Quincy Jones’ $9.4 Million Win In Michael Jackson Royalty Case Snatched Back After Appeal

Published: Tuesday 5th May 2020 by Sam

Quincy Jones has seen most of his near win $10 million in Michael Jackson royalty fees moonwalk away from him after an appeals court dramatically reversed an earlier decision.

Full story below…

In what was a courtroom ‘Thriller,’ a California appeals hearing has ruled that a trial judge overseeing the legendary producer’s fight for more royalties for his work producing MJ classics didn’t adequately interpret contracts. Hence, the Jones’ $9.4 million win in 2017 has been reversed – so much so that $6.9 million will not have to be paid by the singer’s estate.

As reported, Jones – who helmed three of Jackson’s classic albums (‘Off The Wall,’ ‘Thriller,’ and ‘Bad’) – originally laid claim to $30 million for revenue made from the King Of Pop’s posthumous efforts – including remixes and masters for blockbuster movie ‘This Is It.’

And while he didn’t receive the lion-share of the sum, the jury  at the time ruled that Jones was entitled to nearly $1.6 million for not being afforded the opportunity to participate in those remixes, an additional $5.3 million in joint venture profits, almost $2 million more for ‘This Is It,’ and a further $180,000 for foreign public performance revenue.

However, per THR, today’s reversal centered around whether Jones’ case should have even have been handed to a jury.

Check out this excerpt:

“The appeals court rules that the judge at the helm should have looked at extrinsic evidence about the contract to make a preliminary determination about the meaning of Jones’ producer contracts. Only when the contracts were reasonably susceptible to at least two interpretations and there was enough conflict in the evidence should the contractual interpretation be put to a jury.”

“The trial court did not perform these judicial functions; instead, it allowed the jury to act in a judicial capacity,” states the opinion.

The report goes on to unpack other means in which the appeals court felt their were holes in protocol or Jones’ base argument.

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  1. Dickie May 5, 2020

    The Jackson Family Estate continues to keep courts in business. Will Mr Jones appeal? Guess so and the lawyers hours will clocking up until he Beats it.

  2. 1988 May 5, 2020

    $30 million does not seem like he was asking for much (after taxes would be $15 million). Then the legal fees. I have bought all three of the Quincy Jones executive produced MJ albums in addition to This Is It since MJ passed away. I’ve bought Thriller three times since MJ passed. Two CD’s (one Deluxe and both Remastered) and a Vinyl LP. We can’t have Quincy not getting paid. The man is 87 years young and together with Michael, changed the music industry forever. If Quincy Jones can’t get paid what he feels he deserves then what are all the producer/songwriters out here going to expect?

    • sHANNA May 6, 2020

      GURL. You wasting your money on that old school drag queens music. A DARK SKIN black man running around dressed up like a WHITE woman. MJ was the personification of SELF-HATE, running around in MAKE-up (WHITE MAKE_UP), a WIG and Lip stick. MJ was a DRAG QUEEN. Great Music, Tormented Man, Save you money.

      • 1988 May 6, 2020

        I would buy them all over again. 🙂 He is the King Of Pop and this legal business has nothing to do with Quincy Jones or Michael Jackson’s God given talent. It’s just business. And unlike many on here I am PROUD to be a man and wouldn’t change that for the world either……lol.

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