Watch: Nicki Minaj & Big Fendi Address Feud In Tell-All Conversation

Published: Thursday 16th Apr 2020 by David

Nicki Minaj and her former friend and mentor Fendi surprised fans when they reconciled following years of feuding.

Minaj rose to fame in the early 2000s with the help of the R&B group Full Force, but became the musician the world knows today circa 2007 when Fendi used his know-how and music industry expertise to help her become a household name via an introduction to Lil Wayne via the Come Up DVDs.

Alas, things took a turn for the worst when Fendi felt that he was pushed out of the picture once Minaj signed to Young Money and watched Minaj and the music industry make millions from the brand he helped to create.

Today, almost a decade after he backed Lil Kim‘s ‘Black Friday’ assault against the ‘Super Bass’ rapper, he has reunited with her.

Watch their conversation below….

Your thoughts?


Your thoughts?

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  1. JamieLynn April 16, 2020

    She should have done this with Lil Kim and Remy, or even Cardi, then it would have been worth watching….

    • E. April 16, 2020

      She don’t owe none of them s***. I like Nicki just the way she is, f*** them. I hope they don’t ever become friends or collaborate. I like the cocky, s*** talking Nicki.

  2. Bluebird April 16, 2020


    • I Hate Blllacck n Whyyyte bitchezz April 16, 2020

      90% have plastic surgery it’s not just nixx damn, she bleaches to even her skin tone, she travels around the world

      • Only Facts April 16, 2020

        Yeah, you’re right. She bleaches her skin because she travels around the world ??? sure, Jan. That makes sense.

      • I Hate Blllacck n Whyyyte bitchezz April 16, 2020

        , some bleach, some tan..thier skin .

        90% has plastic surgery, not just buzz traveling around the world, heavy lighting, sun, wind… Pollution she has to bleach to even her skin tone, sometimes her back my be more tanned the rest of her. ….

    • E. April 16, 2020

      Yet you took the time to click on this article and write that paragraph when you could’ve been doing doing other things with your life.

    • Shayla Queen ? April 16, 2020

      Yet everyone comes for Bhad Bhabie for wearing tan…

  3. Around the way filet April 16, 2020

    no one cares

  4. Only Facts April 16, 2020

    Who and who? ???

    • E. April 16, 2020

      Oh b**** you definitely know who Nicki is. You’re in the comment section of every article about her.

      • Blabla bla April 16, 2020

        We know ghetto tra$h garbaj

  5. Only Facts April 16, 2020

    Did I hear her beef up her first week sales for pink Friday? Did this trashy hooker say it sold 400k first week? Let me do a quick fact check…BRB. Yeah, as expected, 375k. Don’t beef up the stats Onigg-a.

    • Tone April 16, 2020

      You are wrong!!! ????

    • E. April 16, 2020

      Why did you even listen to the interview? Y’all claim y’all want her to go away but y’all be on top of her s*** more than her fans. Nobody asked you to watch the interview. If you hate her so much why do I see your name in the comment section of every Nicki article? You even took time out of your life to watch somebody you can’t stand. #PATHETIC

      • Only Facts April 16, 2020

        Girl, I hit okay and slid it to the 14 min mark or whatever and heard her spew out that lie. Then I turned the mess off. This generation doesn’t know nicki, Katy, or Gaga. Deal b****

      • Shayla Queen ? April 16, 2020

        Because he’s a sad bottom that no one wants to top.

    • E. April 16, 2020

      Furthermore, you didn’t have to go check her stats. You already knew, you always on her s***. I’m sure you know way more about her than her fans. You follow her every move. You and all her other haters get to her articles before the fans.

    • E. April 16, 2020

      You didn’t answer the question. I said “WHY?”. You don’t like her so stop reading articles about her. Who the f*** said anything about “Katy” & “Gaga”? You know Nicki, like I said you always on her s*** and I’m almost for certain you mentioned something about her past songs in past comments. If you don’t know her how do you know her songs?

      • Only Facts April 16, 2020

        You are pressed like a panini this morning. You think I’m reading your essay about this trashy hooker? I said what I said. My screen name is only FACTS! I am a FACT CHECKER! Any other questions? If not, please suck a doorknob

      • Urg April 16, 2020

        Huni best not agrue with that fraud Only Facts. He/She is one of thrm undercover fans who will pretend to hate a person but always on their sh*t.

      • Blabla bla April 16, 2020

        This is none of your bizness garbaj fan

    • E. April 16, 2020

      B**** any excuse to be on Nicki’s s***.”Blabla” whatever the f*** you call yourself, you wanna talk about what ain’t somebody business. B**** I was talking to “only facts” and you hopped your raggedy ass in the comment section with your 2 cents. Who was talking to you? Back to “Only Facts” your still “PATHETIC” if you spend time fact checking people you don’t like. You can’t think of nothing better to do with your time?

      • Only Facts April 16, 2020

        You’re the one writing essays, fill. Nothing better to do during quarantine? How about some crunches…

      • Only Facts April 16, 2020


    • E. April 16, 2020

      Why didn’t you take your advice instead of clicking on this article? Also, in case you didn’t notice you’ve written some paragraghs or “essays” as well.

      • Only Facts April 16, 2020

        Honey, see if you can pull a Demi Lovato. *plays anybody*

      • E. April 16, 2020

        Maybe I doubt it but if I knew anything about Demi Lovato that would mean something. I don’t know s*** about Demi Lovato or what the hell you’re talking about. I don’t care to know either.

    • Coupe April 16, 2020

      400k worldwide

  6. Hated4myopinion April 16, 2020

    I love Nicki, she said it’s ok I prefer to be called by my last name Nicki Maraj. (This was recorded months ago) Kenny was waiting in the background for something to pop off lmao. This interview shows how much of a male privilege society we have that when a woman gets upset, speaks her mind and decides to leave a situation, she receives hate for not giving homage to a person she felt disrespected by. What really ups the ante is that he decided to go around people tarnishing her name because of this. Her and Lil Kim could have collaborated and been biiiiggggg together, but he chose to be spiteful. I’m so glad that Nicki is at a point in her career where she wants to mend fences with people. No matter what y’all say about her, she’s still has a genuine heart and you can see it throughout the interview. The fans are really getting closure as she really is deciding to focus on her family. I don’t blame her, you people have thrown so much hatred and miscegenation (as well as the picking apart of her man especially in a system that targets and labels black men unjustly) her way that it would make anyone need to be committed. I’ll still be a fan forever, if she decides to really retire or not.

  7. MonkeySeeMonkeyDo April 16, 2020

    I skipped past the hateful comments. Life is short and I’m glad she is mending fences. You always get back the energy you put out. New Nicki coming and I’m ready! YIKESSSSS

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