Petition To Get Trina Fired from Radio Show Surges Past 10,000 Signatures

Published: Wednesday 3rd Jun 2020 by Rashad

‘Pull Over’ performer Trina will soon be pulled from her own morning radio show if disappointed fans have their way.

Details inside:

As we reported here, she slammed the riots that have broken out in the wake of George Floyd’s death by branding rioters “animals” who “escaped a zoo.”

The generalization didn’t sit well with some, many of whom are calling for the Rap diva’s removal from the ‘T&T Morning Show’ she hosts on Miami’s 99 JAMZ Hip Hop radio station.

As if trending on Twitter Wednesday (June 3) with over 200,000 mentions wasn’t enough, a petition – launched on – garnered 10,000 signatures from concerned listeners (as seen above).


At writing, 99 JAMZ has only said the following regarding the matter:


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  1. Tori June 3, 2020

    Everyone who signed the petition needs their asses whooped. Though she spoke at the wrong time, she wasnt wrong and all they’ve done by signing this is prove her point. Crab in a barrel ass b******. America is in full shambles yet our community is in its natural state, 🤦🏾‍♂️ thats damn sad!

    • Detruth June 3, 2020

      Nah she deserves it! I do agree we as a ppl have a crab in the barrel mentality at times but we as blk ppl have to stick together when it means the most and this movement is about life and death. She was caught talking stupid referring to ppl as animals when they are fighting for our right’s to be safe human beings.

    • Susan June 3, 2020

      No, she deserves this. I would say this is too far if she apologized, but she doubled down on what she said. She made her bed.

    • Pat June 3, 2020

      Wrong time my a**

    • Nippian June 4, 2020

      She called her own people animals. Fire that $2 h**

  2. Susan June 3, 2020

    Trina, you already were flopping but this was the final nail. And you haven’t apologized yet??

    Yeah, it’s over. Khia, where is your roast about this?

  3. Ugghh June 3, 2020

    Black community how are we going to tear one of our own down when we are trying to lift ourselves up?! Counter productive, much.

    Instead of cancelling and ending careers. Teach someone their wrongs and how they can improve and do better.

    • Detruth June 3, 2020

      If she wants to do better maybe we can teach her but she has to apologize first!

  4. Hated for my opinion June 3, 2020

    Trina should not be fired over that.

  5. eric June 3, 2020

    A retired black police captain was just killed trying to protect a store from looters, but we’re more worried about making sure we find empathetic labels for his killers. It is animalistic behavior, and if we call it anything else we’re only setting ourselves up for more trouble.

    • FAF June 3, 2020

      Why is he trying to protect a store if he’s retired? He not a cop

      • NicetyK50 June 4, 2020

        Once a cop always a cop. If you were in law enforcement or knew anyone in law enforcement, you’d know that. “Protect & Serve” for life.

  6. MDOTWILLIAMS June 3, 2020


    • MonkeySeeMonkeyDo June 3, 2020

      I signed it because ignorance isn’t okay. She has more than enough money and time to educate herself. So it’s bye and I’m a big fan of hers.

      • nikki June 4, 2020

        She has a platform to encourage people, not only that do you see her on twitter arguing, cursing? she is not setting a good example at all. She need to proof read as well.

      • Katrina LaVerne Taylor June 4, 2020

        Shut the f*** up

  7. TRA June 4, 2020

    No apologies. Cause she had time today and said what she said. Been sick of her. Everytime she talks, I turn the station any way. I rather Trick do it alone. The back and forth is not entertaining. Just stay quite like she was. Be more like Beyonce, if you dont know about publicity and how to speak. It went from curfew to judging the protesters. The curfew is for safety but this protest is about justice and saving future lives. This protest has made too much progress for this nonsense. She should have waited if she wanted to address it and she knows, its been proven its not the protesters. Theres alot of imposters. But regardless, the good with the bad, this has been the most progress any protest has made in a long time. She needs to be silenced. Aint nobody worried bout the food on her table, she will get money like Trick said she got money. But she dont need this platform. If you not for this movement, you against it and thats why so many large companies have been supporting.

  8. June 4, 2020

    People can’t speak their mind anymore

  9. Ace June 5, 2020

    Trina spoke facts. People hate to hear it. The way she worded it was wrong but I knew exactly what swhe as trying to say.

  10. Former listener June 21, 2020

    Trina doesn’t have the educational background to discuss systemic injustice or any political issues. Her being a black woman doesn’t give her the authority to speak for all black people or for any ethnicity. She embarrassed herself and the entire black community that’s fighting for change in America. If she would’ve done some research she would’ve realized that those that are vandalizing and looting are mostly non black! She’s an embarrassment to our race and she’s all bark no bite. Trick shouldn’t be punished but he needs a cohost that can address certain issues in an articulate and control their emotions without being combative. I’m sorry but Trina’s apology was not as passionate when she said we’re animals that escaped from the zoo. She has to go or your show will lose its viewers. We’re upset and your station hadn’t done a thing to fix it.
    Why is it taking so long to address this? Unless, you think we’re animals like Trina the Saddest Chick

  11. JB June 27, 2020

    She has not provided anything of value or substance to the city of Miami so, no one here owes her any loyalty. Trina was not trained on being a radio host and is not a professional, PERIOD. If she was, then she would’ve been trained on what to say and what not to say as a radio host. She was wrong because, MOST of MIAMI was not rioting and some of the people that got caught, wasn’t even from here. So yes it was very offensive to speak on the same people that breathed life into her career for her to have one in the first place, as animals. Those are the same animals that supported her music to begin with. She could feel how she wants but it’s a time and place to express yourself or not. The fact that her biased opinions can be harmful and non educational for the public that listens, shows that she should not be on the air. I don’t care who doesn’t like it. We don’t need nonsense we need real sense and she lacks a lot.

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