camilla at 4 and Hasley at 5. Where are you getting your receipts?

  13. Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019

    Comment section so silent and sober
    Yall cant believe ur eyes, a flop album made 10 million in one week.

    This article has finally shut the haters up

    Camila haters hold this L.

    Rihanna, beyonce, nicki minaj, etc have never hyped Camila cause they know Camila is strong competition. They know Camila a threat.
    Why would they hype their competition.

    They love hyping normani cause they know normani is not competition. Normani is not a threat , so they hype her everytime. Nobody is threatened by normani.
    They know she’s gonna flop in 2020


    Performing at streamy awards for youtubers

    • No Glory December 15, 2019

      Let me get out these youtube receipts. 1.3 billion people use youtube. 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute. 5 billions videos watched a day. 1.3 BILLION people use youtube. 5 BILLIONS views a day. How is performing at the streamy awards an L??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Now I don’t have a number yet this year for how many people watched but in 2015 1 million people watched. That’s proper exposure in my book. Normani isn’t a threat yet but that’s because she doesn’t have the machine behind her yet. And honestly still kinda green. Summer Walker has the spotlight right now as far as newer female rnb artists go.

  14. Nicky December 15, 2019


    Seniorita doesn’t count. It was already counted with Shawn’s


    The label has pumped millions already into promotion.


    • Clarks0oñ December 15, 2019

      Take this L


  15. Danny Bey December 15, 2019

    It’s just been reported that she’s debuting at #3.


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