Lady Gaga Unveils ‘Chromatica’ Album Cover

Published: Sunday 5th Apr 2020 by Sam

Lady Gaga is journeying to ‘Chromatica’ for her sixth studio album and she’s revving up the hype machine.

For, the Pop provocateur has unleashed the project’s official cover.

Details after the jump…

Moments ago, Mother Monster shared the official artwork for the set.

She also unveiled vinyl and cassette configurations of the project:

Initially set for release on April 10th, the global health crisis saw Gaga postpone to a date later in the year.

She’s still mum on when exactly that’ll be, but it appears the wheels are in motion for whatever the contingency plan is.

Thus far, the masses have heard the set’s lead single ‘Stupid Love’ – which has thus far peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Word is that more is on the way…imminently.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Covid-19 UNBOTHERED April 5, 2020


    • I love big black c** April 5, 2020

      So do u don’t have diabetes anymore ???

      • Covid-19 UNBOTHERED April 5, 2020

        Well let’s just say The highest Blood pressure ever recorded in an individual was literally 370/360… I might still have that person beat. My last reading was 400/388 almost as high as my current weight of 410 LBS

      • I love big black c** April 5, 2020

        U r doing great! U r in good shape compare to 600lb life. So what bothers u the most? I’m curious to know.

  2. Clarks0o0ñ April 5, 2020

    Too busy

    It’s like she has stalled artistically
    She has ran out of ideas .

  3. Only Facts April 5, 2020

    She’s constantly hides behind crazy costumes, and outlandish surroundings to cover her unattractive face. Say I’m lying. The woman is not attractive. The album is going to fail. Ariana cannot help this mess.

    • Clarks0o0ñ April 5, 2020

      You’ve been very quiet ever since dua lipa sold 18k pure sales

      U dont attack me or Camila anymore,

      The rat has eaten humble pie

      So which new pop girl are u gonna start comparing to Camila?
      Ava max
      Megan thee stallion
      Doja cat


      A stupid rat

      • Lana Del Slay April 5, 2020

        Ew. Get a life. You’re a stalker. Weirdo

  4. Susan April 5, 2020

    How long until nicki accuses Gaga of copying her squaring pose? Even though Kim originally did that pose. This is a tacky. I said it once and I’ll say it again, this generation doesn’t care about Gaga. She’s done.

  5. BeyRihCi April 5, 2020

    Mess. Gaga will have the breakdown of the century when this album flops and she realizes her star is dimming. She’s a textbook narcissist, and once she realizes the public is done with her, she’ll go off the rails. Watch.

    • Susan April 5, 2020

      I second the breakdown. Once artpop flopped, she gained weight and Perez Hilton said she was doing drugs heavily. Her entire career has been a gimmick, so why not stage a Britney-like breakdown so she can have her own comeback, ya know?

      • I love big black c** April 5, 2020

        At least gaga didn’t shave her head yet and didn’t get pregnant with a crackhead when she was at the top of game.

      • PinotNoir April 6, 2020

        Britney was cute before the head shave. Gaga looks like a possessed, stoned frog WITH long, flowy WIGS – I dare not picture her bald. ?

  6. Lana Del Slay April 5, 2020

    ?? I’m so over this fake b****. Didn’t she get the memo once stupid love fell down the charts? Nobody cares Gaga

  7. Clarks0o0ñ April 5, 2020

    The same rats that said dua lipa was gonna sell 300k are the same people saying gaga is gonna flop

    Gaga is definitely gonna do more than 100k first week , if theres no competition that week, she’s gonna hit number one

    A number one album is hard to get, not everyone has that to their credit.

    • IKNOWTHETRUTH April 5, 2020


  8. Only Facts April 5, 2020

    Someone wants my attention so badly ?? Why would I ever say your name or your faves name? I don’t give out free promo. The less her name appears on this blog, the quicker she’ll go off into oblivion. Keep begging for my attention, pilgrim

    • Clarks0o0ñ April 5, 2020

      A loser
      Pùssyboy, ur main pop girl dua lipa sold 18k in pure sales

      U still haven’t answered my question
      Show me normani on the billboard hot 100, iTunes 100, spotify 100


      • IKNOWTHETRUTH April 5, 2020




      • Clarks0o0ñ April 6, 2020

        Still didnt answer my question

        A rat

      • PinotNoir April 6, 2020

        You two – get a room

  9. I love big black c** April 5, 2020

    Queen gaga!!! This is deff the best album cover from her. I’m feeling game of thrones vibe. Bravo!!!!

    • Only Facts April 5, 2020

      I respectfully disagree. Artpop is hands down her best album cover in my opinion…but the music was, well.

      • I love big black c** April 5, 2020

        Art pop cover is weird but It did surprise me. Gaga was giving birth to a giant blue bowling ball, quite disturbing & shocking. Now I know why all her tour are named as “ball”

      • PinotNoir April 5, 2020

        I liked The Fame cover best.

      • Bogus April 6, 2020

        You know nothing of art…that was a Jeff Koontz art reference

  10. Tyty April 5, 2020

    This album will flop her star has diminished she should look into acting as far as music goes she ain’t it anymore.

    • Only Facts April 5, 2020

      Acting isn’t working either….and neither is her makeup line. She thought she was about to take on Fenty beauty and Gaga’s line ended up flopping. Gaga needs to just retire and have her family and go away. But she’s too much of a narcissist that’s chasing her youth…why else does her face look completely different every time we see her. And the girl isn’t even 37 yet ? sigh. Seeing her cling to Ariana is Pathetic

      • PinotNoir April 5, 2020

        Who’d wanna knock her up?!? ?

      • Bogus April 6, 2020

        You’re a pathetic hater. Her acting isn’t working when she was in a critically acclaimed movie and won several awards

  11. HavanaONana April 5, 2020

    Gaga is an icon and legendary in the making. She has nothing to prove. Stupid love peaked @ #5. It’s actually not that bad when current streaming music is dominated by hip-hop genre. I have a feeling she will still debut at #1.

    On the other hand I’m surprised for Dua’s sales. She has a very successful pop single right now that just hit #1 on US Pop and #3 on Hot 100, bit, she still failed to debut at #1 or #3 with very high stream numbers. Camila sold more and charted more. If Camila will release this week, she could have debut at #1.
    And she did that with flop singles Liar and Shameless. Señorita was already descending down the charts that time.

    • James April 5, 2020

      Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now peak @#2 on the Billboard Hot 100 . Romance was released during the Christmas season with a lot of promotion. Future Nostalgia had less promo , performances were line up such as SNL etc. which got cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Dua, had to change the date, 66k first week sales @#4 is not that bad due to what’s going on globally right now. On the other hand she will have longevity. She will be fine!

  12. Normani The Flop Whisperer April 5, 2020

    I knew that Dua will sell 40-65sps .Some people here say she’ll do better than Camilla numbers but Camilla despite not having too much success with singles (Liar, Shameless, Señorita out of top ten that time) is at least a known name. I feel like here in the states no one knows who dua lipa is that much, they just know her songs. But I think she’ll do better than Normani, Meghan Trainor and K Michelle. See, Romance outsold Future Nosetalgia by almost double.

  13. Anjelina April 5, 2020

    What kind of satanic nonsense is this cover?

  14. PinotNoir April 5, 2020

    Always looks like an 80’s drug addicted Italian hööker on the verge of death. For someone who canceled a tour cuz of hip surgery, she sure still insists on sporting those stilts she has for boots.

    • Fancy BISH April 5, 2020

      You said that like that’s a bad thing ? Would you rather her be in a t-shirt and jeans? ?

      • PinotNoir April 6, 2020

        Best in a burka

      • Only Facts April 6, 2020

        @pinot ??? your shade is exquisite!!!

  15. CDW April 5, 2020

    This is like when Gwen was being harajuku… she’s trying to be anime…

    Def reeks of cultural appropriation mixed w desperation.

    Oh Gaga… stupid love was a try hard single and now this.

    I hope she gives me something good from this, she usually does..

    • MarShawn April 5, 2020

      This is more club kid to me. I think she has always been inspired but the “Club Kids” era.

  16. Around the way filet April 5, 2020

    gaga is regressing. no one wants this 2011 shtick she’s throwing out there. she might as well push the album back until the end of time because no ones buying.

  17. J April 5, 2020


    I’ll be buying regardless. But I ? it ?

  18. DC3 FOREVER April 5, 2020

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. FOH April 6, 2020

    im starting to believe yall act slow on purpose as if Gaga literally didnt explain not too long that Chromatica is a fictional world she created that resonates nothing but peace and love ! stalling creatively? how can someone stall after creating another version of herself that is once again different from her other eras? yall lookin at shyt at the surface and not diggin deep behind the message and its really f***** sad to be honest !

  20. #TheTruth April 6, 2020

    The stripped down image she started going towards to didn’t really work well with her last solo album.

    So it’s like she’s going back to the whole extravaganza aesthetics.

    Well to her defense she also had « The Star Is Born » era that was also quite natural looking for her. So maybe she missed all that.

    Whatever floats her boat. Patience to her fans for the album !

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