Christina Aguilera Stuns At Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Premiere

Published: Tuesday 10th Mar 2020 by Sam

Christina Aguilera shimmered and shined at the Hollywood premiere of Disney’s ‘Mulan.’

The songbird, who famously sung the theme to the animated original (‘Reflection’), has re-recorded that track and conjured up an original offering named ‘Loyal Brave True’ – the latter of which debuted last week.

Stunning in a pink and red ensemble, Xtina posed it up with many – including lead actress Yifei Liu. 

Check out more from the Dolby Theater launch event below…

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  1. Gurlbye March 10, 2020

    Dressed like boo boo the fool. 🙁

    • SipLizzoJuice March 10, 2020

      Britney or Beyonce shitttty Stan

    • Keep Portland Weird March 10, 2020

      I think she looked cute. She’s a legend and an icon after all.

  2. Naldo March 10, 2020

    She looks like S***!

    • SipLizzoJuice March 10, 2020

      You look like shittt

    • Keep Portland Weird March 10, 2020

      I think she looks good. Stop the hate. Be respectful of our legends

  3. SipLizzoJuice March 10, 2020

    Hot momma
    Terrific voice

    Britney must be jealous

    • Only Facts March 10, 2020

      Britney is jealous of Christina? LOL. Shall we compare they’re last 3 albums in sales? Shall we compare their vegas residencies in sales? Shall we compare touring stats? I could go on and on. Just because Britney is aging and refusing to get work done like Xtina and your faves doesn’t mean she’s jealous. It means she’s not an insecure pig like the troll this article is about. The movie is going to be a disaster at the box office and so is the soundtrack. When did Xtina last appear on the charts?

      • Lady Gaga March 10, 2020

        Gurl Bionic outsold Britney Jean and Lotus outsold Glory so what’s your excuse. Britney sold more before but Xtina is the talent. Lol

      • Lizzo & KFC March 10, 2020

        @onlyfacts, yes let’s compare their last three albums shall we?. Lol

        US Sales

        Glory 158,000 (-)
        Lotus 505,000 (Gold)

        Britney Jean. 280,000 (-)
        Bionic. 550,000 (Gold)

        Femmer Fatale (788,000) (Platinum)
        Burlesque (807,000) (Platinum)

        Circus (1,690,000) (Platinum)
        Back to Basics (1,770,000) (Platinum)

        Gurl bye

      • Only Facts March 10, 2020

        Nah girl. The correct pairing is

        Glory 2016 v Liberation 2018
        Britney Jean 2013 v Lotus 2012
        Femme Fatale 2011 v Bionic 2010

        Try again b*tch! The music landscape changed drastically and you confidently left out liberation and then out in the burlesque soundtrack. BYE GIRL!

      • SipLizzoJuice March 10, 2020

        The correct pairing is:

        Glory 2016. 158k v
        Liberation 2018. 190k
        Britney Jean 2013. 280k
        v Lotus 2012. 505k
        Femme Fatale 2011. 789k
        v Bionic 2010. 560k

        Britney Spears 1,226,000
        Christina Aguilera 1,245,000

        So Christina wins! I didn’t even include Burlesque here cuz technically it is a soundtrack

      • Only Facts March 10, 2020

        Wya girl!? You disappeared when I corrected your stats ?? Now shall we move to tours and Residencies and overall album sales? ???? Xtina will never win against Britney except vocally. Sorry. That’s all.

      • Queen Christina Aguilera March 10, 2020

        Hmmm RCA haven’t updated Liberation, Lotus and Bionic sales this year. I’m pretty sure those albums sell more than that.

    • Keep Portland Weird March 10, 2020

      Yeah Christina is a great singer and performer. Britney on the other hand is a better dancer/performer. I love both. The only CD that I didn’t have from both of them were: B: In the Remix, Just Be Free, Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, Mo Reflejo.

  4. SipLizzoJuice March 10, 2020

    She looks good hunty
    You are hater stop hating. She’s wealthy and famous and look good unlike you

  5. I love big black c** March 10, 2020

    Pls Fired her personal stylist. She had been a hot mess since lotus era.

  6. Swirly March 10, 2020

    Nothing stunning about her.

  7. Only Facts March 10, 2020

    The dress is a mess. That one part makes her look like she has a one boob that’s suffering from elephantitis. Or, one boob implant popped and the other is still going strong. #YIKES

  8. Lady Gaga March 10, 2020

    I love both artists. They are the Pop Princess of late 90s and early 2000s alongside Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore. I love Britney’s first three albums. I love her singles “Sometimes, Toxic, BOMT, OIDIA, and Breathe on Me. But Xtina is better though. She is more talented and her singles “Genie on A Bottle, Come on Over, What a Wants, Lady Marmalade, Dirrty, Beautiful , Fighter , Can’t Hold Us Down, Not Myself Tonight , Elastic Love, Bionic ,Your Body and Fall in Line and so on.

    • Samuel Johnson March 10, 2020

      i agree

  9. MichelleBranchSpiritRoom March 10, 2020

    I grew up listening to late 90s music so…
    Let me make a better list.

    1. Voice : Christina
    2. Sales and records : Britney
    3. Grammys: Christina
    4: Awards : Britney
    5. Artistry : Christina
    6. Popularity: Britney
    7. Movie success : Christina
    8. Dance: Britney
    9: Tv Success: Christina
    10: Longetivity: Both

    Legendary : Both

    • Lizzo & KFC March 10, 2020

      I miss this username. Girl where have I been? Where’s Vanessa Carlton? ?????

  10. Shayla Queen ? March 10, 2020

    We need to appreciate these living legends while they are still with us.

    Look at how disrespectful the world as a whole was to Michael and Whitney while they were still here.

    Respect a legend. Period.

    • Queen Christina Aguilera March 10, 2020

      Preach!!! I love you gurl,??

    • Lanafan2 March 10, 2020

      yes is true !!

  11. Keep Portland Weird March 10, 2020

    Come on girls lets confess that we love both of them, just imagine a world without Xtina remember those powerful songs like fighter, dirty, ballads like the voice within, beautiful, Hurt, oh mother and so on…or without Britney the superstar (even with her humble vocal) she is a legend just remember, Born to make you happy, ops I did it again, Everytime, Lucky all this songs are our childhood, teenage years our youth we are happy generation…I love both of them I can’t imagine world without Chris. or Brit. they gave freedom to us girls…..lets be friends like they were

  12. P!nk March 10, 2020

    I think this is the work of the Illuminati. She sings at a memorial service For Kobe and then all of a sudden all of this promotional stuff happens for her. We haven’t seen her in years other than the voice, but we know that’s where pop stars go when they washed up.

    • Shayla Queen ? March 10, 2020

      Girl she dropped a new album in 2018 wys…

    • Keep Portland Weird March 10, 2020

      Omg that’s creepy. Tell me more about this mess. No wonder why shes more popular/active than Britney now.

      • Shayla Queen ? March 10, 2020

        Y’all crazy höes all up in here. She not promoting herself, this is Disney promoting MULAN. Now go get y’all a glass of water with your thirsty lunatic selves!

  13. Sweetnothings78 March 10, 2020

    I’m no fan of bey/Brit blah blah.
    She is a pint sized little lady but that outfit does nothing for her!

  14. MandyCandyMoore March 10, 2020

    I don’t care what everyone says but my fave Pop Princess of latest 90s and early 20s is Mandy Morre. She is more successful on TV and movie:
    A Walk To Remember
    Licensed to Wed
    This is Us
    Princess Diaries
    And many more.

    Her singles “Candy” and “I Wanna Be With You”, “Someday We’ll Know”, “Cry”, “Extraordinary”, “So Real” and “Walk Me Home” are iconic and legendary

    • Lanafan2 March 10, 2020

      f*** manny more !!

    • I love big black c** March 10, 2020

      Right… with only 2 songs that actually charted on billboard hot 100. She experienced more success In movies and tv show tho. Her new come back album is so boring…… Zzzzzzz

  15. Shayla Queen ? March 10, 2020

    Christina is a LADY.

  16. Queen Christina Aguilera March 10, 2020

    You guys are mess! This article is about the legendary Christina Aguilera. Why are we talking about Brotney, Jessica and Mandy Moore? LoL

    Anyway Xtina is an icon. Even though her last three albums didn’t sell as much as Back to Basics, her voice and name itself remains intact in the industry. Her Las Vegas Residency is a success. I went there twice. Album “Liberation” is fantastic.

  17. Lizzo & KFC March 10, 2020

    Billboard US Hot 100 #1s and #2s:
    Christina Aguilera (6):
    1. Genie in A Bottle (1999) #1
    2. What A Girl Wants (2000) #1
    3. Come On Over (2000) #1
    4. Lady Marmalade (2001) #1
    5. Beautiful (2002) #2
    6. Moves Like Jagger (2011) #1

    Britney Spears (5)
    1. Baby One More Time (1999) #1
    2. Womanizer (2008) #1
    3. Hold It Against Me (2009) #1
    4. 3 (2009) #1
    5. S&M Remix (2010) #1


    • Queen Christina Aguilera March 10, 2020

      Wow Xtina reigns supreme?????

    • Ciara Beth March 13, 2020

      Xtina has more collabs and Britney’s songs are more memorable.

  18. Queen Christina Aguilera March 10, 2020


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