From The Vault: Janet Jackson – ‘All For You’

Published: Sunday 15th Mar 2020 by Joe

Join us as we celebrate one of Pop’s biggest songs of all time. This week’s From The Vault pick is Janet Jackson’s 2001 hit ‘All For You,’ which is blowing its 19th anniversary candle this week.

The colorful number was helmed by Jackson alongside longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and was the first single from the diva’s 7th studio album of the same name. It embodied the free-spirited vibe of the project which was released after her second divorce a year prior.

‘All For For You’ was nothing short of smash hit on a global scale. In the UK and France the song peaked at #3, it reached the fifth spot in Australia and was a chart-topper in Canada and in the US. Stateside, it made radio airplay history by becoming the first single to be added to every Pop, Rhythmic, and Urban radio format within its first week of release. Needless to say that in 2001, Janet was indeed the Queen of not just Pop – but Music overall.


Dave Meyers was in tasked with bringing the track to visual life. He opted for a two-dimensional LA set affair which sees Janet riding the subway, hitting the beach with her friends and later on dancing up a storm (including THAT iconic dance break) on Hollywood Boulevard with her gal pals. Both the song and video are considered signature Janet moments and for good reason.


A hit if we ever heard one, ‘All For You’ hasn’t aged one bit and is actually very on-trend with what a lot of successful artists are releasing today (see: Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’, Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’).

With Jackson’s next project, ‘Black Diamond,’ set to drop in a few months, maybe it’s time to touch base with that very sound, which over the course of her career has brought her ample success.

Whatever it is, we’re ready for the next chapter, Queen Janet.

Your thoughts?

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    • Oh plz March 15, 2020

      Fancy you’re speaking str8 FACTS! ??????

  1. eric March 15, 2020

    My favorite Janet era. I would love to see this style on her again… the jeans, the color, not drab black & white.

  2. Clarks0o0ñ March 15, 2020

    Her bòobs looked so lovely in that black torn blouse.
    back then I use to force myself to like bòobs. Lol
    Good old days. Lol

    • I love big black c** March 15, 2020

      U must be obsessed with her n-I-p-p-le-s gates. ???u pervert! That halftime show with JT was so infamously unforgettable!

  3. I love big black c** March 15, 2020

    Probably her last #1 song. It’s been almost two decades, miss Janet even struggling to have a top 10 hit. Not gonna ever happened.

    • ERIC March 15, 2020

      Who’s worried about a #1 song when you can have a #1 album (Unbreakable) on an independent label no less? And just because she might not have a #1 single on the Hot 100 doesn’t mean she isn’t killing the Dance and R&B charts. Do your homework!

      • cory March 16, 2020

        Janet Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… Is a an Oscar-nominee….. Madonna, Mariah, Beyonce, are all waiting for that. She’s listed as the third most successful female artist of all-time by Billboard magazine despite being banned by MTV and Radio for a few years.

        Despite start in 1982 before Madonna and Mariah who are #1 and #2 she has only released 11 studio albums vs. Madonna (16) and Mariah (16 including Unplugged).

        Janet ranked #2 of the 1990s while only releasing two albums.

        Both of her HBO concert special outperformed Madonna’s by MILLIONS. “The Velvet Rope” is still the second most watched HBO special event in history!

        Janet Jackson doesn’t need a #1 single anymore. She didn’t have to sell her singles for 49 cents like most of Mariah’s #1 hits.

        Even the NY Times reports how Mariah scammed her way into getting “One Sweet Day” to #1 by giving the song to record stores for free and selling them for 49 cents.

        Janet never had to do that.

    • James March 16, 2020

      Janet’s song No Sleep was #1 on the RnB charts for about 8 weeks. Unbreakable the album was #1 for 2 weeks, then she hit the RnB charts again with Daamn Baby reaching #5.

  4. Theelusive1 March 15, 2020

    I miss….s*** Janet

  5. Oh plz March 15, 2020

    Loved this video…even learned the choreography back in the day ??

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 15, 2020

      I learnt the dance also.

      Damn the good old days
      No YouTube.

      U had to wait for the music stations to play the music videos.
      Then u learn the choreography.

  6. Gee March 15, 2020

    The glow of love sample fit this song perfectly. All for you was such a fun and cool era.

  7. Pat March 15, 2020

    She was on fire. Had it not been for blacklisting and aaliyah dying some of your favs wouldn’t have had careers

  8. Jeans March 15, 2020

    The longest running #1 on the hot 100 in 2001! SMASH!

  9. Okay? March 15, 2020


  10. Fast_Persuader March 16, 2020

    Yes it’s cool. Yes I’m in the mood. It’s All For Yoooou!
    Ms. Janet said I’m a recent divorcee, I’m single and dammit I’m ready to play! ?

  11. Beverly March 16, 2020

    My idol Janet, Ms. Jackson if ya Nasty thank you for your hard work and dedication to music and entertainment. I can appreciate greatness and celebrate it with glee. Keep up the excellent work. God bless you and your son ?. Your longtime fan, Beverly from Detroit and Los Angeles

  12. Darryl Fraylon March 16, 2020

    …& let’z give a shout it’s sampled from, The great Luther Vandross & Changes’ “The Glow of Love” (I think…??)

  13. James March 16, 2020

    I had this song in heavy rotation in my car. Even to the day I cant get enough of the song due to its catchy melody from Glow Of Love by Change feat. Luther Vandross.

  14. Buttercup March 16, 2020

    Wow can not believe it’s been so many years, how many 19….
    Wow!!!!! Well I did see that fabulous show on my birthday

  15. VIC March 17, 2020

    Janet Is The Queen The BluePrint For How It’s Done She Is EVERYTHING

    counting down the days until Black Diamonds is Released to the WORLD So Ready For This Era ??

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