Adele Albums Return To The Charts

Published: Thursday 9th Jul 2020 by David

Two Adele albums have earned fresh positions on the UK Albums Chart as anticipation of her next studio album intensifies.

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The singer/songwriter has spent the years following the release of her last record raising her son, finalising her separation from her now ex-husband and using her voice to celebrate black musicians and creatives.

Hit this link to watch her tribute Nicki Minaj.



The last month has brought with it several reports that her next record is on the way and a report which claims it will be feature material created with Raphael Saadiq and John Legend.

The excitement surrounding the album inspired many music lovers to revisit her material on streaming platforms. The sum of their fresh support? New entries on the Official Albums Chart’s Top 50.

Last Friday, ’25’ made its way back into the tally and claimed the #48 spot as ’21’ landed at #45…275 weeks after its chart debut.


Also fuelling the renewed interest in the Londoner’s work are conversations surrounding her relationship with Black music and the feeling, amongst some members of the music purchasing community, that her work falls under the cultural appreciation (and not appropriation) umbrella.

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  1. Danyboo July 9, 2020

    Is the Madame on her way back to radio? I cant wait to see this new body in illusion mesh!!! Come thru!

  2. marilyn monh-O-E July 9, 2020

    Stop teasing us! Just dropped the god damn new album already. We knew Adele’s formula, 80% ballad, 15% mid tempo, 5% upbeat. Stop pretending that it’s gonna be another masterpiece after 21

      • Fancier Bish🤳🏼 July 9, 2020

        Coming from someone unisex

      • Fancy BISH July 9, 2020

        @Clarkson, you don’t know me you ugly piece of 💩 You obsessed with me for real, remember you’re the one taking MY name and likeness! 🤳🏽 You so stupid! 😂 You’re trying to diss when you wanna BE me! Make it make sense! I get everything I want, that’s why you MAD mad….why don’t you watch THIS….your people! 😂 I know Normani looks better than this 🤣 Everytime your racist ass says ANYTHING about black people, you REMEMBER THIS…ya’ll left this out of the history books lol

      • Sip Lizzo Juice July 9, 2020

        Stop obsessing with Kelly Ckarkson

  3. BACKTOBASICS July 9, 2020

    Wait, but xtina the voice always gave credit where it’s due and what she grew up on. She’s paid respect to many black musicians through out her career.

    • PinotNoir July 9, 2020

      Obese, smoking, Perez Hilton’s blog reading Middle America could never relate to exotic, toothpick-thin Xtina the way they could to Adele.

  4. Blaine Kelley July 9, 2020

    Adele has definitely said some great things recognizing Black excellence ( ie: her Grammy Speech about Beyonce and Lemonade) however, and this is a genuine question, has she made intentional decisions to support Black artist by employing them as producers, back up vocalists, musicians, etc on her albums and tours? Has she invited soulful Black artists to open up for her on tour?

    Again, this is a genuine question because words are great but actions and putting your money where your mouth is is better.

    I think it could be argued that she’s monopolized the soulful ballad market for a grip and outshined actual Black soul singers and done little to turn her massive white audience on to said Black soul singers.

    Does anyone remember the “Jasmin Sullivan should be as big as Adele but isn’t cuz she’s not white” conversations that once filled these comment sections?

    Not trying to come for Adele but genuinely curious…

  5. Jaqua July 9, 2020

    Love Adele! Too bad black women that sing like her and maybe even better don’t ever scratch the surface of her success – just because the color of their skin.

    PS I hope she does not work with Raphael Saadiq or John legend. She’s too talented to work with them.

    • Lmfao_Hoe July 9, 2020

      Too talented for Raphael muthfucking Saadig ?!?! That man has countless hits in his catalog and pen game is very nice. Don’t come for him smh and John is talented just not my honest cup of tea nor has the hits to back his credibility as Raphael can.

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