Azealia Banks Slams Khia: “Mind Your Business & Mind Those Back Molars”

Published: Saturday 22nd Aug 2020 by Sam

It looks like Khia has met her match in a certain Azealia Banks.

The latter made headlines this month when she shaved her head and shared suicidal sentiments on social media.

Renown for her roasting, Khia made less than savoury remarks about Banks’ predicament. And her words made their way to the ‘212’ rapper.

Not one to hold her tongue, she’s responded with a shade grenade.

Full story below…

In a fiery audio message, Banks hit back with:

“Mind your business and mind those back molars. I’m tired seeing you laughing and cackling, and seeing those holes in the back of your mouth.“

Listen to the full message:

To ensure she drove her point home, Banks shared direct messages she sent Khia with suggestions for dental work:


UPDATE: In a shocking condemnable move, Khia just replied with…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Justme August 22, 2020

    That was a weak clapback.. khia has met her match.

  2. Adonis August 22, 2020

    I fawking love Azealia’s roasting of people 😂 she’s a smart girl with her roasts bahahaha

  3. Minaj August 22, 2020

    Az has the nerve to tell someone mind their business

  4. Cardi’s breast August 22, 2020

    Azealia destroyed her LMFAO

  5. Jay August 22, 2020

    Ya’ll nicki fans still don’t know Khia. Just wait and see…

    • Gag August 22, 2020

      Nicki fans ? Lol Khia attacks Nicki and Cardi

  6. Liam August 22, 2020

    Lol Khia lost this one…Az roasted her with facts 💀

    • Hated August 22, 2020

      The difference is Khia is not gonna take her foot off this girl neck. Azalea gone be up in a corner with a thumb in her mouth crying in the fetal position messing with Khia. You see what she been doing to ts madison.

  7. Khia Shamone Stan August 22, 2020


  8. Charli+Cheer+Up August 22, 2020

    Hell naw Khia let her off easily cuz suicide and support for cancer ain’t something to laugh about. The molar joke was funny though.

  9. Spread legs 🦵 like C@r@na August 22, 2020

    Can these two h-o-e-s stop fighting? How about team up for “my neck my back” 2020 version?

  10. Fancy BISH August 22, 2020

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO 🤣 When I tell ya’ll karma is REAL….wooooooo….Khia, congratulations…you managed to pisss off the one bish that can drag you OUTTA here girl 😂

  11. Ropeburn August 22, 2020

    LOL! Two of the most toxic trash talkers in the game going after each other?! I hate to admit it but I’m here for it. This fight is long overdue.

  12. Flop Queen August 23, 2020

    Khia need to calm down. Janet put her inside the TV on the music video of “So Excited” the whole time lmfaoooooooo

    • TToka August 23, 2020

      F*****’ hilarious!!😆😆Thats so true

      • Flop Queen August 23, 2020

        Inside the old TV with few lines 😂😂😂😂

  13. Beck August 23, 2020

    I don’t know who these two b****** are but rotten teeth or not cool! It don’t matter how good you are on the mic. She better go fix her mouth

  14. Tsunami August 23, 2020

    I don’t know who these two b****** are but rotten teeth or not cool! It don’t matter how good you are on the mic. She better go fix her mouth

  15. PinotNoir August 24, 2020

    Even 🦂s can’t outwit Geminis. ✔

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