New Song: Doja Cat – ‘Boss B*tch’

Published: Thursday 23rd Jan 2020 by Sam

Doja Cat is the latest name to unleash an offering from the ‘Birds Of Prey’ movie soundtrack.

‘Boss B*tch’  follows Megan Thee Stallion and Normani’s ‘Diamonds’ and continues the rising star’s ascend after viral slay of ‘Moo!’ and ‘Juicy.’

Ahead of the film and LP’s February 7th drop, listen to new Doja after the jump…

A bop.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarks0oñ January 23, 2020

    Azealia banks rip off.

    • Ugghh January 23, 2020

      You’re actually the Azealia Banks rip off. Isn’t it Banks’ job to spew only negative comments at celebrities and females?

      Just like Azealia, you’re insecurities are showing sweetie. The only thing you bring to the comment section is negative energy. No one is cares for you or your unsolicited opinion at this point. Take that energy and go look in the mirror and try to find out why you’re so angry.

      • Sweetnothings78 January 23, 2020

        @Ughhh have to agree with the above profile, it does sound like a Banks record.
        However 100% agree with you this Clarks0oñ profile is more annoying than an STD. Please TGJ get some antibiotics to clear it up.

      • Paulo January 23, 2020

        You better read haaaaa

  2. only facts January 23, 2020

    Doja Cat does nothing for me. I keep hoping one of her songs will catch my attention, but something about her isn’t clicking with me. This is quickly becoming the follow-up to the charlies angels soundtrack

    • Clarks0oñ January 23, 2020

      Doja cat does nothing for u, says the idiot who stans no vocals normani and thinks she’s gonna be huge star even tho she’s flopping after all the hype and industry support

      Look at doja cat, a new artist, no hype, no industry support, no big name celebrity is posting about her videos or songs on their Instagram, no shout outs, no cosigns , nothing , but her career is taking of naturally and organically

      • Dc January 23, 2020

        Agree normani a flop

      • only facts January 23, 2020

        Doja is a c*m dumpster just like Saweetie. Let’s see how far that gets them. Camila is a racist c*m dumpster too….we all know what happened with her and LA Reid which led to epic ousting him.

      • Clarks0oñ January 23, 2020

        That’s the problem with u normani stans, u spend ur time hating on other artistes instead of yall to go stream ur faves and her songs

        Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100: #16(new) Diamonds, @theestallion & @Normani.

        Camila has 3 songs on the chart right now
        My oh my
        South of the boarder


        Even doja cat ur hating on has two songs on the chart
        Say so

    • Lanafan1 January 23, 2020

      Dojas had the same bf for a while. How is she a c** dumpster? STFU!

      • Only Facts January 23, 2020

        Yeah. Doja is dating a music producer. Hence, she’s a c*m dumpster. Sleeping for hits just like Summer Walker. Facts are facts.

    • You Tried January 24, 2020

      Only Facts I thought I liked you for getting Clarkson together all the time but I see you’re a dumb B**** how you gonna call her that and call it facts you ignorant roach.

  3. Ugghh January 23, 2020

    She is so versatile and fun! Her lyrics are always so playful and unforced. She shouldn’t be slept on, this girl is here to stay!

  4. AriRihNaj January 23, 2020

    Wow ? I like this! Reminds me abit of Nicki, but in doja unique way, it’s ??

  5. Dc January 23, 2020

    Bet this won’t debut on billboard bubbling under ?

  6. K_man January 23, 2020

    Wow Tinashe…. I mean fka twigs… I mean DoJa cat released a new song! They all look the like the previous person mention and have the same Vocal delivery!

    • Lanafan1 January 23, 2020

      No, they don’t lol.

  7. Paulo January 23, 2020

    This is cute. It got nothing on her latest album though. Stream Hot Pink for clear skin

  8. Xtina4life January 23, 2020

    This was way better than the previous birds of pray song release. This is pure bop I wouldn’t be surprised if this song charts on billboard 100.

  9. Acario January 23, 2020

    This doesn’t come close to the bars Nicki Minaj spat on “Boss B**** Remix”.

  10. KeepingItReal January 23, 2020

    ??? who??? They should have released the one from summer walker or Halsey I’m sure they will be a bop. They both hot right now

    • You Tried January 24, 2020

      Doja Cat is actually pretty good listen to Rules or Talk Dirty

  11. Robert January 24, 2020

    Oh the Kids and Children are going to eat this up! It’s very Gina Red Fox -ish ! They need a Zebra Katz remix! Insert a death drop here!!

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