Coronavirus: Jay-Z & Meek Mill’s Reform Alliance Donates 100,000 Masks To Prisons

Published: Sunday 5th Apr 2020 by David

Jay-Z & Meek Mill are responding to the shortage of protective face masks by donating 100,000 of them to prisoners.

Full story below…

The musicians have become friends and business partners in recent years and teamed up to combat the spread of the deadly Coronavirus by donating 100,000 face masks to inmates around the country via the REFORM Alliance…the organisation they created to push prison reform.

They made the move to offer some relief to those within the system who are unable to protect themselves by self-isolating because of their living arrangements.

Hit this link to learn more about the virus.

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  1. Kevon April 5, 2020

    What about the poor ?? The people that work for an honest living .. they have to scrape to buy ..while yall support lazy bandits, criminal, selfish bastards

    • Ughhh April 5, 2020

      We need to have empathy and compassion for everyone. Helping others shouldn’t be selective. Regardless of their crime they are still living beings.

      • Kevon April 5, 2020

        I’m just saying ..don’t see the two of them did or doing anything for the regular 5 to 9 people ..what about the regular people they work ..while prisoners choose their life style

      • I love big black c** April 5, 2020

        Empathy my a-s-s. Gurl bye. It’s their choices to be criminals and they didn’t think about the consequences for what they did. Why should the whole community need to taking care of those trash??????

      • Hmmm… April 5, 2020

        The whole community?? Where? You aren’t supporting anyone here in any significant way sis. How are you gonna complain about something you aren’t funding? And since when did Jay and Meeks donations have to be within the confines of your beliefs?? If you and Kevin arent satisfied with the amount of help you see delegated in a particular direction, then YOU can always do it yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world, and shut up. ? Also, please understand that being lazy, selfish, b******, trash doesn’t have to be reserved only for people in jail. You both are living examples that some people can manage to accomplish all of that from the comfort of their own homes. No drug convictions, no murder trials, no credit card fraud. And yet you and “them” are one and the same.

    • Ughhh April 5, 2020

      @Kevon Jay-Z has already donated $1 million for c********** relief efforts. He is doing is part

      • Tyty April 5, 2020

        He already donated a million ffs if the government where doing an adequate job Combating this virus you wouldn’t need celebrities to donate s***!!!

      • Ughhh April 5, 2020

        @tyty you clearly can’t read. I just said this. Instead of jumping to argue. Read my post again and try to comprehend

      • Tyty April 5, 2020

        The reply wasn’t directed at you lol

    • I love big black c** April 5, 2020

      @ hmmm. B-I-t-c-h! I’m still work from home and I paid taxes. I’m pretty my money goes to food stamps and funding for prison. Those are my Hard working money and I’m pretty sure everyone is on the same boat with me, also for those hard working people still working out there. They put their life in danger!! What did the prisoners do anything? Stay in the cell, sleep, eat & s-h-I-t!!! Why do they deserve credits? They are just parasites. Should’ve saved those mask quota to the community. Stop defending the evil criminals unless you are one of them. Maybe u did some prison break s-h-I-t. I’m calling cops, FBI on yo a-s-s

      • Hmmm… April 5, 2020

        You are actually stupid. Since when is Jay z and Meek Mill’s organization funded by your tax dollars??? If you care so much about the regular people, then YOU donate with your “hard working money”. Lmao. You don’t get to decide who deserves to receive SOMEONE ELSE’S money you psycho. ???

      • I love big black c** April 5, 2020

        Oh hell no, I ain’t gonna donate my Hardworking money since I paid taxes already. Jay-Z’s money is also coming from the community coz the fans supporting him. U dumb c-u-n-t! I have my own opinion and U ain’t telling nobody to shut up. They should’ve donated mask and c-o-n-d-o-m to s-e-x workers, since they are pimping em for life. I don’t understand why the prisoners are so important to them. Queen B is gonna to slap Jay-Z old fat a-s-s

    • flawda April 5, 2020

      You do realize Jay-z or Meek isn’t your local politician, governor, or Senator. You do know what that is right. I don’t know why you people expect celebrity to do the job of your government. Get involve in your community and be the change you want to see instead of begging celebrities.

      • I love big black c** April 5, 2020

        Jay-z is with illuminati and illuminati controls government!!!! Wake up people!!! Y’all have no idea what’s behind closed door!!!!! They can change the world and even the economy, the weather!!!!!! We are just small potatoes. Are u still in coma??? Talking about changing the community. It’s Money talk!!! That’s why some filthy rich celebrities can get away easily when they committed serious crimes!!!! Blue ivy must feeling ashamed to have a dad to assist criminals.

  2. I love big black c** April 5, 2020

    Are U f-u-c-k-i-n-g kidding me??? Prisoners???? Do they have a lot of criminal relatives in prison???? Try so hard to show everyone they are hardcore gang gang???? F-u-c-k that!!! Queen B is gonna slap his old black a-s-s

  3. Wwwd What would Whitney Do April 5, 2020

    Some of the prisoners wanna catch it, 20 years or 2020 c**** virus take your pick

  4. Wwwd What would Whitney Do April 5, 2020

    It’s okay Jay Z has An alliance with Meek Mill, it nothing wrong with it y’all was mad him and Kanye stop speaking.. .just like with Whitney Houston how ET did the 50 year special of Mariah again, where she faking like she love Pattie labelle. And just worked with Wh Nothing wrong with Pattie, but b**** looked up in the air when they asked her about Whitney, meek tell Pattie Mariah was hating on Whitney.. shout out to Pattie Labelle and where the food

  5. Beylover April 5, 2020

    Y’all asses won’t stay in the house anyway so why y’all mad?

  6. No name April 5, 2020

    That’s nice of them but it could’ve gone somewhere else tbh, at my hospital we have 1 mask that was issued to us and that 1 mask has to last us a full 7 days before we are issued another one. And it’s not even an n95 mask either. There are a lot of facilities struggling due to lack of supplies. The jails and prisons have been in lock down for a while so the odds of an outbreak are slim to none of everyone does their part.

    • Ughhh April 5, 2020

      Slim to none? That’s not true. If anything it’s more likely given the constant shift changes, incoming traffic of guards, packaged goods and materials, limited use of hygiene access, incoming prisoners and shared quarters. Jay-Z has already donated $1 million for c********** relief efforts, which will help provide hospitals with the resources and medical equipment they need. Rihanna has donated over 6 million and various other celebs have done the same.

      Your government is failing you, not them.

      • Kevon April 5, 2020

        Jayz should be ashame 1mil.. and Rihanna 6 mil.. besides that she still helped her island Barbados with what more money .. rihanna I’ll always support you …

  7. WRTW? April 5, 2020

    Meek mill is a ???

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