Yung Miami Slams Rumors Her Designer Duds Are From Consignment Shops: ‘Y’all Got Me Confused’

Published: Wednesday 21st Oct 2020 by Rashad

Act Up is exactly what City Girls star Yung Miami did on Twitter Tuesday (October 20) in response to fans who claimed her designer duds were hand-me-downs procured from thrift stores and consignment shops.

While it’s not exactly clear how the accusation landed on the desk of the 26-year-old (born Caresha Brownlee), what is clear is she was having none of the slander – periodt!

Look inside to see her fiery response:


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  1. #WAP October 21, 2020

    lol they are consignment though, allegedly. Let’s not forget most of the artists on that label get paid in “gifts” ie cars and bags, yet never in checks. Read that contract boo. Act up and those gifts will get snatched up because they aren’t in your name 🥴

    • Keith October 21, 2020

      One day they will learn. Hopefully this girl has learned and gets cash to buy her things she’s so defensive about…

  2. Ugghh October 21, 2020

    Y’all this bored?

    Who cares where’s she gets her clothes.

    Just because your shît is expensive doesn’t mean you look good

  3. Miss salt gawl October 21, 2020

    Sis you real mad for someone who doesn’t wear second hand luxury items. Nothing wrong with it either. Luxury items loose their appreciation unless they’re vintage items or a Hermès bag.

    • Keith October 21, 2020

      So true!

  4. Nicky October 21, 2020

    This is what happens when you give a gutter b**** a little money

    No class.

    Girl show humility and consideration. If it weren’t for luck, your ass would be working at Shake Shack . You have zero talent

    • DC October 22, 2020

      But i bet she’s richer than you on here hating

  5. tyty October 22, 2020

    Migos allegedly having issues with their label in regards to finances and they’re actually successful, but this lil girl wants us to believe she getting paid enough to afford buying mansions, Bentley etc… None on these low-level artists basically one step above an IG model are getting paid like that. If so they wouldn’t be flooding only fans in droves.

    • DC October 22, 2020

      She did buy those items she did more than believe

  6. Erica October 22, 2020

    She sound so ignorant. Y’all not doing that great for you to be bragging about jets & how much you spend on s***

  7. Ms Perry October 22, 2020

    It warms my heart to see a woman of color bragging on WASTING money on a name. Wtf cares if you buy consignment, so you go spend money or brag about how much money you spend to prove a point. Here is what you brag on, how much you save, the fact that you can live well after you are an after thought, or the fact that your daughter’s college is paid for.

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