6ix9ine Celebrates Release From House Arrest With New Video ‘PUNANI’

Published: Sunday 2nd Aug 2020 by Sam

6ix9ine is a free man!

The controversial rapper had been on house arrest since his release from prison, after serving time for racketeering and other offences.

During his time on literal lockdown, the MC proved to be quite the hit vendor – churning out hits such as ‘GOOBA’ and Nicki Minaj assisted chart-topper ‘Trollz’

And now he’s keeping the heat a’coming with new track ‘Punani.’

Wasting no time, he’s also unwrapped the song’s video too.

Check it out below…

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  1. Susan August 2, 2020

    He is so gross!! Stop posting about him!

    • Kevon August 2, 2020

      I know u would f*** him if his d*** is free hahah

      • Ms Ling Ling 👄The Massage Queen💄 August 2, 2020

        I would suck his burrito but i just can’t looking at his stupid face. Totally turning me off.

  2. Misty Knight August 2, 2020

    The title is what he was to other prisoners. It is STRETCHED OUT, beat up, three shades of blue and not for sittin’ anymore!

    • Swifter2020 August 2, 2020

      Spoke from experience I see. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  3. Dc August 2, 2020

    He thinks he’s invincible he’s taunting people at this point arrogant ass

  4. Missy Mrs August 3, 2020

    Stop keeping this p*** relevant. Nobody cares about him. He didn’t go to prison he basically just sat in his house for a few months like the rest of us right now

  5. Fancy BISH August 3, 2020

    Can somebody kill him please?

    • Swifter2020 August 3, 2020

      Yo, what’s wrong with you? There’s so much senseless killing going on in the world and this comment?? I understand that with your insecurities, you wanted to trigger people, but be better. May God bless you.

    • Fancy BISH August 3, 2020

      Not until they kill you first clone clown.
      I would love to ride him so hard then bring him home to a family bbq and introduce him to all my family they would love him.

  6. i hate whyyt n blackkk August 3, 2020

    put cardib up…tho she did not have any hits all summer long like nicki and megan..since caper the ghost writers was on quarantine..she is not writing all of those rap songs….its obvious .

    clap clap for posting that girl who was killed by police while sleeping on instagram our neighbor told the party. clap clap to cardi

  7. Monica4Life August 3, 2020

    6 selling more than Brandy flop ass

    • Brandon32 August 3, 2020

      Just like Monica flop albums b**** dont come for brandy he sell more albums than Monica Instagram ass

  8. AJ August 3, 2020

    America the country where white rappers who appropriate black culture and abuse young girls get number 1 (6ix9ine).

    Where p*** sympathasisers and those married to them who inject themselves with silicone get number one and revered/praised etc (Nicki Minaj). Someone cancel both these clowns

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