Katy Perry’s ‘Smile’ Misses Hot 100 Entirely With Modest Debut

Published: Friday 24th Jul 2020 by Rashad

Smile is probably the last thing Katy Perry fans – affectionately called #KatyCats – will do after taking a peruse of the Hot 100.

The Pop bop – which lists Zedd, Charlie Puth, and Monsterz & Strangerz among its high profile craftsmen – was released as the title track and official second single from Perry’s fifth studio album (due in stores August 14).

Coming on the heels of her last top 40 hit ‘Daisies’ (as we reported here), fans undoubtedly had high hopes for ‘Smile’ as the critical acclaim rolled in upon its early July release.  The refreshed Hot 100 reveals that acclaim may not be reflected commercially, however.

Details inside:

Released July 10, chart-watchers looking to see where ‘Smile’ placed after its first official tracking week ended may have been surprised to see it was absent from the Hot 100 all together.

Premiering on the Bubbling Under chart at #21, the song is the third of Katy’s post-‘Witness’ era to miss the Hot 100 upon its debut.  Unlike ‘Daisies,’ ‘Small Talk,’ and ‘Never Really Over,’ ‘Harleys in Hawaii’ and ‘Never Worn White’ also opened outside of the main hit list to varying degrees of success.

Note:  The “Bubbling Under Hot 100” chart is designed to rank the top 25 songs that have not yet charted on the main Billboard Hot 100 based on collected radio airplay, sales, and streams data.

Click here to see who joined her on that chart.

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  1. Susan July 24, 2020

    When you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite. Look at you now. Pregnant and frowning when you should be pregnant and smiling. Just retire and enjoy your family girl. Read the room. Nobody is checking for your music unless it’s produced by “Tyson Traxx” and you go back to black hair. Unfortunately, those two things would solve your problem. Until then, karma is your best friend 🤡🤡🤡

    • WRTW? July 24, 2020

      The fact that this Monique quote is still used today crack me tf up

      • Julian July 25, 2020

        She really made herself immortal with that one!

  2. Susan July 24, 2020

    Everything Charlie and Zedd have produced for her flopped (with the exception of NRO). So why does she keep going back to them? They must be cheap to work with…

  3. Naïme July 24, 2020

    Exactly what she deserves.

  4. Steve July 24, 2020

    Never really over hit #15 so her last hit was not 2017–it was 2019. The video for this song creeps me out.

  5. Chez K July 24, 2020

    Damn!!! Who woulda thought Katy would go out like this?

    It’s a sad sight to see. HATE to see it.

    Oh well. She did what she had to do in a short time. The gig is up.

    The clown costumes and cotton candy dresses worked last decade, but Katy baby you’re dated now.

    Washed up and the dryer is broken.

    Enjoy your baby. It’s curtains for your music career.

  6. Abel July 24, 2020

    If the world peace depended on these haters of this blog, Earth would be just a hole.

    Good lucky Katy, hope you get in the right track.

  7. Kevon July 24, 2020

    Katy perry girl you need to slow down and take time on your music …you can do so much better

  8. marilyn mon-H-o-E July 25, 2020

    Smile actually is the best song from her current era. I don’t get it! GB probably just lost interest in her and I have a feeling katy will delayed her album as well. Katy’s mulan moment

  9. PinotNoir July 25, 2020

    Nuns she displaced are clinking!

    Musta prayed their hymens off.


    • Misty Knight July 27, 2020

      Okay, that’s good. Applause.

  10. Rich July 25, 2020

    You’re wrong about her last Top 40 hit. She just had a Top 20 hit last year (#15 to be exact) with Never Really Over.

  11. Misty Knight July 27, 2020

    Without Dr. Luke, she’s a HAS BEEEEN. Thanx Kesha, for ruining Katy’s career by LYING. Katy said in her depo that she wouldn’t work with Luke, fearing backlash, even though GASHA lied and said Luke assaulted Katy, when he didn’t.

  12. menudi July 30, 2020

    Ya’ll didn’t do a post like this for Black Parade

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