#FreeKesha Trending After Dr. Luke Wins Defamation Dispute Against Singer

Published: Thursday 6th Feb 2020 by Rashad

‘Blow’ singer Kesha could be seeing her sexual assault case against Dr. Luke blow up in her face after a judge ruled in favor of the producer’s counter suit Thursday (February 6).

Details inside:

In 2014, Kesha sued Dr. Luke (born Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald) for sexual assault – to which he responded with a defamation and breach of contract suit.  With his suit Gottwald argued the ‘Die Young’ diva attempted to kill his career with a ‘smear campaign’ on the back of the rape allegations and also use her lawsuit as a means to get out of her recording and publishing contract.

Five years later, a judge has ruled in favor of the hit producer.


“Kesha and Gottwald have very different accounts about what happened on the night at issue,” Judge Jennifer Schecter said. “This court cannot decide, as a matter of law on papers and without any assessment of credibility, who should be believed and whether Kesha commenced the California Action, which she would not have done if she had been released from her contracts, in good faith or as a sham to defame Gottwald and obtain business leverage.”

Further, THR reports:

A judge rules that the singer published a false statement when she texted Lady Gaga that her producer had also raped Katy Perry.

[The judge] rules that Dr. Luke has met the burden of establishing that Kesha published a false statement about him when she texted Lady Gaga that he had also raped Katy Perry.

Dr. Luke “submitted evidence that [he] did not rape Katy Perry,” the ruling states. “Perry unequivocally testified that Gottwald did not do so. In response, Kesha has not raised a triable issue. There is no evidence whatsoever that Gottwald raped Katy Perry or that Katy Perry, whose sworn testimony is unrefuted, must not be believed. Kesha cannot defeat summary judgment with mere speculation.”


With the falsity “proven” against Kesha, the singer’s statements were deemed defamatory.  The ruling – which results in the songstress having to pay a whopping $375,000 to the producer for the “crime” – comes as the latest in the ongoing battle with Luke and will undoubtedly be yet another tool used against her in the rape case.

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  1. Only Facts February 6, 2020

    Yikes. He’s a sleaze and eventually I’m sure there will be a documentary about everyone he’s done something to (allegedly). I feel bad for Kesha. The music industry is sick

  2. JUST SAYING February 6, 2020

    if Trump is not going to be punished, then no one is!

  3. Moti25 February 6, 2020

    Does this mean he can work with Katy again? Because chyle!

    • Carlitos February 7, 2020

      Lmaoooo tell me why I thought the same

    • Johny5 February 7, 2020

      Yasss give us Teenage Dream 2.0

  4. Paulo February 6, 2020

    oh my God. I cannot believe this dude is winning. I’m sure Katy feels bad about this whole ordeal. My prayers go to Kesha right now. The justice of men (pun intended) fails but the world keeps turning and karma keeps working.

    • Tino February 7, 2020

      Wonder where’s clarksoon delusional all black men hate women ass at lol. If this was about a black man she would’ve been the first to comment.

    • Clarks0oñ February 7, 2020

      Kesha lied against dr. Luke that’s why she lost.

      Kesha should stop lying.

      She dragged katy perry into this matter.

      Thank god Katy said the truth that she was never ràped by dr. Luke

  5. Meme February 6, 2020

    I can’t sure with Kesha here, I’m sorry. Kesha whole situation is the perfect representation of the other side of “me too”. Women who willingly use their situationship with powerful men for their own gain, then cry foul when things don’t end in their favor. It’s women like Kesha who make it bad for the real victims.

    • Paulo February 7, 2020

      Shut your dumb ass with your fake symmetry crap. statistics show that less than 10% of sexual abuse ends in fair conviction of the abusers in the US yet you wanna blab about abused women like they’re to blame. you’re a hideous creature.

      • Meme February 7, 2020

        Ok thanks babe!

  6. Clarks0oñ February 7, 2020

    I know some of you guys on this blog dont read, u just rush to comment

    Kesha lied that katy perry was ràped by dr. Luke.
    Dr. Luke sued her for defamation.
    Katy perry was summoned by the court to drop a deposition and she said she wasn’t ràped by dr. Luke

    That’s why the judge had to give a guilty verdict

    U cant lie against a man and defame his character because ur looking for sympathy. It’s wrong.

  7. PinotNoir February 7, 2020

    300k when her new album won’t even make her 50k? You in trouble, girl!

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