Mariah Carey Unveils ‘The Rarities’ Tracklist – Featuring All New Songs, Original ‘Loverboy,’ & More

Published: Wednesday 9th Sep 2020 by Sam

Mariah Carey has lifted the lid on the list of gems that will populate her new album, ‘The Rarities.’

Due October 2, the hotly anticipated project sees Mimi dig into her treasure chest of unreleased material to share with her legion of Lambs.

Details below…

Arriving in tandem with the celebrations of her 30th year in music, the set’s material aptly stretches the length and breadth of her career – notably including songs from as far back as 1990 right through to 2020 versions of unheard cuts ala ‘Save The Day’ featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Also, in a move that will doubt delight fans, Carey has included the original (Firecracker) version of ‘Loverboy’ from the 2001’s soundtrack for cult classic ‘Glitter.’

As widely documented, the song is believed to be one facet of Carey’s issues with Jennifer Lopez – who, at the time, was being championed by her ex-husband Tommy Mottola. 

It’s alleged that underhanded moves were employed to use the same sample for Lopez’s ‘I’m Real’ and rush-release it before Carey’s effort. As a result, Cameo‘s ‘Candy’ was sampled for the version of ‘Loverboy’ most know and love today.

Now, Mimi is excitingly set to share what was always intended.

One has to wonder whether a first-hand story will feature in her upcoming memoir ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey’ – which arrives just days before this LP on September 29. After all, it’s clear the projects have been timed to align and the book promises to be super unfiltered.

In any case, peep the full tracklist:

‘The Rarities’ will also encompass a live concert CD of Carey’s roof-raising 1996 performance at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

Peep the songs that’ll feature:

Roll on October 2!

Your thoughts?

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  1. 1988 September 9, 2020

    Excited to hear it. 🙂

    • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN September 9, 2020

      Me too! So glad “Slipping Away made the cut. I love that song, pure R&B!!

  2. Yan September 9, 2020

    I wonder why “Skydiving” didn’t make the cut 😔

  3. Abel September 9, 2020

    Everything Fades Away is one of my all time favorite songs ❤️

    • Metrice100 September 9, 2020


  4. #6KYONCE September 9, 2020

    lmaooooo a collection of b-side flops as horrible as that lauryn hill song? keep it, its not gonna sell anyway lmaooooo

    • #WAP September 9, 2020

      It’ll sell better than your faves last effort I’m sure

      • #6KYONCE September 9, 2020

        Lmaooooo wrong bishh, my fave went platinum first week, payolariah will NEVER see that lmaooo, worry about your bum fave flopping her next album, meg aint gonna be there to help her sell albums lmfaoooooooo 😂😂😂

    • Susie Q September 9, 2020


      One thing about you punk, you are quick to be up under every other post spewing negativity but let TGJ post something negative about On!gga and you are nowhere to be found. Why is that f*****?

      • musixxman96 September 9, 2020

        Now i know a mess with a username like 6KYonce isnt talking about a faves last effort 😂😂😂

        Sit down when legends are releasing, no ones talking/expecting record breaking sales 30+ years into a career for a collection of songs for die hard fans – know your time fool! @ 6KYonce

  5. MessyBoots September 9, 2020

    I’m more anxious for this over the memoir.👸🏾🦋🦋

  6. Oh plz September 9, 2020

    Between the new book and new album, take ALL my coins Ms. Carey.

  7. Jonson September 9, 2020

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  8. Fancy BISH September 9, 2020

    Come thru Mimi! Forget the delusional, fakers and the haters lmao 🤣🤳🏽❤️

  9. Shayla Queen 👑 September 9, 2020

    All her albums are finally being repressed on vinyl and are available to pre-order too! A 4LP version of The Rarities is also available as part of a bundle with the memoir. Chile this gonna take easily $400! But I’m HERE FOR ALL OF IT. Mariah is QUEEN 👑🔥🤳🏽

  10. #WAP September 9, 2020


  11. Charmaine September 9, 2020

    Slipping away was always one of my

    • city girl September 9, 2020

      same girl same

  12. #TheTruth September 9, 2020

    Do you think of me, Everything fades away and Slipping away have already been released as b-sides or bonus tracks on international versions of the albums.

    Not so interested in the re-recorded Close My Eyes, I know it’s a favorite of hers.

    The rest is pretty much unreleased, I’m excited to hear the original version of Loverboy actually. People forget it was the 2nd biggest single sales + #2 on the Hot 100. I think people were quick to forget because of the whole Glitter fiasco, the heavy whispery vocals and the video that was too much out there.

  13. Tokyo Vanity Fan September 9, 2020

    Damn, I really thought we were getting a HQ version of Sky Diving

  14. Gigi September 9, 2020

    Legendary QUEEN!

  15. Jeson September 9, 2020

    Comment removed.

  16. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭 September 9, 2020

    Can we get glitter 2.0 plz??? Love DJ save me life & didn’t mean to turn u on. Would love to see Mariah doing Disco album!!!

  17. 1988 September 9, 2020

    Mariah, we killing the TRASHY’. 🙂

    Back to watching MY Friends episode. ICONIC TALENT. 🙂

    • Fancy BISH September 9, 2020

      JASMINE you are back with your 4567463 troll account.

  18. Sandra September 9, 2020

    Slipping Away is already a classic, I thought it was previously a B side

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