Kelly Rowland Beams About New ‘Up-Tempo’ Album, More Music Videos, & More

Published: Tuesday 21st Apr 2020 by Rashad

Quarantine hasn’t slowed the promo grind of Kelly Rowland.

After spilling ‘Coffee’ Friday (April 17) – her first official single in years – the GRAMMY winner is making a splash on a number of television and radio outlets to celebrate its release.

In addition to her widely viewed ‘Coffee with Kelly’ Instagram live chats, Rowland’s hit up the likes of E! News, Radio One D.C., and more to dish on the song’s forthcoming parent album.

Albeit declining to give dibs on the LP’s release date, she did lift the lid on news she’s readying multiple music videos for tracks from the project, increasing the number of included up-tempos, and so much more.

Watch inside:

Interview Highlights

16:10 – Preparing for ‘Coffee’

18:30 – The creative process behind her new ‘up-tempo’ album

21:09 – Downfalls of comparing herself to other women

24:00 – Negativity from social media

28:20 – Inspiration behind ‘Coffee’ video

29:30 – Multiple videos for the project

31:50 – Being against performing live IG concerts

32:40 – On Babyface Vs. Teddy Riley (before the rematch)

39:00 – Destiny’s Child reunion


Bonus:  Skip to 5:45 (on how “vulnerable” her new album will be):

Kelly Rowland dishes on life in quarantine:

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  1. Rashad April 21, 2020

    what is that janet jackson thing in the background? is that a cassette?

    • Keith April 21, 2020

      @Rashad: That was the FIRST thing I saw. Not mad about it, though. Looking forward to Kelly’s album…

  2. C******* UNBOTHERED April 21, 2020


    Kelly hasn’t even evolved past being asked about other celebs or about a DC reunion but somehow thinks a PANDEMIC is a safe time to Attempt a Comeback especially with weak outdated Material such as Coffee

    • Erica April 21, 2020

      Girl you is bothered!!! She did what she had to & as a Stan I’m satisfied! If was something you actually like you still would be mad so ??‍♂️

  3. Clarksooon April 21, 2020

    Miss kelly , this song ain’t it.

    Start afresh.

    • Clarks0o0ñ April 23, 2020

      Clean your mouth .. there are a lotof sperms

  4. Chileplease April 21, 2020

    All this teasing for an album nobody gonna buy…Chile

    • Clarksooon April 21, 2020

      Reminds me of normani

      • Susan April 21, 2020

        Your mom reminds me of the ? I take in the morning. Your dad reminds me of the mailman…mainly because he delivered cu-m to your mom, and bounced.

      • Clarks0o0ñ April 21, 2020

        U mad MAD huh?

        I love it when I hit a nerve.

        The truth is BITTER.

  5. Kel April 21, 2020

    Girl, STFU! ??‍♂️

  6. kiena April 21, 2020

    I think when Motivation came out people was saying the same ohh i dont feel the song …blabla after a while people started liking it. Its the same with this song. At the begining i didnt like it but listen to it now with the Visual i have to say now i started liking the song. The Visual for this song is very good. But she have to keep up the next single have to be somthing with uptempo and some chography.

    • Bam April 21, 2020

      Yup. Ppl were like “it’s too slow for a first single”, “too explicit”, blah blah blah and yet it turned into a massive hit. Coffee is great, accomplished plenty in a short time and she doesn’t have anything that sounds like it in her discography.

  7. Pat April 21, 2020

    This song is growing on me. I didn’t know I needed it. Hope it does decent for her

  8. Susan April 21, 2020

    The album will come out Feb 31, 2077 (AKA….never)

    • Clarks0o0ñ April 21, 2020

      Just like flopmani.

      • Clarks0o0ñ April 23, 2020

        Just like skinnyass cabelho

  9. Clarks0o0ñ April 21, 2020

    Dua lipa’s debut album

    US pure album sales: @DUALIPA, Dua Lipa 54,300 (total).

    After how many years of release, this is the pure sales of the album.

    Future nostalgia 18k pure sales

    Queen of pure sales. Lol

    • Bogus April 21, 2020

      Why are you repeating old stats..please update your information lunatic

    • Erica April 21, 2020

      Times are not the same anymore ?

  10. J April 21, 2020

    Yay! Report on new Missy Video!

  11. King Usher ? April 22, 2020

    Great interview!! Kelly is so loveable ❤️
    Looking forward to the uptempos!!!

  12. UHoesFunny April 24, 2020

    Lol you all are obsessed with Normani. I can’t ??‍♂️ you hate her so much, yet she’s the main topic is every blog post… ??

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