TGJ’s Top 5: Reasons We’re Loving Kelly Rowland’s ‘Coffee’

Published: Monday 20th Apr 2020 by Rashad

Kelly Rowland poured out new single ‘Coffee’ to rapturous applause Friday (April 17).

Produced by Kosine and co-penned by Rowland alongside Syd The Kid, the delicious mid-tempo is the premiere taste of the GRAMMY winner’s first solo album in seven years.

That Grape Juice has had both the song and its Steven Gormillion-directed visual on repeat since their synchronized debut.

Now, join us after the jump as we unpack five reasons why Ms. Kelly’s sonic and visual comeback is everything we’ve waited for from her…


Melanin in all its magnificence took center stage in the visual and the semantic implications are seismic. Historically, problematic power structures have presented the notion of “the lighter, the righter.”

Yet, Kelly potently places the beauty of Blackness at the forefront – boldly reminding that stunning comes in all hues.

From the wardrobe to hair and choreography, tastes of Mother Africa were abundant in ‘Coffee.’

Black Girl Magic

An extension of the previous point, Rowland’s ‘Coffee’ served a hearty helping of Black Girl Magic with its accompanying video – a salute to the power of womanhood that rang just as loudly as the visual’s ode to chroma.

The GRAMMY winner’s latest eras have seen her backed by male dancers more than not, a move used to arguably visually distance herself from her Destiny’s Child beginnings while also asserting a feminine dominance.

With ‘Coffee,’ she swapped the messages of estrogenic dominion with a visual sermon on feminism, unity, and strength in numbers.

Unapologetic Sexuality

One of the most jaw-dropping moments of the visual came when the singer celebrated the  female form by “freeing the nipple.”

As ever with Kelly, she possess the ability to tap into the sensual while keeping it classy.

Sonic Evolution

Ms. Kelly is no stranger to a mid-tempo scintillator as a lead single.

Yet, with this pouring of music she evolves the sound in a more contemporary direction. What the track may lack in an obvious, on-the-nose chorus, it more than makes up for with its rich and memorable melodies.

Audio shea butter!

Steven Gormillion

While not a household name among video directors like the Dave Meyers, Matthew Rolston, Director X, Hype Williams, and others of history, it’s easy to argue Steven Gormillion‘s growing portfolio and technique certainly rivals the best.

Having been courted by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Ciara, and more across photography, music videos, and creative direction, Gormillion’s work has been lauded for its dramatic detail and emphasis on making colors pop.

Kelly’s ‘Coffee,’ though short and sweet, served as no exception.


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  1. Andrew April 20, 2020

    6 th: because it’s kelly f*g Rowland

    • DC3 FOREVER April 20, 2020


    • King Usher ? April 20, 2020

      Period ??

  2. #TheTruth April 20, 2020

    Sonic evolution ? Memorable melody ? That’s a joke right ?

    We had Motivation, Kisses Down Low and now Coffee as lead singles… is that also an evolution ?

    She’s been making this album for years and this is what we’re getting ?!

    I love Kelly, I sincerely do. But this is not how she’s going to relaunch her career.
    And she’s worth better than singing about s€x all the time.
    I don’t have any issue with s€x but 3 lead singles in a row… the formula is getting repetitive.

    The visual is on point and neat tho.

  3. C******* UNBOTHERED April 20, 2020

    Kelly has a very BORING voice… crystal clear yet still hesitate and soulless. In order for Kelly to “pop” the music has to be TOP NOTCH to disguise/mask the boring vocals(Motivation, Ice, Kisses down low, Smooches, FlashBack)… “Coffee” just is NOT it. Can’t mix boring with BORING. LOL ?

  4. XYZ April 20, 2020

    We know this site stans for Kelly Rowland, but let’s be real. The video is amazing, but the song is just mediocre and not worthy of the video.

    • Andrew April 20, 2020

      Completely right. Although there’s a sound of Cheerleader by OMI in it

  5. C******* UNBOTHERED April 20, 2020

    Kelly needs to make a Dirty Laundry Part II ???

    • Andrew April 20, 2020

      Omg yesss ? and you need to watch your but t twice ?

      • Javis April 20, 2020

        Omg good one ☝️ ?

  6. Only Facts April 20, 2020

    The video is STUNNING! Kelly in my opinion is far superior than bey when it comes to serving looks (and I’m a fan of Bey, but let’s be real. Kelly has supermodel looks. Beyoncé does not). My issue with the song is that it’s so damn short, I barely consider it a song! It’s a f*cking interlude! She should’ve put a feature on it to make it a little longer. Just my opinion. I’m supporting Kelly (even though this is 7 years too late…I digress).

  7. Erica April 20, 2020

    Y’all hate to see it! But this is her best lead single let’s be real. This is best I seen her do on the charts as far as iTunes. It’s been in the top 20 of iTunes since it came out. Yeah I know she’s not number 1 but she’s never been so that’s not act like she is flopping because Of it. Seems like this single is doing better Out the gate than any other single release before. I’m a proud fan & makes me so excited for what’s to come!

    • #TheTruth April 20, 2020

      That says a lot about her choices and her management if that’s her best lead single to date…

      To me, it’s her worst after Kisses Down Low. But to each their own.

      Thankfully she’s always had great material on her albums. But lead singles have never been her fuerte.

  8. Interac April 20, 2020

    She needs to release that ‘conceited’ ballad.

    • Andrew April 20, 2020


      • #TheTruth April 20, 2020

        And that won’t do nothing to help her career.

        She needs something fresh and let people hear her voice and range. Yes I know she doesn’t have a Mariah type of range but she’s showcased very few times her higher and lower register.

  9. DC3 FOREVER April 20, 2020


  10. DC3 FOREVER April 20, 2020

    Haven’t replayed her lead single this heavy since LIKE THIS

  11. Fancy BISH April 20, 2020

    Besides sonic evolution, I agree fully with everything y’all said! The direction, Afrocentrism and concept is stunning! Beautiful black girl magic! ??

  12. Dia April 20, 2020

    I agree about your point in saying sonic evolution Because this is a bit more crisp than past songs the commenters are stuck on the concept ignoring the vocal layering and intricate back ground vocals this song also sound VERY current which many artist from Kelly’s generation aren’t able to do my personal complaint is that this song is waay to short

    • The truth always comes to light April 20, 2020

      It’s a buzz track darling… it’s not even going to radio… her real single will be shot after the quarantine… she stated her lead single she be going all out & will have full out choreography… in her words this is just the beginning!!!

  13. POPS Muva April 21, 2020

    what people need to understand is that times have changed. the music industry has changed. Kelly has been out for so long she cannot serve the same things she did. at least not to this generation. the VIDEO is amazing! representing so much and making it known shes black and proud. the song is mid tempo with a little trap. I love the line “these b*tches will never be” SLAYYY ME Kelly this song being on replay the whole summer

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