Demi Lovato’s ‘I Love Me’ Is The Week’s Highest-Selling Single

Published: Thursday 19th Mar 2020 by Rashad

If the commercial response to her latest release, ‘I Love Me,’ is any indication, the comeback trail is looking pretty smooth for Demi Lovato.

Details below:

As we reported here, the Alex Nice-produced track – which premiered March 6 – debuted at #18 on the refreshed Billboard Hot 100.  Appointed the first official single from the singer’s forthcoming seventh studio album, ‘Me’s arrival on the tally marks her 31st career entry (9th in the top 20 alone).

Coming as the chart’s highest premiere among vocalists this week, the song is also the highest seller for the same timespan thanks to 38,000 digital downloads, 14.2 million streams, and a radio reach of 15.9 million radio impressions.

Click here to see who joined her in the top 25 on this week’s updated TGJ Chart Check: Hot 100 edition.


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  1. Clarks0o0ñ March 19, 2020

    Its gonna tumble down this coming week.

    Its a bad song. Very dated.
    A Very generic , self love anthem.

    I thought demi was maturing as an artiste but apparently I was wrong.

    Cool for the summer sorry not sorry, this are the kind of songs we want from u, not generic I love myself anthems

    • Ughhh March 19, 2020

      Maybe Camilla should try some self love during her PR “Victim” Campaign?

      • ??? March 19, 2020

        lmaoooo that wont help, shes still a flop cuz she only has 1 fan and he always hangs out here instead of streaming her flops lmfaoooooooooooooooooo

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 19, 2020

        The girls are mad.

        Camila has always spoke about meditation and mental health etc.

        Normani stans bullied her and wished her death when she left 5th.
        Normani is a monster.

    • ??? March 19, 2020

      lmaoooooo gurl please, demi ended that megaflop camiltoe and her bathroom tour. dont be mad sis, just help camil find another black rapper’s c*** to hop on for a hit lmfaooooooooooooooooo

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 19, 2020

        Demi has no number one song, and she has been in the industry longer than Camila.

        Camila has sold more than demi.
        U should be quiet.

      • Susan Clark’s Mother March 19, 2020

        You dumb f***. Demi has sold significantly more than Camila even BEFORE streaming was included. Embellishing for clout ?

    • Susan Clark’s Mother March 19, 2020

      If this is a flop, what’s my oh my? This leaked higher girl.

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 19, 2020

        I thought u said my oh my was gonna fall out the top 30 this week?
        We have the receipt

        March 13, 2020

        L oh L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        My oh my fell only one spot to number 26. Lol

        When u do clownery….

  2. ??? March 19, 2020

    lmaoooooo poor camiltoe, demi and selena drop kicked that flop right back to the bubbling under charts lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. I love big black c** March 19, 2020

    Sorry but this song is deff a huge step back from sorry not sorry, cool for the summer. What a disappointment!

  4. Clarks0o0ñ March 19, 2020

    Demi I love u cause u predicted Camila was gonna be a star on x factor
    U said Camila was the only 1 that caught ur eye out of the other ashy dusty girls.

    U said Camila is the only 1 that stood out.

    And u were right, look at Camila today,
    2 number 1’s
    Debut number one album
    Second album almost platinum. 800k sold so far.
    Havana and senorita 1 billion streams each
    Networth 20 million
    Cinderella movie
    Headline arena tour.

    Demi, u have a good eye.
    Use ur talent to pick ck better songs. I love me is not it.

    • Susan Clark’s Mother March 19, 2020

      She was high on X factor. High on heroine. She was flying in the sky. Camiltoe is nothing special

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 19, 2020

        I thought u love talking about the chart predictions for my oh my, so why are u silent today?

        Tell us the chart predictions for my oh my , next week on the chart.
        A stupid rat. Lol

        My oh my is predicted to enter the top 20 next week. Fingers crossed
        Cant wait to see the tears from onlyshìts. Lol

  5. Only Facts March 19, 2020

    I’m shocked it debuted at 18. The song sucks. I feel this album is going to underperform. Anyone was a mess and this is a mess. Scooter, are you losing your edge? Is Taylor making you sweat? Why are your clients not doing well this year?

  6. Moronika maraj March 20, 2020

    2nd hand cristina Aguilera, the screamer crackhead

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