Cardi B Launches New Facebook Show ‘Cardi Tries_____’ / Reveals Trailer

Published: Thursday 17th Dec 2020 by Sam

Cardi B isn’t just a force on the charts, she’s a force on the screen too.

Aptly, then, the femcee has teamed up with Facebook for a new show named ‘Cardi Tries _____.’

Full story below…

The show sees the trying her hand new skills outside of her Hip-Hop rooting. From lacing up to become a  ballerina, firefighter, car racer, teacher, and more.

Across the series (which is produced by Jesse Collins Entertainment), Cardi will be joined by notable names such as Debbie Allen, Michelle Rodriguez, Damian Lillard, and Country singer Mickey Guyton. And that’s just to share a few.

‘Cardi Tries_____’, which will stream via Facebook’s Messenger, will harness the power of the new Facebook Watch feature – which allows family and friends to enjoy shows interactively together. Its unique functionality spans Facebook, Instagram, and the Messenger app.

Taking to social media, the rapper trumpeted the arrival of the series:

“Get ready YALL! My new show ‘Cardi Tries ____’ launches today! Watch me try ballet, stunt car racing and basketball to name a few. Check it out every Thursday on @messenger and @instagram video chat #WatchTogether! #CardiTries”


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Fresh episodes of the show, which Cardi is executive producing, will premiere every Thursday beginning today through February 4 2021.

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  1. K’’man December 17, 2020

    So a cardi b version of The Passions of Girls Aloud!? 🤣

  2. KenDoll2020 December 17, 2020

    Queen Of Rap making Queen moves!

    • Ugghh December 17, 2020

      Tiffany Pollard’s “New York goes to Work” ran so Cardi could walk

      Haha 😂

      This is a joke for those pressed hoès on this site

  3. Tori December 17, 2020

    This is actually a smart move. People loved Cardi on TV and miss her on TV. Since she won’t go back to L&HH, this is another way to give people that fun and exciting Cardi they miss. This also gives other people a chance to see her and her fun antics and grow her fanbade. While some girls are trying to act superior to other female rapper and has been in hot water for the last 3 years, Cardi is showing the GP she more relatable and apparently its still working.

  4. Tree December 17, 2020


  5. Clarks0o0ñ December 17, 2020

    US Certifications (@RIAA):

    DUA LIPA, Future Nostalgia Gold (500,000; album).


    After how many f****ìng months, the album is just reaching gold status, can u imagine . Embarrassing

    As I said earlier, dua lipa is a product of good marketing and aggressive payola.

    Radio plays doesnt count towars sales that’s why after scoring so many “hits” from this album, the sales of the parent album are low as hell

    • Xavier December 17, 2020

      B****, get a life will you. Coming for Dua will do you know good, because Dua has achieved so much success in Europe. May I remind you that the US isn’t the only music market.

      Dua is British but has been able to get a gold certification in the US. Camilla’s sophomore album has stalled at a good status as predicted. The Irony of it all is future Nostalgia is still charting and Romance is out.

      Try again bush. Your dried ass drags ain’t gonna work on my girl Dua

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 17, 2020

        “Camilla’s sophomore album has stalled at a good status as predicted. ”

        Romance by @Camila_Cabello has gone @RIAA Platinum


        This was certified in may.
        Romance will be certified 2x platinum in some few months
        A “flop’ album did that.

        The US is the biggest music market and dua is a huge flop in the US.
        But her team keeps marketing her like she’s a mega star in the USA which is a big lie.

        All her singles are powered by aggressive payola

        After releasing how many remixes with legends like missy elliot, madonna, gwen Stefani, mark ronson, dua lipa album is just reaching gold status . Its embarrassing

        Payola can never give u sales
        Radio plays can never give u sales.
        Bought positive reviews from critics can never give u sales.

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 17, 2020

        Camila Cabello’s ‘Romance’ has now sold over 500,000 units in the US in 2020 alone.

        Read this properly before u reply cause I know ur a dùmb àss

        Key words “in 2020 alone”

        Dua can never 💅

    • Karen Maren December 17, 2020

      Without Senorita, Romance wouldnt even be gold a year later

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 17, 2020

        The sales of senorita didnt count towards romance cause it already appeared on shawn’s album.

        U tried and failed pls dont try again.

    • Karen Maren December 17, 2020

      And refer to her correctly, peasant. GRAMMY AWARD WINNER Dua Lipa. You know, the one thing Camila Cabello will never win. 🙂

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 17, 2020

        A whole grammy winner selling 18k pure sales and debuted at number 4

        Its embarrassing .

        After all the hype and promo and radio plays and payola this talentless rat’s album is just reaching gold status.

        Even city girls , their album has already reach gold status and they dont even have any hit on their album neither do they have label support like dua

    • tyty December 17, 2020

      You’re so full of s*** cuntmilla is not reaching no 2x platinum that lopsided b**** is lucky she went platinum. Cuntmilla is going to wish she had payola come next album. Let’s see what the future holds for her. No award nominations, no tour, flop Cinderella movies straight to on demand, flop Cinderella soundtrack, no significant budget for 3rd album, minimum promotional run, no collabs with shawn since his a flop too, fake romance implodes….the future is looking mighty dim. For that racist w**** you Stan.

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 17, 2020

        Got u pressed

        I always get the hòes pressed on TGJ 😌💅

        U guys said said dua was a main pop girl, but receipts say otherwise.

        It’s so easy to spot a flop like dua who uses payola.

        Dua lipa’s success is bought.
        Good marketing
        Smoke and mirrors.

        Payola can never save ur sales.

        Dont start now was one of the biggest songs of 2020, but dua’s album just reached gold status after how many months.
        Honey , u know what that is called? PAYOLA


        Camila is moving albums in the US. Numbers dont lie
        Her sales are looking good even tho this era was a disaster.

        Calling Camila a racist is not a drag anymore. Comeup with something new.

        Cry about it

      • Fancy BISH December 18, 2020

        tyty, you got me ROLLING lmaooooo ✅ 💯 😂

  6. Gag Order December 17, 2020

    Oh yea this line New York goes to work and Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

  7. Payola and Sympathy December 17, 2020

    She’s doing everything but writing ✍️ Raps

    • Karen Maren December 17, 2020

      Her songs credit her as a songwriter 🙂 Lets talk about the 30+ songwriters that are credited on every Nicki Minaj album though 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • DC December 17, 2020

        And won ascap for writing songs they big haters

    • DC December 17, 2020

      She won many ascap awards for writing songs stop hating this is getting old come with a new joke

  8. Payola and Sympathyy December 17, 2020

    She’s doing everything but writing ✍️ Raps

  9. Karen Maren December 17, 2020

    Cardi is so cute! Her personality is so funny and genuine. That’s why she keeps winning. Take notes, Nicki the Wicked Witch

  10. Brandon32 December 17, 2020

    Yess cardi B🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🥰🥰

  11. La Chez December 17, 2020

    THIS is why Cardi is so successful.

    She’s fun, she’s relatable, she’s hilarious. She’s a force.

    Her team is A1 and she literally makes money moves (she wasn’t just saying that in a song).

    Cardi has mastered the art of promo. While others continuously oversaturate the market, She disappears so that the public can miss her.

    Y’all say she’s done, and she proves the haters wrong everytime.

    Her 45 minutes lasting long as hell!! 😂😂😂

  12. Keith December 17, 2020

    In the absence of a second album, this is actually a smart move. From what I understand, her fanbase started with her tv personality. Why not go back there and keep them entertained? She is working ALL THE TIME, though…this can’t be good.

    • Bardii December 17, 2020

      No she isn’t working all the time. She took a 9 mo break from music and the spotlight (other than IG posts).

      • DC December 17, 2020

        So she can’t be In the damn studio makin music or videos what a idiot

  13. PinotNoir December 17, 2020

    Back to what we loved her for: her crazy-fun personality. But what has she done TO HER DAMN FACE?!? 😲

  14. WRTW December 18, 2020

    I’m glad she gave up rapping

  15. December 18, 2020

    wtf did she do to her dmn face?

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