Michelle Williams Clarifies Destiny’s Child Rumour

Published: Friday 21st Feb 2020 by David

For years, Destiny’s Child fans have been under the impression that Kelly Rowland performs the second verse of Beyoncé’s ‘Check on It’.

Today, Michelle Williams has confirmed what some have suspected for years. Full report…

Michelle was quizzed on the matter and revealed that though Kelly did not perform the verse alone she did deliver backing vocals.

‘Check on It’ was released in 2005 and appears on Destiny’s Child greatest hits album and was used to promote Beyoncé’s performance in Steve Martin’s telling of the ‘Pink Panther’ story.

Fun Fact: Kelly isn’t the only artist to lend a helping hand (or note) to a friend.

Did you know Trey Songz was once a B2K backing vocalist?

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  1. Gotcha February 21, 2020


  2. AnonymousTruth February 21, 2020

    Issa lie , kelly definitely singing the first two lines of the second verse . Their best kept secret lol .

  3. Paulo February 21, 2020

    Girl what ‘fans’? No real Destiny’s Child fan ever said that. If you stan a vocal group but can’t tell their voices apart then you ain’t a real one

    • Johny5 February 21, 2020

      You’re wrong… listen again carefully… They can’t be distinguished in the beginning of the second verse.

      • Paulo February 21, 2020

        No baby I’m not. To clarify my statement I know it’s sometimes hard to tell Bey and Kelly’s bg and harmonies apart but the lead vocals on the 2nd verse are clearly Bey’s and I don’t get why anyone would mistake them for Kelly’s

    • Meme February 21, 2020

      You are wrong. The first 2 line is 100% kelly. Real fans know that Check up on it was a DC3 song that beyonce just made hers

      • Paulo February 21, 2020

        I’m right and you’re just saying dumb stuff as usual. Kelly might be doing some oohs and aahs on the background but the lead on that song is 100% Beyoncé. And as a matter of fact there have been a few songs credited to all girls that it’s just Bey on both lead and background vocals, such as Temptation and Jumpin Jumpin

  4. Johny5 February 21, 2020

    ‘Check On It’ is just like ‘Dangerously In Love’… They are both Destiny’s Child songs with DC vocals that were then rereleased and marketed as Beyonce songs… I thought that was common knowledge.

    • Meme February 21, 2020

      We literally have the same comment. I too thought everyone knew this.

      • Jay February 22, 2020

        Me three!!!

  5. Meme February 21, 2020

    I thought everyone knew check on it was destinys child’s song? Slim thug literally says “SLUM THUG, DESTINYS CHILD” in the intro of the song. They didn’t even bother adjusting to the vocals. Dangerously in Love was also a DC3 song, you can hear Michelle voice clear in the hook.

    • Paulo February 21, 2020

      Yes @ Michelle on DIL. It bothered me that Bey didn’t care to re-record the bg vocals on the ‘solo’ version for her album but it is what it is lol

  6. AnonymousTruth February 21, 2020

    Honestly the second verse only sounds like Beyoncé from the line ‘You can’t be abrasive’ everything before that sounds like Kelly. Clothes your eyes and listen , you can hear the vocal tone change .

    • AnonymousTruth February 21, 2020

      And I mean before that .. in the second verse only .

    • Meme February 21, 2020

      In many if DC3 songs Kelly and Beyonce we alternate in 1 single verse. It would usually start of with kelly and then beyonce would come in mid verse. (See bootilcious for etc). Kelly can sound very very similar to beyonce, but not vice versa. So you can tell once beyonce starts singing that that’s beyonce.

      • Coupe February 22, 2020

        Right! That’s what I came to say. Beyonce did sing lead on the second verse but so did Kelly intertwined…you can hear when B comes in. Theyre smart by using Kelly’s tone but Beyonce has that more southern/ sassy tone if that makes sense

  7. Pat February 21, 2020

    Definitely Kelly opening up verse two. Her tone is more warm

  8. Bravo!! February 21, 2020

    So, this make to believe Kelly Rowland’s on the Carters album on “Friends.” When I first heard the song I can hear a little bit of kelly on the track

  9. Lol February 21, 2020

    Girl that is Kelly THEE Rowland’s voice. I’m not buying that. You literally hear someone say “DC” in the beginning. We weren’t born yesterday.

  10. Shayla Queen 👑 February 22, 2020

    Who tf cares anymore…

  11. kiena February 22, 2020

    The secon verse sounds like Kelly

  12. BYSIS February 22, 2020

    You know what the real kicker is? Even with a member of the group confirming it’s Beyonce, people have still convinced themselves it’s Kelly 😂 Real Destiny’s Child fans know, Beyonce can mimick all of the original members of Destiny’s Child,it’s how the writing’s on the wall was able to have 90% of Beyonce without anybody knowing the difference. Also the song friends on the Carter album sounds like Kelly but is really Beyonce. Also on her solo albums her harmonies can sound very Destiny’s Child.

  13. J February 22, 2020

    I’m about 1000% sure that that’s a lie. Just listen to it, clearly Kelly sings the first half of verse two…

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