J. Cole Responds to ‘Snow On Tha Bluff’ Criticism: ‘I Stand By Every Word’

Published: Wednesday 17th Jun 2020 by Rashad

J. Cole‘s first solo record of 2020 is coming in the form of a powerful protest tune, ‘Snow on Tha Bluff.’

Addressing police brutality and other racial injustices across the Kelvin ‘Wu10’ Wooten-production, Cole’s cut comes as a response to social activist NoName after she called out top-selling rappers who have largely remained silent on the latest racially-charged events.

“She mad at the celebrities, low key I be thinkin’ she talking about me,” he raps. “Now I ain’t no dummy to think I’m above criticism so when I see something that’s valid I listen / But shit, it’s something about the queen tone that’s bothering me.”

Later, he got Twitter fingers blazing after listeners got wind of the line that states:

“F–k is the point of you preaching your message to those that already believe what you believe?/” I’m on some ‘F–k a retweet,’ most people is sheep / You got all the answers but how you gon’ reach?”

Look inside to read his reaction to the criticism.

Taking to Twitter, Cole responded to growing criticism of the song’s lyrics.  On his official handle, he stated (June 17):

“I stand behind every word of the song that dropped last night,” he began. “Right or wrong I can’t say, but I can say it was honest. Some assume to know who the song is about. That’s fine with me, it’s not my job to tell anybody what to think or feel about the work. I accept all conversation and criticisms. But Let me use this moment to say this Follow @noname. I love and honor her as a leader in these times. She has done and is doing the reading and the listening and the learning on the path that she truly believes is the correct one for our people. Meanwhile a n—a like me just be rapping.”

He later added:

“I haven’t done a lot of reading and I don’t feel well equipped as a leader in these times. But I do a lot of thinking. And I appreciate her and others like her because they challenge my beliefs and I feel that in these times that’s important.We may not agree with each other but we gotta be gentle with each other.”

[photo source:  Wesley Mann/Billboard]

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  1. Hmmm… June 17, 2020

    Why make a song about this though? Very unnecessary. And there’s nothing wrong with celebs not being vocal, I’d rather they shut up unless they have something truly thoughtful and valuable to say. But there is something… strange I guess… about how It’s easy for people like him and Kendrick to make bold music about the black experience and sell it for profit, but they can’t or don’t want to boldly put themselves out there in times like this. Or maybe they feel more comfortable expressing themselves artistically?? Idk. I see both sides I guess. But clearly, this is what sets Jay Z apart. There is actual practice behind his preaching.

    • Lmfao_Hoe June 18, 2020

      But him and Kendrick Lamar have been to the protests….

  2. sp4ce June 17, 2020

    The problem with this is that he dropped this, thinking people would blindly support him because (1) he’s a man, (2) he’s rapping, (3) he’s more well-known than @noname, and (4) he wears the “woke” reputation.

    When he realized he was essentially the “Jessica Mulroney” of reacting out poorly to someone else calling him out AND that @noname comes with facts, he just raised his hands like “oh btw i don’t know anything; this is just my opinion.”

    And then he topped it off with “we need to be gentler with people” even though he dropped a whole song about her because his feelings were hurt.

  3. #Formulation June 17, 2020

    All i want to know is if he came for the queen or not #beykind or else

  4. Bravo!! June 18, 2020

    A lot of are Minorities Believe this fight for justice is not their fight until someone or something triggers them to fight.
    people felt the same way about Colin Kaepernick. He really giving Noname a shout out for calling him out. J. Cole doesn’t need to seek attention from these current events. His music always has been woke to cultural issues. Now have of ya lady’s need to get woke.

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