Watch: Mariah Carey Is Christmas: The Story of “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

Published: Wednesday 11th Dec 2019 by Sam

The 25th anniversary festivities continue for Mariah Carey and her classic album ‘Merry Christmas’ and its ever-giving hit ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You.’

Moments ago, Mimi unwrapped her Amazon mini-documentary about the 1994 smash – delving deep into her motivations for crafting the music and its enduring legacy.

As reported, ‘All I Want’ this week leaped to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 (its highest peak to date) and has many analysts predicting a possible #1 before the holidays are over. Especially with all the activations Team Mariah have in-place to celebrate the landmark milestone.

For now, though, watch the doc in full after the jump…

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  1. Clarks0oñ December 11, 2019

    Can she stop.
    We get it, u have a classic Christmas song, but ur over doing it

    “Mariah Carey’s festive classic ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ has been voted the most annoying Christmas song of all time in a new poll.”

    “That question remains unsettled in America, but over in the U.K., a poll has singled out Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” as the most annoying holiday song ever.”

    This is what happens why u over do something.

    • MISS..BOSS.B! December 11, 2019

      Idk why ppl are all being a Grinch if u don’t like the song than GTFO no one is checking or paying u for u’re non relevant opinions of saying how the song is annoying when clearly it’s not since it got u’re attention of wasting u’re own time of a comment that is clearly false ?

  2. D December 11, 2019

    They’re not going to touch on that Justin Bieber remix? ? ??

  3. Fancy BISH December 11, 2019

    If this song goes #1 this week or next week, it will be a Christmas present to not only Mariah, but EVERYONE ? Everybody throughout the years contributed to this song’s success! ? Shout out to my chemistry teacher in 1996 who said this song was gonna be an all time classic after being out for like two years at the time! She played the whole album in class! ❤️ My mom plays it, my dad knows it, my whole family! It’s really THE anthem of modern day Christmas ? This is truly something special…I mean, it could be the first #1 of the new decade! Unless Adele says no ma’am, no sir, no, no, no Destiny Chile ?

  4. IHATE ALL YALL December 11, 2019

    The guy who sings the song actually sing better. Yes tits out tits in the stove top stuffing. Mariah Carey once again worship everything except the Lord….. On his birthday.

    She is nothing like Whitney The voice Houston

    • Rbot December 12, 2019

      Okay, I’ll play for one comment. You clearly don’t listen to her music so why be on here, if you did you’d know Mariah has done gospel songs celebrating the Lord on several of her albums including both Christmas albums. You just wanted some attention, so HEAR you go✌?

  5. Gworl Bye December 11, 2019

    Girl…..just stop.

  6. ? December 11, 2019

    This was great to watch ?

    Mariah truly is a musical genius ?

    Sleigh ?

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