New Video: Megan Thee Stallion & Normani – ‘Diamonds’

Published: Friday 10th Jan 2020 by Sam

 Megan Thee Stallion and Normani are wasting no time getting their shine on with new single ‘Diamonds.’

For, moments after the song’s debut, they rolled its action-packed video.

Aptly cinematic, the visual is the first to be lifted from the ‘Birds Of Prey’ movie soundtrack – which arrives on February 7th via Atlantic Records.

Really, though. What are you waiting for? Watch the Houston hotties werk it after the jump…


Your thoughts?

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  1. only facts January 10, 2020

    The video is a slay. The song hasn’t caught on for me just yet though. Hopefully it does.

    • MinajVavaVoom January 10, 2020

      She try to copy Nicki Minaj here

      • only facts January 10, 2020

        Girl BYE!

  2. Meme January 10, 2020

    I actually really like this song and video.

    Normanis whole journey as an artist is giving me tinashe. She has all the budget, promise and backing to be a big pop star but I’m getting really afraid that it wouldn’t happen. She really needs to get back to focusing on her album and a “real” first single before her little hype dies and the album underperforms. It’s hard to believe her first set of singles was release all the way back in 2018.

    • only facts January 10, 2020

      @Meme, I love you, but respectfully, Tinashe and Normani are not the same. Tinashe has never seen her name in the top 20 of Billboard (2 On peaked at #24) and the only other time Tinashe was on Billboard was with the Slumber Party remix. She was a flop on arrival. Normani’s has two top 10 hits to her name already. She will be fine.

      • Shayla Queen January 10, 2020

        Those songs would have been top 10 hits with or without Normani… She wasn’t the reason they were hits. She will continue to flop.

      • Clarks0oñ January 10, 2020

        Love lies and dancing with a stranger are not normani’s sound

        Love lies is Khalid sound that’s why is hit the top ten

        Dancing with a stranger is sam Smith’s sound that’s why is hit the top ten

        Waves is normani sound and waves didnt chart
        Motivation is not even normani’s sound also. Its Arianna sound. Motivation was an Arianna Grande reject.

        She copying arianna sound and style on this song also. But she will flop.

      • Meme January 10, 2020

        I love you to but I have to disagree. All of normani high charting records were vastly because of the ppl she was on the records with. Normani would have never made top 10 with a solo track. I was comparing more so the support, hype, backing by a label, high budget production and videos, more so than comparing their chart performance.

    • Clarks0oñ January 10, 2020

      Real first single?


      Bìtch motivation was her real first single and it didnt go anywhere. Lol
      She was supposed to release her album in 2019 but motivation performed so poorly, they pushed the album to 2020, which I think is worse cause 2020 is the year of come backs from huge artists

      Even lesser known artistes like roddy rich have started snatching wigs.

      He blocked Camila on the us album chart
      Now he is about to block justin bieber from the number 1 spot with his the box.

      Then u have songs like roxanne and dance monkey that are getting 5 million streams daily.

      Then u have old songs that fint wanna die. Seniorita, bad guy, old town road.

      2020 is a blood bath. Very competitive. Normani can never survive.

      Normani doesnt even have a fan base.
      Normani fans are
      Black people who wanna see a dark skin girl win
      Camila cabello haters. they support normani cause the hate Camila
      White gays like sam Smith who fantasise about being black women.

      These are normani fans.

      • MinajVavaVoom January 10, 2020

        Lol @clarkson I don’t pretend to say I love you but you are saying the truth

        Normani is cute but she doesn’t have the superstar quality like Geri Halloween, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani or Camila Cabello

      • Javis January 10, 2020

        Tinashe has had 5 songs debut on billboard get your facts straight

      • NotHere4It January 10, 2020

        If Camila Cabello is that b****, why aren’t you posting under her post? There aint one damn comment under that girl’s post because nobody gives a f*** about that rat-faced racist. You Camila Cabello fans are obsessed with Normani and I’m sure it’s racially motivated because you don’t give those other girls from Fifth Harmony this type of energy. You are going real hard in these comments for someone who’s supposedly a flop.

      • PinotNoir January 10, 2020

        You’re more stomachable sans figures. I detect logic-backed critical thinking here. Go ahead.

      • only facts January 10, 2020

        @Javis what are the 5 songs Tinashe had on billboard?? LOL. I’ll wait.

      • C**-ila January 10, 2020

        Javis what imaginary singles are those?
        Her song with Schoolboy Q charted 24 and was her only single to hit hot 100.
        Talking abt feats Body language by Kid Ink featuring tinashe and Usher charted 77 and Slumber Party by Britney charted 86…

    • Keith January 10, 2020

      @Meme: I see where you’re coming from. Both ladies deserve better. I think in the end, though, Tinashe will be fine. Her artistry seems to be taking shape but not yet crystallizing before our eyes. Normani on the other hand…I hope something unique forms.

      • Meme January 10, 2020

        I too believe tinashe will be alright. She’s in a lane now where there’s no commercial pressure and I really love her music and will always support her because in the end good music always trumps everything else.

  3. Clarks0oñ January 10, 2020

    Here comes the comments

    She slayed
    She ate
    She did that
    She snatched my wig

    Yall will hype this but the song will still flop.

    U guys did the same for bad to u, and bad to u even had Arianna and nicki on it but it flopped.

    Nobody wanna say it but normani doesn’t have a good voice or a memorable voice.

    Imagine miley or Selena or demi or halsey singing normani’s part

    • pat January 10, 2020

      because you know she did all of the aformentioned.
      ur fav could never

      • only facts January 10, 2020


    • Gworl Bye January 10, 2020

      Hows camila’s album doing sis? Lmao

      • Clarks0oñ January 10, 2020

        US Certifications (@RIAA): @Camila_Cabello, Romance Gold (500,000).

        Romance has actually sold 600k in total.
        Will be certified platinum in the next 6 months.
        1.7 billion streams.

        “Romance” is @Camila_Cabello’s second consecutive album certified Gold or higher in the US.


        Back to normani who doesnt have a top 5 hit to her name.
        Camila flops have sold more than motivation

        Liar-200 million streams
        Motivation- 145 million streams

        Liar hit number one in Poland
        Motivation didnt hit number one in any country. After all the hype and free promo from everybody on Instagram and Twitter

        Diamonds will flop. just like bad to u.

  4. Keith January 10, 2020

    This forgettable song…sounds like Pepa and Ariana Grande. I was a lil excited when the choreo dropped but then…meh…same ol twerk-inspired steps. Wake me when Normani’s album drops. Hope she has found an identity by then.

  5. POPS MOTHA January 10, 2020

    Video was cute but the song is mediocre. It will flop on billboard. It ain’t debut in the top 20 and if it does the following week it will have a huge drop until it’s out the charts. Then – as I mentioned before you all will see both of them are flops. They’re only hyped on social media.

  6. Normani. January 10, 2020

    this vid is everything. i love the lil action scenes

  7. Normani. January 10, 2020

    yall also said hot girl summer was gonna be a flop yet its still on billboard.

    • Dc January 10, 2020

      Didn’t get in top 10 y’all just knew it would be number 1 ?????

      • You Tried January 10, 2020

        But y’all said it wouldn’t go anywhere! Quite sure if it was released in early summer not late August if would’ve been in top 10 rather than top 20 which is still great. Y’all hate to see it haha

  8. Swirly January 10, 2020

    Song is garbage.

    • Dc January 10, 2020

      Agree wack

  9. I’m Black J, The REAL J Okurrr. January 10, 2020

    Why does Norman sound like Fergie on this track? It even sounds like a Fergie leftover track lol

    • Arthus Nico January 11, 2020

      Totally !

      Cute but dated

  10. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. January 10, 2020

    I’m totally not impressed with this song.

  11. Robert January 10, 2020

    Ok, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Normani ain it. She adds nothing to this song and honestly it’s a bad move. She again is relegated to be a backup singer. Her voice is smooth and beautiful, but I couldn’t pick her out from the overpopulated crowd of pop voices. Nothing about her (looks of course, she’s stunning) but vocally…package. Sorry,just another struggle pop star that just doesn’t have that ‘IT’ factor. Can’t sit around and say because she’s brown skin. It’s just not there folks. I’m done

  12. Paulo January 10, 2020

    ??? they brought it! Video is HOT! I think it’s cute they have their singles written on the costumes but I don’t get it tho lol

  13. Jeans January 10, 2020

    Wack AF. Not memorable. Flop.

  14. Dc January 10, 2020

    Another flop for them both next

  15. A&R January 10, 2020

    Power move for both and legit a breath of chocolate fresh air. It’s weird to rewire my eyes from being used to seeing Beyoncé and Nicki colored females only in this view…lol but excited to embrace black diversity in mainstream media.

    Keep going!

    • High Price January 10, 2020

      Yes! I know exactly what you mean!

  16. January 10, 2020

    Megs second verse was mad ill.

  17. CDW January 10, 2020

    I like!

    Anyone else feel like Normani is giving Ariana grande vibes? The look and the way she sings her part? I couldn’t help but think it was very Ariana-like…

    But I’m here for it! Come thru ladies!

  18. Mr RCW January 12, 2020

    No thanks! They keep trying to make her the next IT girl…I don’t see it ??‍♂️

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