Watch: Britney Spears’ Son Weighs In on Singer’s Conservatorship, Says She May “Quit Music” Forever

Published: Wednesday 4th Mar 2020 by Rashad

Britney Spears may keep tight-lipped about the latest developments of her conservatorship case as well as the #FreeBritney movement in general, but her son, Jayden Federline, isn’t playing by those rules.

Taking to social media recently to weigh in on the “toxic” relationship the ‘Toxic’ singer has with her father, Jamie Spears, Federline – in a profanity laden rant – labeled the ailing 67-year-old “a pretty big d***” and suggested he “go die.”

And, while his brazen commentary on Jamie earned applause from Britney supporters, that fanfare turned to hush when the teen revealed his Pop star mom may be pressing pause permanently on her singing career.

More inside:

Video highlights

:55 – On Britney’s boyfriend Sam Asghari

1:41 – slams grandfather

2:15 – praises father (Kevin Federline)

2:25 – praises grandmother (Lynne Spears)

3:35 – on Britney quitting music

As revealed in the video, Jayden promised to expose more dark family secrets in exchange for Instagram fame (specifically 5,000 followers on the platform).

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  1. G-bby March 4, 2020

    Britney needs to retire. She’s mentally fragile and hasn’t been able to sing or perform in years. She’s a shell of her former self. A sad sight to see….

  2. Erica March 4, 2020

    After all she’s been through I’ll be fine with that! People have ridiculed her for not dancing like she use too & all other things, but seem to forget she hasn’t had control of her own life since 07. She’s been put in a bubble, she can’t go anywhere, see who she want, eat what she want, the girl can’t make any decisions in her life, so I understand her loosing passion in her art!! She even has a budget, but makes the money it’s crazy

    • Only Facts March 4, 2020

      She can’t even vote! If she wants to buy a pack of gum the damn conservatorship is to approve it beforehand! She has to get permission to use her OWN DAMN MONEY! Yet everyone over the c-ship can use her money however they want. Absolutely disgusting! Britney deserves her civil rights!!!!!!!!! FREE BRITNEY!!!

  3. Just Sayin’ March 4, 2020

    I feel really sorry for Britney. I do hope she is getting all the help she needs with her mental health.

  4. MessyBoots March 4, 2020

    First of all, Jayden is a little brat for describing his ailing grandfather that way, regardless of their issues. He is a disrespectful 14 year old spoiled brat. The way he so casually used giving private info on Brit, his sick mom, to gain more followers is disgusting. He’s already becoming another man in Britney’s life using her monetary gain i.e. father Jamie, Larry Rudolph, Kevin Brokerline, Justin and on & on.

    He needs to get off social media especially discussing his mother’s health issues. VERY disrespectful. He is still a CHILD.

    • Paulo March 4, 2020

      THANK YOU! that’s the first thing on my mind.

    • Urg March 4, 2020

      Could not agree with you more. He needs to sit his spoiled a$$ down.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. March 4, 2020

      @Messy…. – I totally agree. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Her own son. He’s turning out to be just like your daddy.

    • XYZ March 4, 2020

      Thank you. I thought exactly the same way. He seemed like the same type of d***** that his father is. Living off of the fame of his mother.

  5. Hfh March 4, 2020

    No one talks about this kid using the gay word as a slur?
    Talking about his sh!t dad saying he’s Jesus to him. His sh!it who actually, mentally killed Britney.
    Who raised this douchebag kid?
    Poor Britney.

    • Paulo March 4, 2020

      ooh I caught that. paused the video right after. but stans will hear what they want to… this kid is clearly not a reliable or trustworthy witness, being as emotionally involved as he is and being a minor.

  6. Tyty March 4, 2020

    On what planet do you expect a grown woman to function properly with very little control of their life? She had her well documented problems but enough is enough she needs her freedom to control her own life. Yes we all know she will always have some mental health issues but that is no excuse for her to have zero control of anything that goes on I’m pretty sure between the time of her breakdown and now her mental state has improved.

  7. Erica March 4, 2020

    He’s 13 so what he call his grandfather gay?? It’s way more important issues going than that.. him calling him gay is pretty much say he acts like a little b****, which is true Jamie has been a pain in the ass for this family & it’s all about money

  8. I love big black c** March 4, 2020

    Bull-s-h-I-t!!! Not If her boy toy dumped her.

  9. Queen Nicki Minaj March 4, 2020

    Till the World Ends w/ Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha was my bop!

  10. King Usher ? March 4, 2020

    How pathetic of him to use his mom’s private issues in order to gain more followers… DISGUSTING ??
    I hope Britney can fix things up and come back with fire new music!!

  11. Only Facts March 4, 2020

    FREE BRITNEY!!!! She deserves her damn freedom! If she wants to quit music, I’m content with glory and piece of me being her last swan song. But give the woman her freedom! Her kids are able to do more than she can! Britney can’t even vote under the conservatorship! FREE BRITNEY

  12. Fancy BISH March 4, 2020

    Regardless of what he said, let’s respect her kids…don’t be Tinashe ?

    • Chileplease March 4, 2020

      F*** dem kids

      • Fancy BISH March 4, 2020

        GIRL ? Tinashe, is that you?

  13. PinotNoir March 7, 2020

    Future mama pïmp alert!

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