Brandy Reveals She Once Contemplated Suicide After Bout With Depression

Published: Wednesday 19th Aug 2020 by Rashad

‘Borderline’ beauty Brandy has revealed a bout with depression nearly pushed her over the line, a predicament she says could’ve become her reality had it not been for her daughter, Sy’rai.

Details inside:

As she continues the promo run for her latest critically acclaimed LP, ‘B7,’ the GRAMMY winner hasn’t been shy about discussing matters related to mental health.

From new single ‘Borderline’ (and its accompanying music video seen above) to a song on the album titled ‘Bye BiPolar,’ she addresses the topic in ways like never before – a truth underscored in a recent interview with ‘People’ magazine.

Taking to the publication’s August 31st issue, B-Rocka revealed:

“I was a little bit lost eight years ago musically, creatively, spiritually,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story, opening up about the highs and lows of child stardom and her battle with depression. “I had to pull myself together, I had to pull it all together and make it all make sense.”

When quizzed about her 2006 car accident that claimed the life of a 38-year-old woman, the GRAMMY winner opted not to decline specifically but did reflect on her state of mind around the time.

“I remember laying in bed super depressed,” she says. “I [told] myself, ‘So, you’re just going to go out like this? That’s wack. You have a daughter. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for her because this is not the way to leave a mark in her life.'”

Though in a much better place now (even clarifying that she has not been diagnosed bipolar despite the song title on ‘B7’), she did make a chilling statement.

“If Sy’rai wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be either,” she says. “The place that I was in, it just felt like I wasn’t going to make it through.”

Click here to read her full feature at ‘People.’

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  1. Make it make sense August 19, 2020

    So nothing on her album B7 aka BFLOP dropping 179 spots off the charts?

  2. Mikns August 19, 2020

    She has multiple songs on her album that allude to her suicidal thoughts: Saving All My Love, Unconditional Oceans, Lucid Dreams, Borderline, Bye Bipolar. All have very deep lyrics and meaning. I encourage anyone who is a fan to really listen to the lyrics. I said it before and I’ll say it again, an amazing album that is so far, the best this year. In the past 5 years the top female pop/r&b are Lemonade-beyonce, Take me apart-Kelela, Solange and now B7!

    • Monica4Life August 19, 2020

      Lies you tell. The album is a hot mess of a flop.

      • WHYTEE N BLLAAC August 19, 2020

        How did a Monica fan click on Brandy’s music……. Ohhhhh your another bootleg b****…

    • Ling Ling Sauce💋💦💦 August 19, 2020

      Zzzzz I can’t even finished the 1/3 of the album. Too slow & too boring….. feels like you are listening to the black lena de ray or over the hill version of Billie Ellish😴😴😴😴😴

      • Mikns August 19, 2020

        Yea because songs that u can shake ur a** to on the dance floor are the only ones worth listening to. If ur only complaint is that it’s “too slow” then I am GLAD u don’t like the album because it shows that someone with such poor taste in music doesn’t appreciate quality. Up ur criteria homie!

    • Paulo August 19, 2020

      kudos to you for riding so hard for Brandy but that final statement is a reach. She has every right to experiment with her sound but B7 is one big lullaby and definitely not among her best work. Pt 2 of the record is great but Pt 1 is a dread and Pt 3 is a bit boring.

      • STARR August 19, 2020

        That’s THEIR opinion just like you have yours! Ain’t no reach baby! B7 is getting critical acclaim.

  3. Monica4Life August 19, 2020

    Anything for attention. Ugly flop ass

    • WHYTEE N BLLAAC August 19, 2020

      Monica aka buggs bunny baldhead ass is not all that hunny, Brandy is way more exotic ..buggs bunny has not worked with half the people Brandy has from Whitney to Chaka Khan to Tony Bennett….. They don’t want buggs bunny 👯 Monica on thier name

    • STARR August 19, 2020

      YET YOUR HERE!!! Brandy keeps y’all Pigeons f****** pressed! Go sign the FREE C MURDA petition with your ratchet ass fave! F*** up outa my face!!

    • Pat August 20, 2020

      Chile Monica could die n still not book a People cover

  4. Kima,Keisha&Pam August 19, 2020

    This girl will do & day anything to sell records.

  5. Ling Ling Sauce💋💦💦 August 19, 2020

    Oh plz. Trying to boast the record sales????? I’m seeing Tamar suicidal drama again…..smh 🤦‍♀️

    • STARR August 19, 2020

      STFU B****. Brandy is speaking and singing her truth. Why you’re mad the world will never know !

      • I SAID IT August 20, 2020

        🤣🤣 Yet you have yet to address that tragic billboard drop of 179 spots for that garbage 🗑 album. This is now her 4th CONSECUTIVE FLOP ALBUM 🤣🤣

  6. Leeshafox August 19, 2020

    Why is it that Monica fans always make it to Brandy posts first? Doesn’t Monica have some pics for y’all to like on IG? Damn. Lol

    • Paulo August 19, 2020

      Brandy stans rush over to Monica’s posts like hungry bugs all the time so what’s your point? at least Monica herself has never rehashed this stale beef publicly…

      • STARR August 19, 2020

        Why TF you lying!!! Monica posts on here barely get engagement but y’all flock to f****** Brandy posts like its nobodies business. Just look up & down the last 2 Brandy posts. Look at ANY recent Brandy post matter of fact. Full of MONICAS DOVES throwing shade and being f****** haters for no reason. Baby the receipts are right there!!!

  7. Paulo August 19, 2020

    I’m not big into B7 but I’m glad Brandy is back on the cover of big magazines. I hope she has left those dreadful days she speaks of behind her

  8. IG: mixedboy August 19, 2020

    Prayers to her and continued solace. Mental illness is real and I’m happy she’s talking about it. 🙏🏾

  9. Daniel Lay August 20, 2020

    Brandy got some dope healthy hair make some room TRACEE ELLIS BALLARD.. Brandy coming to a hair aisle near you..

  10. Keyword August 20, 2020

    I loved this bran!!💞
    As for the MOO-NIGHA and her stans and that one lunatic floplima fan flocking in on any news on ya gurl 👀 BRANDY ?🤡🤡🤡

    Why don’t any if you keep this sane energy for your flop faves seeming how THEYRE BOTH FLOPS 🤡🤡camila that wonky lookin heffa an exposed flop racist who can’t even chart on BB anymore and as for the
    Moo moo moo-n**** ghetto gaggling yodeling beige loooking donkey s**** and her sour b**** smelling stans still haven’t seen BRANDYS album sales 🤡🤡🤡 y’all are PRESSED worried bout the wrong things 🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡🤣😭 y’all ALWAYS come for brandy …🤡🤡🤡

    • I SAID IT August 20, 2020

      LMAOOOOO How are you calling those other girls flops, all while BFLOP dropped 179 spots on Billboard in its second week,..making it her 4th CONSECUTIVE FLOP ALBUM LOL. Make it make sense.

      • WHYTEE N BLLAAC August 20, 2020

        F*** are you retarded albums go up and down on all charts

      • I SAID IT August 20, 2020

        LMAOOOOO you sound like you chew on glue sticks. That being said,..she went from 13 to 200 in one week. Hold this L for her 4th CONSECUTIVE FLOP ALBUM LMAOOOOOO.

  11. The shade of it all August 20, 2020

    Wait WTF does the title say ? Can I get an editor please ?

    • Len75 August 20, 2020

      Lol that is what I was thinking!!!

    • High Price August 20, 2020

      Lol. I noticed before even clicking the title.

  12. Divah antics August 20, 2020

    Brandy “I Am More” is a bop. May she keep blessing our ears with beautiful music🎼

  13. Misty Knight August 20, 2020

    She was sad that her brother’s big sloppy thang ended up in Kim Kartrashian instead of her.

  14. KB August 21, 2020

    I haven’t trusted this b**** since she lied about beingarried to that man…for a TV show. Lying ass Trashy ass hating ass tramp.

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