Prince’s Family Says They Haven’t Received Any Money From His Estate

Published: Saturday 28th Mar 2020 by David

Prince‘s family say that they haven’t seen the money his estate owes them.

Full story below…

Court documents reveal that Prince left all of his assets to his siblings. Alas, these siblings say that Comerica Bank (the entity that runs the estate) refuses to send them the money they believe they are owed.

Comerica has denied this claim and denied the allegation that they are intentionally keeping his family in the dark when it comes to business deals and the way in which the estate is managed.

The lawsuit details their complaint.

Unlike others, who have performed services for the Prince Estate, SNJ has not received any financial sums for numerous and repeated services they have contributed to the Estate.

Adding that they rely…

solely on their pension, social security, personal savings and loans from friends to cover the costs needed to support the Prince Estate despite the millions paid to advisors, attorneys and others approved by the Court.

They hope the courts will force the company to release the funds.

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  1. I love big black c** March 28, 2020

    It’s all bout money right????? That’s why I encourage all the filthy rich celebrities DO NOT married nobody!!!!! They just want to milk and drain yo everything after the split

  2. What would Whitney Hthe first time… ouston would do March 28, 2020

    Somebody is lying… Ask judge Mathis somebody got to be lying.. Where the f*** prince money

  3. Clarks0o0ñ March 28, 2020

    Dua lipa’s album future nostalgia hasnt still hit the number one spot on the USA iTunes chart.

    The album is still in the number 2 position .

    • I love big black c** March 28, 2020

      Told ya she’s gonna flopped like this!!!! Y’all didn’t think she could flop like this!!! What a sophomore slump!!!!

  4. Holliewuudd March 28, 2020

    My brother went through this when his dad died. If no will, money can be held up in the court system for years. I think he and his siblings finally got something like 15 years after his dad died. Smh that’s why a will is important especially if you have alot of assets.

    • What would Whitney Houston would do March 28, 2020

      He had a will, give his money to his sisters . Where is the $$$

  5. 4U2SEE March 28, 2020

    They waited this long for the money??? Puh!, thought about it. Jay Z janky a** didn’t even say R.I.P. or nuttin as Prince was on Tidal when he died. huh?

    • What would Whitney Houston would do March 28, 2020

      Just like Whitney Houston Jay-Z never said RIP to Prince, she never Whitney either. .. I like Jay-Z but they’re so braggadocious they act like no Legend came before them.

  6. marie l snow March 29, 2020

    Number one, do your research. Prince did not leave his assets to his siblings. He had no trust or will and by default his estate went to his siblings.

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