Rasheeda Clashes With Fans Who Question Her Age

Published: Monday 6th Apr 2020 by David

Before joining the cast of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘, Rasheeda stood tall as an influential fixture in Atlanta’s thriving Urban music scene and supported the careers of newcomers who would go on to become globally recognised household name (see Ciara‘s ‘Goodies‘).

Unfortunately, recent years have seen her contributions to her culture diminished and overlooked by a new generation of spectators who know her primarily as being the long-suffering wife of fellow ‘Love & Hip Hop‘ cast member Kirk Frost.

This week she was forced to defend her marriage on social media when one concerned fan quizzed her on the union.

Full story below…

The drama kicked off when fans noticed that Rasheeda’s Wikipedia page explained that she has been married to Frost since 1999….the year he turned 30 and she turned 17.

The drama erupted on social media when one fan took to the rapper’s page to ask the couple to explain the large age gap.




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Rasheeda vs fan ????

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She responded to the fan by explaining that she was not 17 in the year she wed with the entrepreneur and had no interested in being married at the time because she was still in high school at the time.

Unfortunately, this explanation led fans to believe that she lied about her age, and saw fans urge her to disclose her real age to protect her husband from the intense criticism he is currently facing from social media users who believe he targeted her when she was in the 12th grade.

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  1. K’’man April 6, 2020

    Isn’t the Georgia Prune in her 50’s!?

  2. Only Facts April 6, 2020

    Nobody cares. Can we get a post about adele being ordered to allegedly pay her husband a settlement of 140 million? “31” is about to be lit ?

  3. Jeans April 6, 2020

    Rasheeda and Kandi are the same age. Rasheeda is not in her 30s like many people believe! It is no secret that some artist lie about their age in this industry. Kandi is 43/44. She and Rasheeda are the same age. Don’t be fooled y’all.

    • Lurdi B. April 16, 2020

      You can tell that Rasheeda is in her 40s. Her and Kandi are good good friends and are the same age which Kandi is in her 40s. She would have gotten married at 23 not 17, had her first son at 25 who is now 19. Why is she lying about her age anyway? She looks good to be almost mid 40.

      And to be honest, revealing her real age will stop the adoption and marriage rumor. That’s how you clear that up. Kirk made a comment in the video that “we not gonna reveal numbers or age”or something he said of that nature. So there it is.

      • Lurdi B. April 16, 2020

        And also, when I saw that Rasheeda is in her 30s my intuition knew it was a lie, first I always knew she had to be in her 40s and second, I will be 34 this year and there is no way Rasheeda is only four years older than me.

  4. DMA_Moon April 6, 2020

    LoL! The confidence with which people post after hearing a rumor and or just not knowing shite. It’s amazing. People are trash.

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