Keyshia Cole Signs New Management Deal / Reunites with Ron Fair for New Album

Published: Wednesday 17th Jun 2020 by Rashad

Though enjoying the ongoing success of her FOX Soul-hosted talk show ‘One on One with Keyshia Cole,’ the ’11:11 Reset’ singer is ready to press the reset button on her music career as evidenced by a recently announced partnership with Primary Wave Music management.

Details inside:


“Keyshia Cole has signed with Primary Wave Music for management. The announcement comes in the wake of the Grammy-nominated R&B singer signing with BMG and reuniting with A&R executive and producer Ron Fair for her next album.

Primary Wave Music, which houses a publishing division as well, also represents Melissa Etheridge, Fantasia, the Isley Brothers, Cypress Hill and CeeLo Green, among other artists.”

In a statement, Cole expressed her elation from the news.

 “I am truly blessed to continue my journey with a whole new team of believers: partner BMG with Tim Reid leading the charge; new management with Primary Wave under the direction of Steven Greener,” she said.  “And I’m beyond happy to be reunited with my musical father Ron Fair, who believed in me from the very beginning. [We’re] moving beyond our own footsteps, humble and aware of the shoes we need to fill.”

As of time reported, there is no official news on a tentative due date for the new album which would serve as the follow-up to 2017’s ’11:11 Reset.’

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  1. Jackx June 17, 2020

    I want a collab with Cardi

    • Only Facts June 17, 2020

      I’d be here for this. The only rap collab of Keyshia’s that I hate is the one with Nicki 🥴 the rest are some of her best songs.

      • Jackx June 17, 2020

        Facts that one was trash and only forced by the label

      • NinjaNick June 19, 2020

        Yall hate Nicki so much because she is STILL winning. Yall love all of these other h*** so much but never buy their music. F*** yall

    • Kenny June 18, 2020

      Cardi is done

  2. Miss salt gawl June 17, 2020

    Ima pass on the next album. She’s in love, the heartbreak songs won’t hit like they need to.

    • Only Facts June 17, 2020

      That guy she’s with is a complete f*ck boy. She won’t be with him for long

  3. Only Facts June 17, 2020

    I’m excited for this. Ron Fair to Keyshia is what Dr. Luke was to Katy Perry. 11:11 reset was a hot mess and so was the point of no return, but I think she can turn it around!

  4. PinotNoir June 17, 2020

    Ron effing Fair?!? Plz save Xtina. 👐

  5. DC3 FOREVER June 17, 2020

    LMAO!!! Keep it no one cares. It will debut at #97 with 5,320 S+S sold.

    • Hated for my opinion June 17, 2020

      Well as much love all me with Kehlani got I beg to differ. She just needs to be introduced to a mainstream audience again. She really needs to feature on somebody else song first before putting her solo stuff out.

    • Breezi June 17, 2020

      Keyshia is done. She’ll never recapture the magic from 2004-2009.

  6. Paulo June 17, 2020

    her recent music didn’t click with me and I am a huge fan of her first three albums so this seems promising

  7. PinotNoir June 17, 2020

    Just me or tol K.Michelle-esque?

  8. I+love+big+black+c** June 17, 2020

    She peaked already with “my neck my back”

  9. Detruth June 17, 2020

    I thought she got back with him for point of no return? Either way I’m here for it I love keyshia but she has to come with it I haven’t loved an album of hers since woman to woman. I love her first 5 efforts.

    • Only Facts June 17, 2020

      The last album Ron fair did with Keyshia was calling all hearts I believe

      • Detruth June 18, 2020

        I just looked it up and there was articles back then saying she was going to work with him on point of no return. I actually remember her saying it was his idea to shoot a video for every song that time.

  10. B2B June 18, 2020

    Her last album 11:11 Reset is one of her best works! I am excited to see what Ron will bring to the table as well as her new mgt. KC can still create great bop; Emotional, Best friend, Ride, Right Time, Incapable, Act Right & Vault hit!

  11. the queen June 18, 2020

    Keyshia’s raspy vocals are everything!
    Truly miss her!!
    and whoever said a Cardi collab is right! I’d be here for that 1000%

    • Kenny June 20, 2020


  12. Dombalo Gombalo June 18, 2020

    I keep bumpin’ Keyshia’s 1st CD in my car for weeks now lol And now I hear these news, omg omg omg!!!

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