Christina Aguilera Confirms New Music For ‘Mulan’ Live-Action Remake

Published: Saturday 29th Feb 2020 by Sam

When the live-action remake of Disney‘s ‘Mulan’ arrives next month, it’ll feature new music from Pop diva Christina Aguilera.

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Xtina was an integral part of the soundtrack for the 1998 animated movie, belting out its signature song ‘Reflection.’

Naturally then, news of a revival sparked questions surrounding whether the songbird would be back in the mix to contribute.

Now, after hinting at discussions taking place, Aguilera confirmed that not only has she breathed life anew into ‘Reflection’ — and has recorded more music too.

Speaking to the audience at her Las Vegas residency The Xperience, she said:

“The live-action ‘Mulan’ is coming out, by the way. You have to go see it. I recorded a new ‘Reflection,’ and new material for the movie. So, I’ve been working on that. But this is the original.”

Having spent years sitting down as a reality show judge, it’s great to see Christina back in the drivers seat of her career and making meaningful moves musically.

‘Mulan’ hits theaters on March 27th.

Bring on the new music!

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  1. Only Facts February 29, 2020

    Dear Christina,

    Nobody cares. Now, go back to the buffet and leave us alone. The GP is sick of your nasty attitude and screaming.

    Not a fan of this troll

    • Shayla Queen ? February 29, 2020

      Aww no, I’m excited for this ? Although admittedly it’s probably nostalgia lol

      • Only Facts February 29, 2020

        LOL! Hey Shayla!

      • Cüümila Cebolla February 29, 2020

        It’s part nostalgia and part the fact that NO ONE can outsing Christina on her own song, so they had no other option than to ask her to be part of the project ?

        They hate to see it. Talent always wins.

    • Clarks0o0ñ February 29, 2020

      A normani stan wrote this?

      U faves cant even scream,

  2. I love big black c** February 29, 2020

    Fall in line flopped…. fall on me flopped… man, she fell hard…. maybe if she would go back to her old school sound, put out back to basic 2.0 , then can save her sinking career

    • Only Facts February 29, 2020

      At this juncture, nothing can save xtina’s career. Her personality, long breaks, and not having the ear for a hit is what killed her career. Karma for being a diva when she first appeared on the scene in 99. She can always become a spokesperson for the doctor that gave her those botched lip fillers. Or she can start doing commercials advertising Golden Corral since she clearly loves an all you can eat Buffett. ☕️

      • Xtina4ever February 29, 2020

        Lmao really I think she isn’t forgotten cause her music catalogue will be remembered for years to come. She has diversity in her music. She’s a legend and an icon. Nothing can stop xtina she is hear to stay.

      • PinotNoir February 29, 2020

        I swear Xtina low key wants to be on a Real Housewives franchise. ?

  3. Clarks0o0ñ February 29, 2020


    .@Camila_Cabello “Havana” has now surpassed 1.4 billion streams on Spotify.

    It’s the most-streamed song by a lead female artist on the platform.

    This is why they hate her

    Havana has more streams than normani’s entire discography combined. Lol

    Camila can even buy the entire 5th harmony

    Camila’s networth is 20 million,
    Normani and the other girls their networth combined is 19 million dollars

    Camila can buy all 4 of them and 1 million dollars worth of change will still remain

    They are mad MAD.
    My oh my climbing up on radio everyday .
    Cry cry cry
    We like to see ur tears

    • HavanaONana February 29, 2020

      Preach!!!!!?? Say what? I can’t hear you?
      #crickets #nba #normani #disastrousperformance

  4. Cüümila Cebolla February 29, 2020

    Lmao @ the haters

    The flop y’all speak of accomplished more in her commercial peak than most of these new hit girls combined. Needless to say most of them have been inspired by her.

  5. Cüümila Cebolla February 29, 2020

    And you can call her a flop all day, I think Christina pretty much accepted that her commercial peak is over. What matters is that she can flop for decades to come and yet will always be considered one of the greatest voices ever. Her talent alone puts her in a legendary status and y’all hate to see it cause your faves just can’t ?

  6. Rashad February 29, 2020

    All female divas seem to have an expiration date for commercial viability once they hit 40. The only exceptions to this rule are Madonna, Cher and Tina Turner who charted mega hits over 40. X-tina, Britney and even Bey will all experience this just like Janet, Mariah, J-lo, Whitney and Celine

    • Shayla Queen ? February 29, 2020

      Bey’s last three albums say she’s experiencing it already.

    • PinotNoir February 29, 2020

      Xtina has more hits in her. She’s just too cheap (rightfully so) to work with big-name songwriters and producers, who’d demand big money and dwarf her royalties as well as the label’s recoup. And strong singing is no longer en vogue (maybe except on singing talent shows that fatten British producers’ wallets and give naive contestants the air time they crave before oblivion). The mostly childish GP is seeking temporary dopamine rushes to tune out everyday life’s demands. Serious music requires longer attention spans and cerebral energy than this generation is capable of. Xtina should, therefore, lighten up musically vs. being a SJW (as commendable as her championing the underdog is). Her biggest hits besides Beautiful were flirty, sing along-y, brainless bops. She still has the voice for them. Less forced likeability, more girlish tone/ falsetto … and she’ll impact the Top 5 again. ?

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