Beyonce Thanks Fans For #BeyDay Birthday Wishes

Published: Sunday 6th Sep 2020 by Sam

Beyonce is basking in the love and light shone her way in celebration of her 39th birthday.

Queen Bey has trended worldwide since the September 4 occasion, with the hashtag #BeyDay carrying thousands of well-wishes from fans, companies, and celebrities.

Now, as she vacations with her family in Croatia, the superstar singer has issued a message of thanks.

Her words below…



I want to thank everyone for the birthday love and beautiful birthday wishes!


Your thoughts?

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  1. Shayla Queen 👑 September 6, 2020

    Is this really newsworthy? Y’all a mess.

  2. #WAP September 6, 2020

    How many copies have the gift and everything is love sold to date?

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED September 6, 2020

      The same amount as IRREPLAZABLE, ABOVE AND BEYONCE, LIVE ALBUMS, 2013 LOVE SONGS DC EP ETC… Why u haterz act like the THE GIFT is beys first Flop Side Project???

      • #WAP September 6, 2020

        Lol everything was Beyoncé’s first flop and first album not to hit #1 and first album not to get certified platinum.

      • #WAP September 6, 2020

        Everything is love^^^

  3. Diabetes UNBOTHERED September 6, 2020

    Bey is a beautiful white creole goddess born with a full head of natural sandy blonde curly hair and has ruined countless careers from Ashanti to Rihanna. Bey deserves to be celebrated on 39th birthWEEK. #Congrats #Queen Does not look a day over 29.

  4. Fancy BISH September 6, 2020

    Only angry ass people that have nothing to celebrate or look forward to in life would try to say this isn’t newsworthy 😂 Once again, Happy Birthday Beautiful Bey and many more 🥳 🎂🎈

    • Shayla Queen 👑 September 6, 2020

      *listen’s to Mariah’s ‘Obsessed’*

    • Fancy BISH September 6, 2020

      Who is this smelly peasant in my comm? I don’t think anyone ordered a fish dinner 🤣

      • Fancy BISH September 6, 2020

        *comment box*

      • Shayla Queen 👑 September 6, 2020

        Girl, you stay mentioning and obsessing over me. Drop your email below for a picture of my pu$$ if that will make you stop!

      • Fancy BISH September 6, 2020

        Girl, how about you work on that bi-polar 🤣 Cause today you started it, just like always 😂

      • Shayla Queen 👑 September 6, 2020

        You love it, b****, don’t lie 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Gigi September 6, 2020

    THJ should really change its name to Beyonce Fan Site. Y’all stay up her a$$.

    • Gigi September 6, 2020


      • Gag September 7, 2020

        And you come on the website everyday helping them to stay paid and keep Beyoncé relevant

  6. Diabetes UNBOTHERED September 6, 2020

    @ the S L U T

    JAY Z looks 53 btw, so u saying Bey and Jay look the SAME AGE??? LMAOOOO, bey ages like Fine Wine just like Porsha Wlliams and Naomi Cambel

  7. Ugghh September 6, 2020

    Jay Z had to put “Mrs. Carter” instead of just her birth name. Kind of feels ownership to me. I know it’s not but was her own name to hard to request?!?

    Idk I would prefer my actual name on my birthday cake and not someone else’s, but to each their own

    • #WAP September 6, 2020

      Well since Beyoncé is no longer known among the younger generation since she’s had 4 consecutive flops, it was easier to put Mrs Carter to ensure nobody misspelled her actual name which is “ Bartholomeu”

      • Cas September 6, 2020

        😂 Meanwhile your ugly ass fav Brandy has how many flops? Has been dropped by how many labels? Hasn’t had an album certification in 2 decades (well by 2024, because you know she won’t see another one) Latest flop LP fell off the billboard 200 in 2 weeks. F@gg*t, you stan for flops.

      • Gag September 7, 2020

        This trash person stays up and down this website hating. You must have a very miserable life.

  8. Rashad September 7, 2020

    I really like Bey but this site needs to stop being a Bey fan blog. They don’t do this ish for Mariah, Rihanna, Madonna, Whitney, Janet, Celine, Gaga, Mary, Christina, Ariana, Britney, P!nk, Miley etc etc only Bey. I get she’s their fav but they also post nothing negative about her unlike all the other divas

  9. Dominik September 7, 2020

    Awww Queen B is in my homeland Croatia, that’s so cool!

  10. Karlo September 7, 2020

    She’s so beautiful, i can’t handle it. 😭 Greeting from Croatia💕

  11. Fancy BISH September 7, 2020

    This woman does not look black anymore.

    • #WAP September 7, 2020

      I agree with you 100%

      • Gag September 7, 2020

        Making comments and responding to yourself? Crazy ass

      • Shayla Queen 👑 September 7, 2020

        @Gag: Trashy BISH is beyond crazy…

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