New Video: Harry Styles – ‘Falling’

Published: Saturday 29th Feb 2020 by Sam

Harry Styles’ new single may be named ‘Falling,’ but the Pop star is showing no signs of a sophomore slump.

The former One Direction lead recently unleashed ‘Fine Line’ – his second solo album – and has been building the project into another successful one; with visuals forming a key part of that process.

Dave Meyers takes the directorial helm of the Styles’ latest video and it’s cinematic in scale.

Watch below…


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  1. I love big black c** February 29, 2020

    Glad we getting more visuals from Harry for this fine era.

    • Theelusive1 March 1, 2020

      GREAT VOCAL, adore you was perfect but THIS is a epic vocal

  2. 1988 February 29, 2020

    He broke no records! He is not the Prince Of Pop! 🙂 Allmusic gave Changes higher because it’s better with bigger hits. 🙂 Harry FLOPPED!

    • I love big black c** February 29, 2020

      He broke the biggest opening for British male in US so STFU. Hater!!!

      • 1988 February 29, 2020

        I live in the USA! And Justin broke UK records more than Harry will ever! 🙂

      • I love big black c** February 29, 2020

        Justina’s new album sales suffers 90% drop this week and the poor ticket sales for his upcoming tour. Oops! Truth hurts!

      • 1988 February 29, 2020

        The truth is JUSTIN has TWO songs in the Top 10 of the world. Yummy has a Kung Fu Chuck Norris grip on the world chart. It hasn’t dropped since it was released 7 weeks ago. Harry doesn’t. Changes will be No. 3 this week on the Billboard 200. What number will Harry be? 🙂

        Also Yummy video in 7 weeks is 230M. All Harry’s Youtube videos combined from this era don’t even add up to 230M. 🙂 Adore You has only has 20M, I can see why…it’s so ugly. Lights Up has 51M and that was 4 months ago. Nah, he’s not The Prince Of Pop. 🙂

    • SOGOOD February 29, 2020

      Breaking records doesn’t mean that the music is good quality ? he didn’t flop as his music is heavily streamed on YouTube and he keeps on releasing singles and videos. You’re just hating on him and it’s sad, I feel pity for your bitter soul.

  3. 1988 February 29, 2020

    But he’s better than ugly ass Jason Derulo!

  4. Urg February 29, 2020

    Y’all late as usual. Betcha if it was Beyoncé y’all would be the first.

  5. Shayla Queen ? February 29, 2020

    Who checking for him, boo? ?

    • SOGOOD February 29, 2020

      Lights Up : 1,7 million likes
      Adore You : 1,2 million likes
      Falling : 882k likes in less than 3 days

      Ask again?

    • SOGOOD February 29, 2020

      I was talking about the YouTube likes only of course.

  6. Fancy BISH February 29, 2020

    Harry Styles doing everything right ?? Selling more, tour sold out, a real artist! He ain’t on Skid Row ?

  7. 1988 February 29, 2020

    Eccentric people like Harry Styles. Modernists likes Justin Bieber. It’s just facts. 🙂

    Calvin ain’t calling Harry. 🙂

  8. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. March 1, 2020

    Nice. This isn’t a headliner song, but it’s nice.

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